Near the end, you should have a slide entitled “The Ask.” On this slide you should address: Here is a sample slide from my sample investor pitch deck: Slide outlining what you are asking investors for. At the 11th edition of YourStory’s flagship event, TechSparks 2020, Pieter Kemps, Principal, Sequoia Capital India, explains this very lucidly in his masterclass session on “Anatomy of a pitch: Crafting your pitchdeck.”, As much as it is important to talk about one’s business idea, market, and customers, Pieter emphasises that the one defining thing about a pitch deck is — “Tell us a story, introduce a tension, and talk about what are things that are changing.”. As a storied VC investor with offices across the globe, Sequoia Capital has deep experience, knowledge, and insights. All plans come with unlimited revisions, so feel free to revise until you’re satisfied with the design. A great many pitch decks are available online, including: Check out this sample investor pitch deck for (a mobile app startup) that I created, which incorporates the advice I give in this article. Get logos to websites and everything in between, Penji “Always explain how the world is changing and how it is impacting your customer,” Pieter says, adding that the love for customers is one of the critical elements in any startup pitch deck. We've Designed 1000+ Facebook Ads. And this slide should tell the investors that you’ve got a great team that will forge the company forward. A pitch deck is usually a 10-20 slide presentation designed to give a short summary of your company, your business plan and your startup vision. Input the Project Title and select the dimension and the number of slides from the drop-down menu. Startups need to emphasise the pain points experienced by the customers and the depth to which a founder would go to understand the challenges the users face. On this slide, you want to show investors your current financial situation. Investors would want to get down to the nitty-gritty of your pitch. For example, here is what your “Company Overview” page could say: Example of a strong "Company Overview" slide. You may opt-out by. Thousands of startups use Attach to send their pitch decks … After stating the problem, the next slide should present the solution concisely. For as low as $399 a month, you can have as many pitch decks as you want. What key marketing channels will you use (paid search, social media, TV, radio, email marketing, etc.)? Startups frequently prepare a “pitch deck” to present their company to prospective angel or venture capital investors. Highlighting the example of Khatabook, Pieter says the Bengaluru-based fintech startup focused on SMBs acquired over 26,000 merchants within a month of its product launch. Here is an example of this page, which highlights both customers and partnerships of the company: Example of a "Customers and Partnerships" slide. Your startup will get noticed immediately, given you have a unique value proposition. Have information on the pre and post-money ownership, capital, and debt structures. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. AppVirality is a referral marketing platform. After briefly explaining what your company does, you want to introduce the people behind your startup. Unlike most other types of presentations, pitch decks … See Examples, How many customers are you targeting? As TechSparks 2020 goes all virtual and global in its 11th edition, we want to thank you for the tremendous support we've received from all of you throughout our journey and give a huge shoutout to our sponsors of TechSparks 2020.