Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is not a recommended cleaning method. Easily removes oily and all... super cleaning furniture polish spray  1.clean,polish and protect in one time; 2.could be used in a wide range of products,such as: furniture surface,platic products,leather seats,ceramic produc... Furniture Polish can provide good clearing,polishing and protecting effect for furniture, metal, wood, plastic,stone and so on. Also have 8 traditional “Chippendale” chairs to go with the table. 4. Hi Tanny! That said, Harden held a steady grip on the high end furniture market for many years. Obtain a soft, lint free cloth (unstarched cheesecloth or a cloth diaper works well). On a national scale, I really don’t have a great recommendation for you, unfortunately. F49531EC: HARDEN 4 Door Cherry TV Cabinet ... Buy … Each Stickley piece is crafted to your needs. In the 1930s, they made the move from mahogany, maple, and birch wood to using the native black cherry of local New York forests. Wood furniture will lose its luster over time if you forget to polish it. Hi Rochelle. White Cream Polish is a better recommendation simply because of it’s ease of application and superior scratch resistance needed for high gloss finishes. Please refer to the information below before attempting to clean any fabric. Cushion casings should not be removed and laundered or dry-cleaned. As we know, in time enough direct sunlight can, and will, fade anything. Call Us: 805.227.1000   Fax Us: 805.227.1007, Polishes all wood furniture to a nice shine with a pleasant fresh scent of lemons, Conditions finished and unfinished wood surfaces leaving a beautiful, natural glow using real lemon oil, Dusts and cleans all wood surfaces including kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, desks, paneling, antiques, and more, Helps prevent drying and fading on all your wood furniture, Easily removes surface dirt and dust without drying out or harming the wood, Penetrates dry wood finishes to replenish lost oils and preserve the wood's natural beauty. To prevent overall soiling, frequent vacuuming or light brushing with a non-metallic, stiff bristle brush to remove dust and grime is recommended. Paste waxing is still one of finest ways to protect a finish. Always in the direction of the wood grain not a circular motion. The formula is simply thinned out making application easier. This leather will fade under or direct or indirect sunlight. Known for its durability and beauty, cherry furniture by Harden developed into a status symbol for fine homes. General dusting can be accomplished with water on a soft cloth followed by thorough drying. The slow accumulation of natural oils, acids, body lotions and moisture produced by the skin can build up and eventually strip a fine finish right off wood chair arms and backs, headboards, tables and desk edges. Next, Harden started producing parlor chairs, rockers and upholstered pieces in the late 1800’s. I recently acquired what I think is a filing cabinet. Containing silicone oil and wax, the product can quickly remove stains from furniture surface. Its best to dispose of the older can of Dressing if it appears that the waxes have congealed and are sitting at the bottom of the can. FABRIC CLEANING CODES (as listed in the Stickley Fine Upholstery Price List). Objects should be lifted rather than dragged across a finished surface. For example: an unfinished or natural oak wood surface may absorb more Lemon Oil than a finished surface, so it might be best to spray directly onto the wood. I have 3 leaves, 2 arm chairs (model 1894) and 4 side chairs (model 1893). Invest in table leaf storage bags. Thanks for reading. Your table is likely from the Asher Benjamin collection, by Harden. HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED. His son, Frank, took a great interest in the saw mill and wood arts. How-Tos, Home Tours and Designer Tips - Oh My! It’s from 1989, in excellent condition, Model 1887-3 in Champagne. Unfortunately, Dee, I do not. While most Harden furniture comes from fine homes and is well kept, there are instances when Harden furniture suffers from bad storage, over use, or harmful polishes. The best method to speed along the dissipation of the odor is to place the furniture in a well-ventilated room and open any doors and drawers. Most mass-produced furniture lacks the lacquer odor because it usually has more time in storage before being delivered. You can purchase fine furniture made by Harden at wonderful places like Bohemians for pennies on the dollar. Wipe the polish onto the finish using overlapping strokes and always wiping with the grain of the wood. Use Stickley Furniture Dressing for the following applications: DO NOT USE Stickley Furniture Dressing for the following applications: PURCHASE STICKLEY FURNITURE DRESSING AT YOUR NEAREST: Why is Stickley Dressing and Paste Wax recommended as a care product for the same finishes? Allow the Dressing to haze slightly. While the new company aimed to give new life to Harden, they simply could not bring back the manufacturing process in a serious way. Price? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Certainly, we remember Harden fondly for their incredible furniture. Safe and effective for fine furniture, plastic and marble-type, natural ... wood furniture polish       *Furniture Polish enchances the beauty of wood with a clear, *deep-glowing,long lasting shine. It was available in custom size to fit in our living room. With wax on the cloth, apply it to the surface using long, slightly overlapping strokes always moving with the grain of the wood. After 174 years of business, Harden Furniture came under new ownership. 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Over polishing, combining it with other polishes and future restoration problems are the most frequent problems associated with silicone polishes. Always work in the direction of the grain of the wood with a clean, non-abrasive cotton cloth. Package: Foam, Filmy Bags and Carton... Modern Leather Living Room Furniture Sets, Italian Leather Living Room Furniture Sets, Red Living Room Furniture Sets Leather Sofa, Furniture Polish Protective Wipes - A03073, dressing table Deluxe Golden Leaf wooden furniture polish, leather sofa polish/hot sale leather sofa/ modern design furniture, Home Furniture European New Classical White Polish Paint TV Stand 3012#, Living Room Furniture Sets Sales Amp Deals, Leather Living Room Furniture Sets Sales Amp Deals, Contemporary Leather Living Room Furniture Sets. Your responsibility is to care for new furniture finishes.