What makes a person adaptable / flexible? The words 'function' and 'flexible' can be used together in a sentence in the following manner : The doctor advised him some exercises to help restore the flexible function of his knees. Cambridge English Dictionary defines 'function' as 'the way in which something works or operates.' All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], Work is for better or worse becoming more, We are following the American trend towards more, The road of life is a spiral path only swagger, The shake-up aims to recast IBM as a federation of, The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows. Ask experts and help others learn new words. Use commas to offset non-restrictive phrases. The group is led by Altern, an altered human clothed in a, Fei-hung easily fights off Henry but John proves to be a tough opponent due to his strong, fast, and, McCoy reveals that Mira's medical records show her to have an extremely. Learn English as a second language. The group is led by Altern, an altered human clothed in a flexible gold-like metal exoskeleton. Check the meaning of flexible. As you can see, they don’t use the words ‘adaptable’ or ‘flexible’, but these recruiters are looking for candidates who have these qualities. Koizumi defended the Daiei bailout as a flexible response to a potential crisis. My wife is quite flexible because she practices yoga, and she does all these poses to stretch her muscles. Toggle navigation fatLingo . Do you know the Hindi meaning for "flexible"? flexible response in a sentence - Use "flexible response" in a sentence 1. 2. You can adapt to unexpected demands in the workplace – sudden surges in work, urgent problems, or an unpredictable event, such as a cyber security breach or financial crash, for instance. Kennedy and McNamara rejected massive retaliation for a posture of flexible response. Let us know by posting a comment and earn good karma. Example sentences for "flexible" in popular movie and book plots. How to use "flexible" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi. 179+17 sentence examples: 1. Improve your vocabulary. sentences instead of saying ‘I’m bossy’ and ‘I like to be the centre of attention’. Kennedy abandoned the policy of massive retaliation during the Cuban Missile Crisis in favor of, Saxbee is also an academic writer having published " Liberal Evangelism : a, McDonald's success in the 1960s was in large part due to the company's skillful marketing and, It is defense economics without algebra, says a friend, tracing the alliance's mission from mutual assured destruction, to, By the late 1960s they moved to a war strategy that lessened the dependence on nuclear weapons, resembling the West's, That policy was abandoned in the latter years of the Cold War by one of ". Example sentences with the word flexible.flexible example sentences. : 2. by BuildMyVocab. Word suggestions (2): Flexible, Flexibility, › Thermopylae [THərˈmäpəlē, THərˈmäpəˌlī], © 2020 UseEnglishWords.com. use "flexible" in a sentence The human spinal cord is as flexible as a rubber hose. Prepare for exams like GRE, CAT, GMAT, Bank PO, GATE, SAT and others. A Zen proverb tells us that only when you can be extremely flexible and soft can you be extremely hard and strong. How to use flexible in a sentence is shown in this page. You are too flexible with her. - Last Legionary.