The curator has many playlists, several of which have over ten thousand followers. Improper submissions will not be entertained by many curators, either editor at Spotify or independent playlist creators. There are other challenges too. We love the selection on this playlist, submit your music now! Indiemono is one of the first independent curators on Spotify. by Frank | October 22, 2018 | Spotify Promotion | 0 Comments, by Frank | October 23, 2018 | Spotify Promotion | 0 Comments, by Frank | October 24, 2018 | YouTube Promotion | 0 Comments, by frankexpert30 | November 20, 2018 | Spotify Promotion | 0 Comments, by frankexpert30 | November 21, 2018 | Spotify Promotion | 0 Comments, by Frankexpert33 | November 26, 2018 | Spotify Promotion | 1 Comment, by Frankexpert33 | November 24, 2018 | Spotify Promotion | 0 Comments, by Frankexpert33 | November 27, 2018 | YouTube Promotion | 0 Comments, by Frankexpert33 | November 29, 2018 | Spotify Promotion | 0 Comments, by Frankexpert33 | December 5, 2018 | Spotify Promotion | 0 Comments, by Frankexpert33 | December 12, 2018 | Spotify Promotion | 0 Comments, Your email address will not be published. Spotify playlists are not just popular. Nyhla Records curate this cool playlist of summer hiphop. This is necessary to complete the Spotify playlist submission for hip hop or any other genre. Read more! You should not go for Spotify playlist submission just about anytime you want. This is a great organic Spotify promotion. The United States of America Submithub is one of the best Spotify playlist curators. Free Spotify playlist submission is quite simple with this curator. The curator is committed to finding and popularizing talented artists and musical creations that the world should know about. Very few playlist curators offer any kind of feedback. Soundplate is not just a curator on Spotify but a record label. The curator recommends filling up their Spotify playlist placement form when the song is about to be released or has just been uploaded. This curator is an appropriate option. Making that classic sounding S%#t? You do not have to pay for this tool. MPC.CORP LTD For The Love Of Bands is one of the top Spotify playlist curators for indie, rock, country, alternative, punk, bands and Americana. HipHop is killing the streaming game right now. Best Spotify Hip Hop playlist curators: +1020 playlists to submit your music to [Updated] … The curator can be choosy and might not always be conducive for artists of all genres. Indiemono and similar playlists are beyond the influence or control of Spotify editors. If you are a newly independent artist, you may want to build your reputation through Spotify playlist submission by landing on smaller playlists first. Tunemunk is another popular choice. The right genre should be selected and all essential information must be provided but there is one more Spotify playlist submission guideline or requirement. Required fields are marked *. A playlist with several thousand followers won’t necessarily help you get viral, while a playlist with several hundred thousand followers can change your career forever if the right curators/influencers end up hearing your music. Check this ultimate directory: Top + 1020 Spotify Hip Hop playlist curators to submit your music to. This hot playlist features recent hits from the top selling artists in the business but also breaks brand new hits from independent recording artists worldwide. Getting your music into independent Spotify playlists can help you get noticed and eventually push you into the big leagues. Kolibri Music has many playlists, several of which have over ten thousand followers. Songs that are already on Spotify and have amassed a few streams can also be submitted. There is no specific distinction between the two in terms of popularity. This curator is an appropriate option. Relevance should not be determined solely by genre but also by popularity. Indiemono encourages artists to submit their song on the day of release. You can also use the Spotify playlist placement service of Music Promotion Corp. Many rates it higher than Indiemono and Soundplate. Some of its playlists have over a thousand followers but the genres it caters to are important to note. Artists must follow the curator and a few playlists to proceed. The biggest challenge of getting placed on such playlists is the curation. One playlist will have more stringent rules. The curator also serves songs that have clocked a substantial number of plays and need a further boost to create ripples. Submit the music and then analyze if it is suitable for the Spotify playlists curated by Soundplate. An artist must follow some of their playlists to unlock a password. You should also do some research regarding which Spotify playlists are the most respected, and concentrate your Spotify playlist submission effort on this playlist in particular. Artists may also explore Soave Records, Howard Zhu, and Simon Field. Your popularity, the number of listeners your profile has and the quantum of plays for the chosen song, likes and comments along with the quality of your music, how many albums you have shared and engagement with the followers will play an influential role. This hot playlist features recent hits from the top selling artists in the business but also breaks brand … This augurs well for those who are good at their craft but do not get enough traction on platforms like Spotify. Submitting music to this curator is easy. This is the playlist for you, this one covers everything from HipHop legends to brand new artists. However, there are a few hurdles for many artists. We want to hear your best instrumental HipHop jams. It primarily serves as an electronic music platform. Some of the biggest Spotify curators are getting hundreds, or even thousands, of submissions per day – so persistence may pay off in the long run. Not every talented musician finds a foothold immediately, despite being very good and having truly wonderful songs. The best way to achieve organic Spotify promotion is to get in contact with as many Spotify influencers and curators as possible and get some feedback from them. There are some Spotify playlists curated by this distributor that has over ten thousand followers each. This might depend on a number of factors – including the size of your audience, and your immediate goals and objectives. Do you want to go viral on Spotify and get thousands of new listeners? You never know where you might gain a new fanbase, so capitalizing on as many platforms as possible is a smart move for any artist. you must follow some of the relevant playlists in your genre. Not all curators who allow free submission have enough following. The second and third ones are independent curators. This review can be helpful for budding artists. Spotify’s Rap Caviar was recently crowned ‘The Most Influential playlist in music but getting your track noticed can be seriously difficult. 20 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA There are a few ways to attain popularity on Spotify. There are many curators who allow singers, musicians, bands, and producers to do this. Artists might want to consider whether it’s beneficial to deal with independent Spotify curators for Spotify playlist submission or whether they are more interested in playlist companies that are associated with record labels. Artists can submit songs across genres to this curator. Here are just five great independent Spotify playlists you can submit your HipHop tracks to using our free Spotify playlist submission system. Getting your music into independent Spotify playlists can help ... 5 HipHop Curators on Spotify and How To Submit Music To Their Playlists. If they do not find your song to be suitable for their playlist or simply do not like the composition for some reason, then you are not going to have the track placed on such directories. There are many listeners who are only interested in playlists. The first one is mostly for new artists. Songs with some popularity are more likely to get placed on the playlists of this curator, which is usually the norm across the music sharing platform. There is a track analyzing tool available for this purpose. There is also feedback available in real-time. Old songs or any track that has been on the site for three months or longer are not entertained. Top Playlists is a curator with as much popularity and outreach as iMusician. Click here for our full privacy & cookie policy. In this post, we offer 5 playlist suggestions to get your music moving in the right direction! You may need Spotify playlist submission for hip hop. You may need Spotify playlist submission for hip hop. Most of them are curated by experts. Perfect BBQ vibes! If you have a team, you should make sure that they stay on top of Spotify playlist submission, and continue submitting to relevant playlists as much as possible. The playlists are known for their high quality. The curator prefers electronic music. Get your music onto the best Spotify playlists. This curator is not as popular as the first two. There are experts curated playlists that have millions of subscribers. Submit music now for your chance to be featured. Try our All In One Package and go VIRAL on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube! Those who operate the playlists have the last say in the matter. This curator is appropriate for artists specializing in hip hop or trap, electronic, indie, pop, rock and rhythm & blues. There are many playlists on Spotify. This is a testament to the popularity of the song and hence the curator is more likely to introduce it in their playlist. Spotify Playlist Submission: Here are 8 Tips to do it correctly! ... Top Hip Hop Weekly. Spotify Promotion – 5 Ways to Promote your Music on Spotify, How to Put your Music into the Best Spotify Playlists, 5 Smart Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers, Top 5 Ways to Get Organic Spotify promotion, 5 Simple Ways To Promote Your Spotify Music. It caters to all genres and has a few playlists with over five thousand followers each. At MusicPromotionCorp, we provide professional Social Media Management for musicians and upcoming music artists. Not a rapper but making those dope beats? This will help your audience grow through organic Spotify promotion, and it is more likely that large playlists will be interested in your music once they see that you have an established following and fanbase. by frankexpert30 | Jul 24, 2019 | Spotify Promotion | 2 comments. Such playlists are stringently curated. These curators should have popular playlists too. Many playlists have songs cutting across genres and subgenres. Spotify playlist promotion is one of the integral elements of holistic marketing on the platform. 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