Taiwan offers a free and fun loving society. Information Technology & Telecommunications. Its universities, which annually attract over 70,000 international students, combine both Eastern and Western learning’s. There is a great quality of life in Hong Kong. Beautiful, diverse and endlessly fascinating, Indonesia has a lot to offer international students. Chinese culture is influential in the lifestyle of Taiwan, but they also take influence from other cultures, such as Japanese, Western and Aboriginal society, which makes it a wonderful and diverse place to learn. Recently, Canada, by contrast, had representatives advance a few positions according to THE´s World University Rankings, with a total of 30 listed universities, including the best performing University of Toronto ranked #18. China has recently been a major country of origin for international students, but foreign students from over 180 countries are now flocking to China to learn all that this economic powerhouse has to offer. As well as the lessons you will gain from your courses, you will also find yourself learning about the Asian way of life and perhaps to open your mind to the world around us. This small but diverse island nation is a very popular overseas study destination. education sectors. The city is varied and modern, with ever expanding technological developments. Its culture places great importance on education and offers some excellent and highly prestigious universities. Affected by a difficult political situation, several higher education institutions from the United Kingdom suffered from a drop in their latest rankings this year. Read more in our Study in Malaysia directory. It is the only African country in the top 50 education system globally, at 43 rd position ahead of Ukraine, Hungary, Russia and UAE. Turkey is known for its colourful, diverse culture and the richness of its history, so there’s always plenty to see and do, while its people are open minded and friendly and hospitable to visitors. Finally, Australia registered increasing levels of internationality as stated by QS, with five Australian higher education institutions holding excellent positions in the Top 50 for 2020. Many come to study the Bahasa Indonesian language, but you can also study a Bachelor or Postgraduate university degree at one of Indonesia’s excellent higher education institutions. The U.S. and U.K. higher education systems, for example, are ranked among the very best in the world3, but their secondary school students generally perform poorly on the PISA exam; meanwhile, the quality of China’s higher education sector lags far behind developed country levels, but students in Shanghai Great for those who love a busy lifestyle! Fees and living costs are moderate, and as each university welcomes students from all over the world, they make an extra effort to receive those from other countries and make them feel at home. Indonesia encompasses over 17,000 islands. The United States ranks 11 th which incidentally is the same ranking the country has for the most prosperous countries list.