You’re dealing with all the worst parts of Mio, but since the color is consistently murky and grey, this looks a lot more like that weird soup that Dumbledore has to eat in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Every flavor is loaded with what tastes like 10 pounds of Sweet ‘N Low, and they’re all pretty undrinkable. Affected Organ Systems: Dermal (Skin), Renal (Urinary System or Kidneys), Respiratory (From the Nose to the Lungs). With all of the visual stimulation they put on their website, I guess they think seeking out the ingredient list isn’t  something most people will be drawn in to do and that you’ll just be mesmerized by bouncing pink elephants and sparkly spin wheels asking what your favorite flavor is. This technically isn’t a way to flavor water, but it does mentally make it feel like soda. Gatorade It’s probably not fair to hand Gatorade the trophy here, considering most of these other companies are actively trying to provide a lower-sugar Gatorade alternative. type of feeling, and then quickly there is an aspartame-flavored mutiny, and all you're left with is the horrible taste of artificial sugar. Personally, I consume massive amounts of water each and every day. Warrior 90 2.0: The Ultimate Home Workout Plan, Eating Healthy on a Budget w/ Claudia and Coach Kozak, 7 Ways to Fight Cravings and Stop Eating Junk. The answer just may lie in your mouth. $8 for one 51-oz. Each packet can be diluted with 8-16 ounces of water for the amount of flavor you prefer. Key ingredients: Phenylalanine, acesulfame potassium Flavors: Lemonade, Cherry Pomegranate, Raspberry Lemonade, Wild Strawberry Highlights: They are dirt cheap. Great news is that after about two weeks of consuming non-processed foods, your taste buds will begin to heal and will become more sensitive to real foods and can fully appreciate the clean and crisp taste. Bubbles. Need more information on aspartame and artificial sweeteners? Key ingredients: Citric acid, cane sugar, and (for some reason) beet juice Flavors: Original, Mango, Raspberry, Black Cherry, Peach Highlights: It’s a good idea in theory, and there’s a lot of variety here. Related: 18 Foods That Will Help You Hydrate, Here are the brands we tried:True Lemon LemonadeDripDropPropelGatoradeTactical HydrationSturMioCrystal LightNuun, $7 for a 44-count variety pack from Amazon Shop Now. As for Crystal Light, I attempted to locate their ingredients on their very pretty website however I was unsuccessful. DripDrop Watermelon If you’re going for something low-sugar to compete with a name brand sports drink, DripDrop is what you want. Key ingredients: Monopotassium phosphate, sodium citrate Flavors: Orange, Lemon Lime, Fruit Punch Highlights: This tastes almost exactly like a real Gatorade. It is artificially sweetened using sucralose and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K) sweetened and has zero calories per serving”. Often available as packets of powder, squeezable bottles of liquid, or dissolvable tablets that can be added to a water bottle, offer a beverage option that's more convenient, replenishing, and typically much lower in sugar than a soda or a sports drink. Click on "Watch later" to put videos here. Hey Tactical Hydration — what’s going on with that? Mio comes in a tiny plastic bottle, and you squirt it into your drink. This additive is currently banned in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Unfortunately, the world of water-flavor taste testing is an extremely serious one, and we must proceed without handicaps. Sucralose (Splenda): Reported side effects are gastrointestinal problems, seizures, dizziness, migraines, blood sugar increases, and weight gain. The Grape, however, is horrid and fully unfit for human consumption. There's no denying that the popularity of water flavorings has exploded in recent years. If you read the back of most flavored drops and powders most will contain the same ingredients. No, you want something that’s normal and naturally occurring, and maybe even resembles the classic Country Time lemonade powder.