On the menu: out of the ordinary French cuisine and an explosion of tastes and textures. Website: https://www.wagonbleu.fr/ (in French). 106 rue de la Folie-Méricourt 75011 Paris… Duck confit is a wonderfully scrumptious and tender duck dish that was invented in order to keep fresh duck meat for consumption at a later date. 8 Original Restaurants in Paris That Serve French Cuisine March 11, 2020 by Mona If you are tired of always eating in the same restaurants and are looking for an original place to eat French food in Paris, either with your friends or your family, then our selection of restaurants will be perfect for you. This traditional food in Paris dates back to the 19th century when there was a slaughterhouse at La Villette (Paris 19). If you don’t know much about Corsican wines, the waiters will be pleased to advise you. To make your mission easier, we’ve even included a recommended address or two where you can try each. Have you always dreamt of only eating sweet dishes during a meal? Nowadays, the caramelized onion and beef broth is served gratinéed with crusty croutons and a slice of Gruy. Another famous food in Paris, onion soup is about as comforting as it gets. Their amazingly tasty steak tartare comes with french fries or green beans. Not to be confused with macaroons (shredded coconut delicacies), Paris abounds with macaron specialty shops, most of them offering incredible quality. What’s the concept behind Derrière? Whether you are wanting something traditional or modern, fun or classic, here is where to go to enjoy the best of French cuisine. Where to try them: L’Escargot Montorgueil is a true Parisian institution that has been serving snails for nearly 200 years. In this little 11th district café, cat lovers will be able to taste delicious hot chocolates surrounded by their favorite animal. The atmosphere is very relaxed, which is ideal when you want to have a nice time with your family or friends. Though it may seem extremely different to your conventional meals of steak or chicken, this dish is known to be one of the most delicious French delicacies. (usually a dozen of them) are presented in their shells and stuffed with a mouthwatering combination of garlic, herbs and butter. Of course, he is not alone as he has a team of professionals guiding him along. Le Baguette, the most famous of them all. When it comes to the menu, you will be able to find mostly hot beverages (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) as well as a variety of homemade dishes like quiche Lorraine, toasted ham and cheese sandwiches, or even lasagne. Price: Unique formula (all-inclusive) at 40€ (only at night) or lunch menu at 14€. This being vital of course as no-one takes the art baguette baking as seriously as the French! Whilst in Paris these are without a doubt worth a try, just make sure that you buy them from an authentic patisserie to ensure that you experience the real thing and not a pre-packaged knock-off. It is a must try in Paris, if you’ve never had the original version it will be quite a surprise. Usually served in the colder months in France, this traditional comfort food is filling, will warm you up and leave you with a fuzzy appreciation for the French! Unfortunately nowadays it is very uncommon to find a bistro in Paris that cooks the fresh meat from the start, but they are very proud of where they source the duck from and will tell you all about it, it would be advisable to choose a bistro that has a history with great duck confit so that you can be guaranteed a great first experience! For those who do not want to eat entirely sweet, there are savory options just as good as the sweet ones. That’s over 300 possibilities to fall in love with French fromage! Délicieux! A definite must try! Will you let yourself be drawn in by this experience? makes truly unforgettable croissants using organic flour and certified butter from the Charente-Poitou region. Thanks for reading, Walter! These seven examples of famous food in Paris are the perfect way to fall in love with French cooking. Not to be confused with macaroons (shredded coconut delicacies), macarons are possibly the best thing that ever happened to French sweets. Where to Eat Traditional French Cuisine in Paris In a country where art rules the cultural scene, the cuisine of France can be seen as somewhat of an art of its own. It is basically two almond, meringue shells that are stuck together with buttercream or ganache. They even have a competition once a year to encourage people to keep making the wonderful bread. Steak tartare is a bistro classic that consists of raw ground beef seasoned with capers, onion and black pepper. From Thursday to Saturday: from 7.30pm to 11pm. It is usually served with potatoes that have also been sautéed in the duck fat, along with a heavy hand of garlic resulting in the ridiculously rich meal. Dessert lovers should also try “Symphonie,” an innovative recipe by Tokyo-born. Address: 197 boulevard Brune, 75014 Paris This café is entirely dedicated to the passion of automobiles and is decorated from head to toe with car accessories (car seats, motors, etc.) The original setting that will please car lovers. Sunday brunch: from noon to 4pm. We don’t have the answer, but we do know that visiting such a country is bound to be a treat! is a true Parisian institution that has been serving snails for nearly 200 years. Have you always dreamt of being a chef for a day? So much so, in fact, that UNESCO declared the. The croque-monsieur is a fried or baked, boiled ham and cheese sandwich. Or at least, start with some of the most famous food in Paris. Check out some of the best, most beautiful places to visit from Paris, France! Getting its name from the shape it is traditionally baked in, the croissant is a buttery, flaky pastry roll that can come with many different fillings dependent on your preference.