Worst character on all the Terrace House seasons. Let’s just say if he were a fruit, he still wasn’t ripe enough to eat. He does possess qualities of a typical guy’s guy who has a potential of becoming an alpha male, or probably already is. Her presence started to go downhill when she lectured Taishi about his dating life but was totally twice, or even thrice worse in actions. I like mint chocolate chip ice cream and white sand beaches. She’s my age, gorgeous, great effortless body, great hair, full of sex appeal and she didn’t even had to try. Aloha State was such a season full of polarizing parts and I don’t know if my watching habits contributed to a lot of the decision making but whatever, I’m gonna do it the way I did with the previous one. We could have seen the shift of his happy-go-lucky attitude to someone who lost his zest of life and I’m so glad that didn’t happen. Wez added that travesty he calls a song "In-star-grom", Are you telling me you're not a fan of INSTAGRRRRRAM. I remember she came on the show to improve her English though, so she must have left an impression on me. Just like what I did with the Boys & Girls in the City, Yuya Shibusawa's Wiki Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Height, Family, Dating. Yeah, that's true. I put him in my top 5 since he honestly made more of an impression on me than other castmates who were there longer. 10) Eric de Mendonca: Not going to lie, he was more interesting off the show than on the show. Ryo for me is the best Aloha State member, if only we got to see more of him. I like Naomi Lorraine Frank because she is pretty much like me! He is such a unique individual and positively so. I love this show. Don’t even get me started on her supposed rules on friendship and who should be worthy to be her friend. If I was judging solely off his time in the house he would be further down the list but judging as a whole, I quite enjoyed Eric. He was dramatic and emotional and passionate and honestly he just stole my heart. This was a difficult place because I have a love/hate thing going on with Lauren. He seemed to be actively pursuing his dream and working productively outside of the house. Sorry but this is purely personal: I think her face is really weird. But yes, lets all just agree that Cheri is clearly the worst. Toxic and emotionally abusive. -Best couple = Niki and Guy. Loved how Taishi and Chikako didn’t succumb to any of her bullshit! hopefully the post content Article terrace house aloha state ranking, what we write can make you understand.Happy reading. There’s nothing wrong with being picky. Only Guy’s carefree and childish character stopped me from skipping this season. Taishi for me is a wild card. (Plus, the panel taking the piss out of him was HILARIOUS. The chubby boy thing matters tho; Terrace House is a show where I want to see romantic sparks fly, not shy squishy virgins eating fish alone. It was also kind of a shame that she let her Yuya heartbreak dictate her exit of the house because it would have been interesting to potentially watch her grow as opposed to letting one or a few issues faze her then leaving because of it. Remember, it's all subjective here. I was lucky to score a VPN subscription where I got to watch Part 4 almost 2 months before the worldwide Netflix release. 7. 3. Ahead of Wez at least. I would move Lauren a little lower, but man I love your top two. Taishi and Chikako together almost made me puke. Chikako wasn’t an easy person to like for me. That’s all I can say. 1. (Lucky Taishi.). Real people. I’m glad he found it! Taishi Tamaki / 1987 / Waiter & Aspiring Actor. He milked the hell out of it by enjoying the last year of his 20s and that’s something I can’t blame him for. Cheri Lavoie / 1993 / Real Estate Agent & Beauty Queen. He really grew on me and I would've liked to see more. The real deal. Also agreed that Ryo was the chillest. A girl who’s got a good balance between her head and her heart. Yuck. While Boys & Girls in the City was difficult because it was hard to choose which one I liked best, my challenge for this one was nominating the ones I hated less. It was like she was stirring up drama for them and that turned me off her because she hadn’t exactly established friendship with either but she was all up in their grill already. His little crush on Lauren was also pretty cute and yeah, I didn't have any problems with him. I’m surprised by how much I agree with this ranking, and how swayed I am by the descriptions for the placements that I (mildly) disagreed with! Too bad. Naomi is cute, good natured, but lacks strong-will. The whole script thing felt so RELATABLE as well. I do think that attempting to pursue Lauren was a great decision in steps to ripening himself. I never once thought that he was acting. Many might think he’s a slacker but at 18 and already doing things outside his comfort zone and home country, that says something. I think he made just as much of impact as fellow castmate Mariko who showed in the final stretch of AS. I hope they last long. -Starting lineup was fairly unappealing to me …with the exception of Avian!