What does he do? Beowulf is the hero; he has self-control: What does Hrothgar’s speech tell us about him? The Beowulf dragon is described with Old English terms such as draca (dragon), and wyrm (reptile, or serpent), and as a creature with a venomous bite. why does Beowulf insist that "my hands alone shall fight for me"? The passing of time brings changes to the lives of the Geats as it does to everyone. As Hrothgar warned, and as the Beowulf poet reminds us … When does Beowulf realize he's losing the battle with the dragon? In Geatland, Hygd offered Beowulf treasure and rulership of the kingdom, fearing that her son Heardred was too young to rule. There isn't much difference between him and somebody like Captain America. in the poem Beowulf is often shown exhibiting characteristics of the ideal Anglo-Saxon hero, or following the Anglo-Saxon heroic code. lines 855-869 How is the dragon killed? How does … beowulfs shield starts to deteriarate from the dragon's breath and his sword melts so he was at fate's disposal. Beowulf was a great warrior in the land of the Danes and Geats. Under the ancient Northern European warrior code, a warrior should seek out the most challenging opponents he can find, in order to enhance his own reputation. Let him fight alone: How does Beowulf intend to fight Grendel? As a payment to the king of the Danes he decided to fight the Dragon.The Dragon was in possession of a great treasure which he found buried in a cave. 1) Why does Beowulf want to fight Grendel? The character of Beowulf is probably the earliest example of what we would consider a hero. pg 47 #4 a Find a passage that the poet displays describing various settings. The narrator recounts one of Beowulf's feats: in the battle at which Hygelac was slain, Beowulf swam back to the land of the Geats carrying the armor of thirty men on his back. Fifty years have passed since the titular hero of the Old English epic poem, Beowulf and the Geats returned to Geatland, in Sweden, from Denmark. The Beowulf dragon is the earliest example in literature of the typical European dragon and first incidence of a fire-breathing dragon. ... Grendel's arm serves as a symbol of Beowulf's great victory- a battle trophy. Fifty years have passed and Beowulf was eighty. Hergar, Hrothgar’s older brother died and Hrothgar took his place on the throne. By far the most courageous character, Beowulf has three key moments in which he demonstrates his bravery – when he kills Grendel, when he kills Grendel’s mother, and when he fights the dragon. Beowulf dies … The mutability of time is central to Hrothgar's sermon (1700-84), and it provides the framework for the final third of the poem. Beowulf wants to fight Grendel in order to win treasure and, more importantly, fame (which he calls a warrior’s “best bulwark” [l.1389]). Beowulf's Kingdom and the Dragon. What does Grendel want to do when he is first confronted by Beowulf? bare hands: What do you think is the purpose of Part 4? ... Wiglaf stabs it with Beowulfs blade. Heroism and bravery play a crucial role in Beowulf, and are clearly demonstrated through the story’s protagonist, Beowulf. pg 47 #3 Describe what happens when beowulf attempts to fight the dragon alone. His shield begins to melt and he strikes the dragon with his sword/dagger. He defeated Grendel and Grendel's Mother early in his life. He is terrified & he wants to run away If you wanted to prove that Beowulf shows traits of being an epic hero in his fight with Grendel, which form(s) of evidence would you use?