The brand offers three flavours – Lime Cooler, Passion Star and Mango Hi-Ball – and sells in cases of 12 (rsp: £29.99/12x250ml). And it can totally hang with the national brands. Its initial three flavours – Lemon, Lime and Black Cherry – were later joined by a Raspberry variant in October 2020. Each of the drinks, which come in Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo, Seville Orange and London Dry & Lemon flavours, will feature one of the distiller’s bestselling craft gins mixed with sparkling water. Single and mixed flavour cases can be purchased at the brand’s online store and through Amazon (rsp: £2.75/250ml). For those who may be averse to getting high, Pabst Labs insists that the weed coming as an edible in liquid form will help manage what dose you're taking. Constellation and Reyes no doubt see the potential for other products to offset those losses. The lemon-and-cannabis-infused seltzer is a new development from Pabst Labs, a separate company from PBR which was started by former PBR employees looking to experiment with different types of products. Strengthening its presence in the hard seltzer market – it launched spin-off brand Balans in 2019 – a branded trio from Kopparberg hit stores in May. Herefordshire spirit maker Chase Distillery announced in July that it would be jumping on the craze with a trio of gin seltzers. Adding PRESS to the Constellation roster offers a counter to this trend. That changed on Jan. 30, when Constellation announced it would make a minority investment in PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer, a fast-growing hard seltzer brand founded in Milwaukee in 2015. The drinks will go live on the brand’s online store in August. "And right now our challenge is really producing enough product to keep up with demand from retailers.". Set to launch initially into Selfridges on 22 July, Served hard seltzer is made from British sparkling water and ‘wonky’ fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste (rsp: £2.50/250ml). It initially launched a trio of flavours - Lime, Blueberry and Passionfruit - and added a further four in October: Watermelon, Mango, Pineapple and Tart Cherry. Constellation was initially a wine and spirits company, then swiftly became the dominant player in imported beer, and is now setting its sights on seltzer as the next winning category. Currently, 24-packs of cans (which cost $120 before taxes) are sold out, but four-packs (which cost $24) are still available. The brand sells cases of its two flavours – Peach & Raspberry and Lemon & Lime – through its online store (rsp: £24.95/12x250ml). These were joined by a Mango Passion flavour in October 2020. At the height of craft beer’s popularity in 2015, Constellation threw down an unheard-of $1 billion for San Diego’s Ballast Point Brewing Co., one of that world’s brightest stars. The Raspberry & Rhubarb and Orange & Grapefruit drinks are made with Smirnoff’s No.21 Premium Vodka, combined with sparkling water and natural fruit flavours. The drinks are made with the distillery’s own vodka and come in Lime and Pomegranate flavours, with a cucumber variant set to join the lineup later in the year. The company also plans to launch four flavors of Corona Hard Seltzer this spring with the backing of a $40-million ad spend. While just a few years would prove that the $1 billion wasn’t exactly well spent, it was money Constellation could afford to dedicate to a portion of the market it (correctly) saw growing. PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer is crafted with all-natural ingredients in a unique blend of fruits and spices for a light, crisp flavor profile and carbon-filtered to remove gluten. Molson Coors’ recent acquisition of Detroit’s Atwater Brewing was motivated in part by Atwater’s existing hard seltzer line. In that state—the biggest beer market in the U.S., and thirteenth largest in the world—Reyes Beverage Group, one of the country’s largest distributors, has over the past two years consolidated Constellation distributors under its umbrella. The drinks come in Lemon, Ginger & Chilli and Peach & Rose flavours and are stocked nationwide in Morrisons (rsp: £2.50/330ml). Founded in New York City and made in a craft brewery inside the Mets stadium, Fountain made its move to the UK in August. The deal adds a first hard seltzer arrow to Constellation’s quiver. Notably, Corona Extra also lost 10.2% of its volume in IRI-tracked stores in California from 2017-2018, followed by another 7% drop last year. Not logged in before? Available in Lime & Cucumber, Cloudy Grapefruit & Thyme and Raspberry, Basil & Lime flavours, multipacks of the drinks will be sold on the brand’s website from October (rsp: £33/12x330ml). All seven flavours are now sold via the brands online store in various case sizes, from the Mini eight-pack to the 48-can Party Pack (rsp: £2.10/350ml). Where seltzers are traditionally made by combining sparkling water with a base spirit, this duo uses white wine and natural fruit flavours. February 4, 2020. The range is available to buy direct from the brewer’s online store (rsp: £30/12x330ml). The drinks are made with a potato vodka base and 100% natural ingredients, including a hint of British honey from the company’s own hives. Clean & Press. The 4.5% abv drinks, which come in Lemon Lime, Mango, Raspberry, Black Cherry and Pure variants, are sold in four, 10 or 12-can packs (rsp: £7.95-£18.95). A duo of bottled hard seltzers from Sparkl were first announced last year and came to market in April.