Japanese carrier aircraft find the Soviet Pacific Ocean Fleet and attack. 1945, 12-14th June: Seeing the Baja California peninsula as a prime target for expansion, a group of Japanese soldiers disguised as "settlers and workers" selected an area just inside the Mexican border. As they approach, they are caught in an ambush and are attacked by the "prisoners" who are, in fact, Japanese soldiers waiting for them to arrive. The “Russian Siegfried Line” is re-enforced by all available Soviet and WARSAW pact troops plus any civilians that can be forced into military service. His family tries to flee but the overzealous UCS Border Agents open fire, killing his wife and son and severely injuring his daughter. resign from the position of President, effective immediately, in Okinawa. 1945, September 17-18th: Soviet ships are seen off of the coast of Hokkaido and near the Northern Territories. Suga Yoshihide stands after being elected as Japan’s new prime minister, in the lower house of parliament, Tokyo, Sept. 16, 2020 (AP photo by Koji Sasahara). Prime Minister Prince Konoe knows that another war with Russia is brewing, he also knows that the Empire, while stronger than the Soviet Union, is vulnerable in places. In addition to the restricted borders, the number of Americans allowed into NAP is also restricted. Prime Minister Prince Konoe refuses to release the submarine and its crew, saying that it violated Japanese waters. But still suffering from the losses to the Japanese in the east and sanctions imposed on the Soviet Union by Japan, the UK and United States, Marshall Malenkov can only spare token assistance for Turkey, though the assistance from the Soviet Union comes with a direct threat; if either the US or Japan comes to Greece's aid, then it will mean war between the Soviet Union and those nations that aid Greece. Some people think that FDR and his cabinet should have been tried and punished for war crimes. iasLog("criterion : cdo_pc = dictionary"); The refusal of the Soviets to aid the French sours relations between Moscow and Paris, with President De Gaulle saying "The Soviiets can not be trusted to keep their word. 1943, October 25th: Admiral Nagano orders the Yamato and the Musashi to head to Shikotan Island to force the Russian forces to surrender. 1942, November 10th: The Japanese government orders mandatory evacuation of everyone in the flooded areas. The Japanese ambassador disagrees, saying that “Mr Tang crawled into California and asked for our help, she asked us to save her father and we did so. The Japanese forces on the Aleutian Islands are given a choice by the Japanese; Surrender or face certain death. Chancellor Keitel refuses the demand and vows to "Crush the East German invasion force and make Berlin and Moscow pay for their act of aggression". Prime Minister Winston Churchill acknowledges that the UK did indeed sign a secret co-operation pact to develop space technology with the Soviet Union and releases a full statement explaining why: We undertook this pact with Russia in order so that the British Empire could develop space technology of its own. The defeat of the UCS is a major blow for Premier Howard, who was banking on the invasion turning the tide of the failing UCS economy. See Also:  Failure - Mother of Success | Experience - Mother of Success | Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8 | Hard Knocks. 1948, November 10th: With the war over, peace returns to North America and there is a semblance of peace throughout the rest of the world. He orders a full retreat and that a 'Scorched Earth' policy be enacted. 1948, June 16-17th: The news that the Pacific States is being merged into the Empire of Japan causes tension between Tokyo and Washington DC. }, var pbMobileHrSlots = [ 1942, August 31st: The 8th army arrives in Manchuria and relieves the battered 7th army. 1943, January 3-8th: The Japanese army attempts to cross the yellow river at Zibo, but is driven back with heavy losses. The Japanese Embassy in Moscow refuses to denounce the invasion, which stirs up a great deal of Anti-Japanese sentiment in the Soviet Union. They begin hyping up the Anti-Australian sentiment that begins in Japan once news of the incident broke. It will also allow Japan to monitor French activity in the area. 1945, May 16th: In Sacramento, Governor-general Miyazaki hosts an informal dinner with various African-American civil rights leaders and US expatriates  living within the Pacific States. Shortly after Stalin’s announcement, the Governor of China, Yasuo Aso is assassinated in Beijing by a PLAR sniper. { bidder: 'ix', params: { siteId: '195451', size: [320, 50] }}, On his first full day in California, Prime Minister Prince Konoe is taken to San Diego to see how the rebuilding of San Diego is going.