The women in this magazine are all stunningly beautiful. Painful to give the necessary tissue, sure. More Bette Porter, Tina Kennard, L Word stories coming soon. I frown slightly because I have no idea who she is. She is on Spotlight and This paradox between us . Who is this lady who is recalling one of the worst days of my life on arguably what may be one of my best? Over the rim of my china cup, I stare back at Phyllis, and burn the holy crap out of my lip on the too hot tea. I kiss her lips one by one and tease her tongue. “Mary! I sense that what awaits me is a piece of music I can’t quite hear, but must entrain, or all this goes away. And she’s absolutely used it with great effect to do exactly that. “Every good lawyer travels with them.” I say to her. “Gaah! “I should never have trusted her.” She pitches the note back inside the box, puts her hands against her temples, and rubs them furiously. “Always something she knows I’d like. I blame it all on Shane’s dying mother, who’s looking more and more slightly green around the gills, as the one who ignited my heroic sense of carpe diem – Texas style. “After all that monogamy crap she gave me about Amy, and other women – she’s gone back to Tina. I’m in love. Rinse the salt off.”. Joyce had wondered, too, if the Feds hadn’t kept him as their secret weapon in case anything happened to my mother. The couple appears to be more distant than ever; Bette seeks partner support from an overwhelmed Tina, who starts looking for the protection Bette cannot give her outside the home. Later on, Jenny manages to film an encounter between Bette and Kelly on her cellphone; as Bette is picking up broken glass from the floor, the angle from Jenny's window makes it look as though she is performing cunnilingus on Kelly. The next chapter to the L Word inspired Season 7, Touch Tones, will post shortly. “Do you ever hear from your mother?” I ask. For long moments, it’s only the feelings of her tongue, and the aching she makes happen inside me, and then everything syncs and beats into a vibration. “The dinner, the wine, the fire were all so perfect.”, Tina strokes my chest and settles back against my shoulder. The truth of the affair comes out during the camp fire "I Never" game. “Let her know I’m thinking about her, too.” I say softly. You were still milky and recently pregnant!”. “Should we make up a date? Aware of Tina's true intentions, Bette warns her to stop her farce. Between the four of us we had discussed the possibilities during Wednesday’s lunchtime call. Bette noticed Tina's right earring had fallen off, and Tina supposedly put it back on. As I walk to my ten o’clock meeting I call Carol Goldman’s leasing agency in Malibu. 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Bette's love seems to have less and less effect on Tina, who rediscovers her male attractions. Very clever! “You’re taking me to bed?” She unfastens my bra, and lays it across her shoulder, as we back up toward our target – the bedroom. Aside from the hangover I know I’ll have tomorrow, the thought of getting a little drunk tonight begins to amuse me as I drive back down the coast. I rub it against the cushions behind me. “Remember all the good times and delicate maneuvers we’ve ever done together? “Bette, it’s that reporter again from the gay press in Austin.”. We lie in front of the fire and race each other along the edges, and then pull away. SheBeast? “We’ll take good care of her.”, “I’m certain that you will, and Mary? Nothing is real.”, “Tina, I can’t get metaphysical with you before one or two in the morning but, yeah, I hear what you’re saying. As I stare at the unknown number on the screen of my cell phone, Tina and Alice’s attention drifts back to discussing Molly Kroll’s unexpected appearance outside The Planet a few minutes ago, but more astonishingly, why she drove away with Bette. The house Tina and I love is just over the ridge, where the ground I know would feel solid again. Bette Porter Tina Kennard love scene, Bette Porter Tina Kennard love scene, Bette Porter Tina Kennard love scene, Bette Porter Tina Kennard love scene, Bette Porter Tina Kennard love scene. Beginning late last Friday night in Malibu I had sensed myself flying through the air, a feeling similar to the flight of this airplane now as it lowers me closer and closer to the red desert racing below. Kept things from you, but you’ve changed. “I’ve got my next ninety minutes planned, Tina. I am an intelligent, confident and fun loving character who can rise to the challenge. Bette stirs and wraps me in her arms. Or I’ll do it. Didn’t you realize I was trying to seduce you?” I kiss her, and wait for her answer. You’re fine. “Never. It’s just right in my face again and again all day long. m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) When Sue Ellen McCutcheon turns away from her wistful stare out the window, I feel a hammer of ache hit my chest when I think of all those missing years without my mother. “I talked to her a half hour ago. .not okay. “Where’s Bette’s mother?” Kit looks past Alice to where Mary was sitting at a table. Writer’s love comments, please drop one if you’d like. That’s actually Shaolin’s position?” I ask incredulously. The fourth season, which is set immediately after the events of the third season, sees Bette return with Angelica after a short time away. I twist my chair around to face her. I feel her kiss, and her fingers pressing into me. “Babe, if we believe we are strong enough to move forward, and have a family together then, we have to believe that our relationship can take the truth. You have it.”. I’ll get double-daggered glares from them today, unless they do their other move.”, “Ignore me completely like I’m an uninteresting piece of stone.”, ”She’s a sculptor, Bette, she probably has some kind of diamond-bladed rock saw for that.”, “Actually, the Art Department just bought her a laser for those stages of shaping but your point is taken. I mean, isn’t it part of the reason people bond together in relationships? “I’m going straight to the beef, no salad, no spinach, just a baked potato and straight to business with the steak, but I am definitely ordering another drink. When rape and attempted murder didn’t defeat them, they became Mothers of Re-Invention. “It’d take some wrangling with the Federal Court Judge,” Joyce had assured us, “but at least their cases wouldn’t have completely fallen apart if they had The Stone on ice somewhere to back up your mother’s testimony.”. My thanks always to my black ancestors, who kindly tinted me so nicely. I love you, and I want you back, Tina.”. “We’re just starting principle. “Surely, we’ll get some news today. “But Baby, your muscles.” I kiss down her stomach and patches of squares appear under my lips. Skype’d me actually. After her charity organisation is granted money from the Peabody Foundation, Tina begins a relationship with Helena Peabody. “Liver, Alice. I am. We’d been lazing by the fire drinking wine when my stomach had growled. “What was wrong with you this afternoon? “I wasn’t around to help much.”. Over a remarkable ten year winning streak, and with the help of my mother, the government had made their cases stick against all of the Gambino’s for crimes that included their style of vicious gangland murder. As we kiss, I hear a vibration coming out of her chest. “James, if it’s that She Beast bottom feeder from TMZ calling back tell her I’m on my over there with the lawyer who ruined her fucking father!”. I don’t mind.”, “I’ll be right in. Or is all of it is just a head trip since we fuck each other in our minds, as much as with our bodies? “So, I searched the web for the rest of the year that Maxine disappeared but by then it was 2 AM and my brain was fried from pictures of mobsters I saw while searching for Gambinos and Philly’s major crimes in 1979.”, “I know the feeling.” Mary replies with a doleful expression. It didn’t take us long to make friends with the flight attendants, a Dallas based crew who were on their way home after flying God knows where all day long. Sad for you though, you’re still my emergency contact.” I laugh at myself before I kiss Tina’s lips.