The new White Claw flavors are set to join Mango in a 12-count variety pack. Their description, according to the company, is as follows: White Claw Tangerine … Even though White Claw prides itself on its simplicity (having only 6 flavors makes it easy to choose from), they announced that lemon, tangerine and watermelon flavors will be making their way to parties near you in 2020. Though 2020 is the expected drop year of the three new flavors, I haven't been able to find a definitive date. Earlier this week, while speaking at CNN Business panel "The Table," Senior Vice President of Marketing Sanjiv Gajiwala dropped big news: watermelon, lemon, and tangerine White Claws … White Claw only has 100 calories per can, 2 grams of carbs and, to top it all off, every flavor is gluten-free. The seltzer company announced the new flavors on Twitter, which incited so many feelings from fans — especially since these are the first new flavors from White Claw in over a … Like the other six White Claw flavors, the Watermelon, Tangerine and Lemon offerings are made using a blend of seltzer water, fruit flavor and a gluten-free alcohol base. White Claw introduced three new flavors in 2020 so we revamped our ranking and crowned a new champion. White Claw® Hard Seltzer 70 70 calories, 3.7% alcohol, 0g sugar per 12oz can The new collection’s flavors include White Claw Tangerine, White Claw Watermelon, and White Claw Lemon. … The newest flavors join White Claw's original lineup: Black Cherry, Ruby Grapefruit, Natural Lime, Raspberry, Mango, and Pure Hard Seltzer. Beginning Thursday, the new White Claw flavors will be sold individually and in a new 12-can variety pack. There’s no word yet if they’ll be sold separately, but we’re thinking they’ll have to hit shelves on their own soon. White Claw is adding three new flavors: lemon, watermelon and tangerine.