Did he get robbed? Each time he leaves, I battle the fear that he will never return. Goodness will follow all the days of her life, or her life, or maybe her life, we might think, but surely not my life. Wellness.com does not verify the accuracy or efficacy of user generated content, reviews, ratings or any published Because she thinks twice before doing so, what people will say? © 2020 FamilyLife®. Benjamin Snyder @WriterSnyder. Though I know they are only words, I still want to be assured again and again. Practical help for your family just got easier to find. The first is that I believe I know what is best for my family and me. Life is hard and difficult because we live in a fallen world. You and I rightly pray for our husband, children, schools, and whether to pursue a career, but we don’t often come to God in peace. In a recent interview, Ken Robbins, a geriatric psychiatrist at the University of Wisconsin said, "Men tend to be more financially secure, make more money, and have bigger pensions and Social Security checks. Ramona Zabriskie has understanding these fears down to a science as well as mens' fears and how to not only deal with them but to truly understand each other. A woman’s instincts, which include retreating, withdrawing, denying, neglecting, judging, blaming, or hurting, stand in stark opposition to friendship and intimacy. My temptation is to get anxious and filled with worry. The 10 biggest fears holding you back from success. Fear hurts relationships especially when you are not able to communicate and/understand those fears. Fear of getting old. Acknowledge that you have these fears but don’t stop there. Psalm 89, though a lament, still sings of God’s faithfulness: “I will sing of the steadfast love of the LORD, forever; with my mouth I will make known your faithfulness to all generations … O Lord God of hosts, who is mighty as you are, O LORD, with your faithfulness all around you?” (verses 1, 8). Scary, isn’t it? A 10-Step Relationship Assessment, In His Corner: 32 Ways to Honor Your Husband, When My Husband Said ‘No’ to Aborting Our Baby. But they don’t have to. It’s because, during those moments when I feel that everything is out of control, I believe God isn’t who He says He is and that I must take matters into my own hands. This year you can count on the Lord to be faithful again. You have the power to make changes and create opportunities for yourself. I feel I dodged a bullet as my choices in men were not the best & I also refused to marry for less than love. Perhaps your fear of the future involves losing your home, finances, or job. It seems to me that a lot of the women are searching for explanations as to why they are single and too often they look for answers in comparing themselves to friends on Facebook and Instagram. Otherwise, we run the risk of those fears undermining not only our dreams, but also our relationships. Though we doubt God can handle it all, He can. With Hope-and-Dreams standing strong on their end, scare tactics can’t tug you over the edge IF - when you are ready to lash out at the world, you pull up short and ask, “Whoa. Published Thu, May 18 2017 11:38 AM EDT Updated Fri, May 19 2017 9:34 AM EDT. Thankfully, God’s Word is packed with sweet promises that smash all our fearful thinking. Ask yourself, how has God been faithful? But ubiquity doesn’t have to equal victory. Nothing is more liberating than identifying your fears, because nothing is more maddening or crippling than feeling afraid and not knowing what the heck you’re afraid of. I have good friends, good activities, travel w/friends-some who leave husbands home b/c they don't like travel. I called his cellphone, and there was no answer. “I’m so sorry I didn’t call you. I am convinced that I would do what is best, and therefore I want to take control. Women’s Top 4 Fears by Ramona Zabriskie. They have found profound relief in naming those fears and redirecting them into a more positive internal narrative. VIDEO 1:11 01:11. In my work as a psychotherapist, my clients tell story after story about how difficult it is to go on one first date after the next. Take it from a professional, and establish these boundaries. God will take care of all our needs. Instead we come anxiously awaiting our fate. Think of them as opportunities for you to learn about yourself and what you are looking for in a relationship. It comes with the territory. Subscribe for help where you need it most, we’re here for you! Once sin entered, there was a noticeable toil to life and work. Being single is wonderful. Team Fear doesn’t have to win. She gets insulted or maybe even beaten. This doesn’t mean each prayer will be answered as you wish. God, Spouse, Kids. But remember, no one is perfect, and what you see on social media often is just what that person wants you to see. Why? The disturbing thing is that financial destitution could end up being more than just a fear for far too many women in this country; it could become a fact. I hear fears like this expressed often from my single clients. I can definitely identify with many of these fears. This doesn’t mean that everything will turn out exactly as you desire. What will people say? This world is set up for couples and families with children, and it ignores the large portion of us who are neither and happy about it. I would suspect most women don't. In Deuteronomy 32:4, Moses speaks of God as the “Rock” whose works are “perfect” and ways are “justice.” He is “a God of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and upright is he.” And we read in 1Thessalonians 5:24 of Paul’s confidence in the faithfulness of God: “He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.”. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the. All the while, we cry out to the Lord, “I believe; help my unbelief!”. The answer is simple—no one adds anything to his or her life by worrying about the future.