Autumn Moonlight Encore Azalea Shrub with Crisp White Semi-double Reblooming Flowers (59) Model# 80652 $ 34 20. It spreads through root suckers, which will see it naturalize gradually. Azalea shrubs are used extensively in landscape design for good reason: when planted right and in the right spot they are easy to grow and long lived, come in a wide array of flower colors, and they have many uses in landscape design as specimens, in groupings or to form colorful hedges. To maintain a more compact appearance or simply to encourage bushier growth, trim azaleas after their blooming period has expired. ... azaleas are dense, usually shapely plants; heading back the occasional wayward branch restores symmetry. This plant prefers to be grown in a position of partial shade, ideally with full sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon when the sun is at its most intense. This azalea blooms heavily from late spring to early summer with clusters of white trumpet-shaped flowers. Petal blight, leaf spots, and root rot are common diseases associated with these deciduous shrubs. Rhododendrons and azaleas are some of the most popular spring-flowering shrubs in the landscape, and healthy plants can give years of pleasure. Scientific Name: Rhododendron Occidentale, Special Features: Heavily scented flowers. The flowers of the plant are white, with a strong clove-like scent. To find your perfect azalea, consider the following plants, which are some of the most beautiful and well-performing in the category of types of azaleas. This shrub blooms in late spring before the arrival of its foliage. To encourage a further bloom, prune back the stems immediately after flowers have faded. To keep azaleas looking healthy, it is essential that you choose an appropriate planting location and practice proper azalea care. Scientific Name: Rhododendron 'Rosy Lights', Special Features: Extreme cold-hardy buds. However, a deep watering once weekly during periods of drought will encourage better growth and blooms. It is heat tolerant but does not do well with cold temperatures, so it is best suited to mild climates. The flowers have a mild fragrance and a beautiful pale pink color. Azaleas actually look the most attractive when they are planted alone; however, mass plantings work well in larger areas, such as wooded sites. The flowers of this plant bloom during summer, though the foliage is equally interesting. Hopefully, it’ll help make your holiday season as special as possible. These shrubs should be planted in the spring, preferably within cool, lightly shaded sites. The foliage of the plant is also visually pleasing, with green leaves that become various shades of orange, red, and yellow in the fall. This plant blooms in summer with heavily scented white flowers, which often have pink or burgundy protruding stamens. This azalea is native to the western side of the USA, which is why it is commonly referred to as the western azalea, though it is also sometimes called the Pacific azalea and the late-season azalea, as it blooms fairly late in the year for a plant of this type. The sweet azalea, also known as the smooth azalea, has won the coveted Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. ... ENCORE AZALEA 2 Gal. Name your price below! White Bushes . It is a two-time winner of the Rhododendron of the Year Award from the American Rhododendron Society. Leaves are glossy green on arrival, developing to rich shades of orange and green in the fall, before dropping to the ground. This plant tends to bloom initially in spring for a few weeks, and will then continue to spontaneously bloom until the first frost, though this will be affected by climate and other growing conditions. Scientific Name: Rhododendron Encore Autumn Lilac. The foliage is equally attractive, with dark green summer leaves which develop into an array of fall shades as the year progresses. These easy-care shrubs come in so many colors it’s hard to find one that doesn’t suit your needs. It is native to the east of North America and can tolerate temperatures as low as -15°F. Taking time to trim azaleas by cutting back the branches of these shrubs will also help renew overgrown plants. The flowers have a strong and sweet scent and measure up to 2 inches across. Thousands of new, high … They have a more open shape than most azalea flowers, with widely spread out petals and gently curving stamens. Flowers typically measure 2 inches across, with up to 8 flowers in each cluster. I don’t have great luck when it comes to Friday the 13ths. 23 Results Blossom Color: White Common Name: Azalea Clear All. Symptoms of deficiency in azaleas include stunted growth, smaller greenish-yellow leaves, or early leaf drop. Evergreen. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Azaleas bushes are … White – like that of the dwarf Autumn Ivory– can give definition to those filtered sunlight areas in and around large trees as well.