John “Jiant” Mcmillan

Jiant is currently residing in Queens, NY but his roots are from Kalamazoo, MI. My personal interest includes physical fitness, personal training, truck driving, being in nature and the science of aeronautics. I’m certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and also CPR/AED certified.

As a top trainer in NYC, my personal training is client specific and I train to the needs and desires of my clients. As far as my own training, I do my best training with high ranges of motion as well as cardio including swimming, cycling, basketball, skating both ice and roller, pilates and resistance bands are also in my repertoire.

I love and stand by the NOTURI ATHLETICS brand for many reasons, because it looks amazing, feels athletic and comfortable, and performs really well during my casual or intense training regiments. I believe strongly in my personal quote that I train by and live by…”Don’t Stop.”

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