Robin. I learned that juices weren’t required, I didn’t have to love energy balls, and I could make meals that actually appealed to me and my friends (whether they were vegan or not). That's awesome, so fun we have such a similar story! So happy you are loving my book so much Fuss-Free Vegan so much! The lentils knocked our socks off! I hope you like them! Your story is very uplifting! I hope you love the book, and enjoy the craziness of black salt! I just wanted to let you know that I've used your recipes multiple times a week since going vegan a couple months ago. Hello! I absolutely LOVED your story. It is all back once i added dairy back!! You don't have to pay for classes, you can just turn on youtube and workout I like blogilates, fitnessblender and tara stiles, but there are muuuuch much more! Please tell me how you get all your protein and manage to stay thin with muscle tone and healthy? Thank you for sharing your amazing recipes!! Did someone say that to you at some point or how did you came up with that? Welcome, Chris! Food/recipe fiddler here too. We tried adding more oil, it didn’t help. I found it! Such a lovely, flattering cool-toned blue and I want to buy it! Cut to 2017 when I suddenly found myself living in the north of England in the very quaint and quiet English countryside newly married to my English husband and very very very far from anythting close to a vegan restaurant and very spoiled on all things vegan, but now with none in sight.. not a vegan cheese for miles in any super market and definitely no nutritional yeast!!! It is thrilling to me to see how different things are now (especially in large cities - I live in Manhattan). Thank you, Quincy! I am so incredibly flattered that my blog, and the movies I recommend helped you make the switch. Thanks Sam. Aww shucks. Then I like you realized I could make over my old recipes! 2011. (Insert eye roll here.) I'm super inspired and grateful for your blog and recipes. Yay! Keep up the awesome work. I look forward to seeing you around the blog . I was just wondering what you do for fitness!! I will be making some new scrumptious Christmas-y dishes in the next few posts so stay tuned for more. Or another venue for the pre-order? Vegan Beef Stew | Connoisseurus Veg 1301 | 0 | 70 | Haha!! If you learn how to do a proper deadlift, squat, and bench press, you could do just those three exercises 2-3 times a week and see big results. Hopefully those will help keep you motivated to stay vegan . Looking forward to seeing you around , Hi Sam let me start off by just saying you are just cuter than a bug in a rug , I found a post of yours someone put up on face book so I looked you up glad I did , I so enjoy your enthusiasm about being vegan and looking at your post , I'm 75 years young and just getting started , I wish I had learned a lot sooner , anyway I enjoyed reading reading about how you became vegan and the fact that you had to face a bunch of meat eaters wow that must of been hard for you , well I better stop rambling and get off of here I guess , I live in Nebraska USA so I'll keep checking your post . I was balling my eyes out over the treatment of the animals. If you enjoy pilates/other bodyweight exercises, maybe you should try looking up some routines on the internet? Its New Year Eve here in New Zealand. Hearty vegetables in a rich, earthy, thick stout beer broth. ), miso paste, and chia seeds, but these ingredients, along with all of the ingredients I use, can usually be found in your local grocery store. I’m making your chocolate cake on Thursday. Now, doesn’t that just sound like the most vegan household you have ever heard of? Bon appevegan, Aww thanks so much Tony! Vegan Irish Stew It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken yellow onion, stout beer, mushrooms, all purpose flour, vegetable broth and 12 more Guinness Irish Stew Kevin Is Cooking I couldn't give up pepperoni pizza and cakes and donuts and cheesecake! Where do you get protein from - when saying this point I'm not critising asking. And i was eating e crappiest food of he time. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much Chace , Just found your blog; really nice work! If they are all crunchy it means they are overbaked. Sounds super fun. I hope lots of people are able to borrow it and test out recipes. Thank you so very much, Mackenzie!!! I went vegan for a few months a few years ago after watching cowspiracy and I felt amazing. Merci beaucoup, ma chere amie! I thought vegetarians, and especially vegans, were so extreme and silly. I started to feel better but I needed to do something more. Welcome!! I've been vegan for 16 years, and it didn't go over great with a lot of the people in my family, either. It sucks thay we've been dooped our entire lives into thinking we need animal products...but, I'm glad that I know all of this now so my husband and I can teach our daughter the healthiest way of life. Hearty vegetables in a rich, earthy, thick stout beer broth. Hi Michele, Thrilled you are enjoying my recipes so much. We do like that it takes very little time and the easy clean up. I hope you enjoy many recipes . I look forward to seeing you around . It sounds like you are loving the food already which is so key!!! Every little bit helps and the more vegan meals you enjoy the better!! Thank you Sam! Thanks for your help and answering my NUMEROUS quesitons. Welcome to your new veganism Sarah! I don't know how many times I can comment that you're a genius...but you're a genius. There is a lot of information hidden from people. Hope that helps! If that happens, I promise, it will pass, just make sure you are eating enough calories. He has a very happy, vegan tummy! Best wishes for 2018! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for being you and for graciously sharing your passion with us. Haha! Oh my gosh! I know I'll feel better when I switch, it's something that's meant a lot to me for years. Haha. I look forward to seeing you around in the comments! I grew up in Michigan near East Lansing but i have always been a huge U of M fan! I was never a foodie, but after being a vego for years, I took the plunge and went vegan 2 years ago, basically doing my best but dreaming of comfort foods and having a lot of hits and misses. We are all fortunate that you share your heart and talents with us. Yay! Me and my family have been vegan for over 2 years now (and loving it, it is the best thing that happened to me). Applause for you - YOU ROCK. , Hi Melody! Humble, too, since there's nothing (yet) about this award on your blog. I became vegan in Los Angeles, so as you can imagine I've been totally spoiled with the million vegan restaurants and amazing things in the supermarkets to choose from I never found it a challenge to find things to eat. Aww shucks, thank you so much, Becca!! I have lots of easy recipes on my site that should help you, and let me know if you ever have any questions or need any support. I volunteer at a farmed animal sanctuary and most of the volunteers are late teens or early twenties so I get my fill of inspiration from them. Becoming vegan was the easiest and best decision I ever made. Aww that's wonderful Jeff!! You are making a difference! I would love to help! Could that be part of the problem? 13.8k. I recently started dabbling in vegan food due to some personal convictions. So happy to have you here . I followed the recipe but I use coconut aminos not soy sauce and it came out like a paste and the oil didn’t blend in. I hope you enjoy my recipes, I look forward to seeing you around . Besides the delicious, creative, artfully photographed and easy-to prepare recipes you share, you also seem to be an honest, sincere and kind human being. Enjoy! (A lot of the documentaries can be found on Netflix or YouTube). I am so glad you came across my page too! Thanks for the recipes! Thanks again and keep 'em coming! Whoo-Hoo! SAM!!! Sam - I just came across your "How to Make a Vegan Snack Board" and hence your blogsite, and both are amazing! Many of the main dishes can easily be made low fat, but the desserts would require a bit of creativity. He didn't show it to me but just walked into the I was in and said he wanted to go Vegan. I realize this is a weird comment to leave on your blog but after watching the Melty Gooey Mozzarella video a bunch of times (, I simply HAVE TO ASK: What lipstick are you wearing in that video?! I don't use meat or cheese substitutes in my recipes as everyone has access to different ingredients, and instead to use more basic ingredients. Thanks so much for this - we are just about to make the banana bread! Thrilled you are making the switch. This to me was indeed boring and weird food. A big, huge, warm welcome from me! Any recommendations on vegan cheese, cheese spread, and/or meat subsitute brands or do you stay away from those ingredients in your recipes? It's really great that people are sharing this information. So happy you found me. Found your blog/site after google search. I am so very happy you love my recipes so much. Gone were the days of feeling bloated after eating, of having a sensitive stomach, of getting drowsy mid-afternoon, of unbuttoning my jeans after meals, and of feeling guilty and grossed out when I thought about what my dinner really was. ... Chicken Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo – rich, flavorful gumbo bursting with authentic flavors and loaded with chicken, shrimp, crab legs and sausage. Yay! I just recently got into the hobby of looking up healthy recipes when I found your website along with others. Often when my family prepares meat, they will cook it separately so I can just have the dish without meat (such as leaving the meat out of a pasta sauce). It might be more of a challenge for your husband, but if he gives it a solid try, I bet he will feel so much healthier and energized that he will stick to it (that's what happened to me)! So many choices! We have been plant based for just over 6 months now. That's so awesome, glad it was the best decision ever for you! So happy you found my site, I hope you enjoy my recipes and I look forward to seeing you around , I haven't heard of that one before. I hope that helps! Vegan mushroom stroganoff has big chunks of tender jackfruit & the creamiest sauce that coats every bite of this mushroom-loaded dish! I just wish everyone was exposed to all the information! Vegan Irish Stew It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken all purpose flour, brown sugar, olive oil, carrots, garlic, celery and 11 more Japanese Miso Stew Ellen Kanner Soulful Vegan But I was also wondering if you had any food recommendations to help he out.!? You are brand new to me today, and you are such an inspiration. Hi tysana. It’s incredibly easy to make and immensely satisfying. You can send me an email , Just found your website through Google and youre a real inspiration! Vegan Gluten-free Recipe. Hi, I randomly found your site through a Pinterest search for shiitake mushroom recipes. Congrats on being vegan for 20 years. Required fields are marked *. I just wanted to thank you for creating your fuss free vegan cookbook. Best wishes. Thank you so much, Jennifer! Which model do you have? And so this blog, It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken, was born. Welcome!! I will try your recipes - uncomplicated is the way to go! My household had a flock of chickens (both for eggs and for eating), the freezers were stocked full of meat, steaks were cooked rare, and there were even real animal heads decorating the walls (not that I ever liked the heads). I swear it's almost my exact story, down to it starting with Vegucated. It was so amazing. Dumdumdum!!! Haha, thank you Vicki! We need more amazing blogs like this! It was killing. I just bought your fuss-free vegan cookbook and I can honestly say I'm excited to make EVERYTHING in it! I highly recommend getting lessons with a personal trainer so that you learn form first.