There are actually organizations promoting chained dog awareness that would be happy to remove the dog from the premises if they can ascertain that the dog is indeed being chained up as you say. Do take a look at our travel and transportation guide, tips on finding a house in Singapore… I want to ask how to apply PR now?? Our comprehensive guide to living in Singapore is packed full of information compiled by a real expat who has been there, done that (many times). Information of career, job, employment opportunities, working in Singapore. Enter the e-mail address you registered with, English Go there: Our comprehensive guide to living in Singapore is packed full of information compiled by a real expat who has been there, done that (many times). The country's technocratic government ensures that policies are swiftly implemented to continually attract new business opportunities, and it is not surprising that the country draws expats in droves. VCE: Very Confused Expat à traduire par ETP (Expat très perplexe)? A simple google search should lead you to the relevant organizations. Re: Mandarin only pre-nursery or playschool? Take your expatriate lifestyle to the next level and live life to the fullest. Préparez votre intégration de la meilleure façon possible en apprenant la langue. Un guide exhaustif. For a hip vibe, head to Haji Lane in the Kampong Glam area, before making your way to Little India, for a bit of more chaos within an otherwise perfectly manicured Singapore. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. La crise et le Brexit à travers l'objectif d'une Italienne à Sydney, Interview : Mère et fille vivent le rêve américain, 8 villes idéales pour les adeptes de la marche et du vélo, Condo rare à Tiong Bahru MRT près de CBD (nouvellement meublé!). Make a short walk to Customs House for some tapas or seafood, and finish off the day at the Ce La Vi nightclub, which offers amazing views of the city, 57 floors up. La diversité de Singapour est également reflétée par la richesse de son offre alimentaire. Known for its safety, cleanliness, quality of life and rich culture and diversity, there is much for you to explore and uncover in our sunny city-state. It would be no understatement to say that the country and its residents are fanatical about their food and Singapore offers both high-end … Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Is there a possibility that our email has gone to your spam folder? Cette option n'est en effet disponible qu'une seule fois. The country’s Foreign Direct Investment increased by 27.7USD billion in 2019 and this is mostly because Singapore provides a strong investment environment, which is set to reinforce itself as its South-East Asian trading partners strengthen and diversify their economies further. Le pays compte une population de Malais, de Chinois et d'Indiens indigènes, et une promenade à travers Singapour offre la vue apaisante de la cohabitation pacifique de pagodes, temples hindous, églises chrétiennes et mosquées musulmanes. Moving to live and work in another country is a major decision in life. Get essential tips about living in Singapore. Le pays offre une gamme ... Singapour ne saute pas nécessairement à l'esprit comme une capitale de la vie nocturne. Chaque chapitre du livre commence par un extrait de leurs échanges. Be aware that male children may have to do national service. À Singapour, le spectre des restaurants étoilés Michelin est extrêmement large, et le repas étoilé le moins cher, au complexe Chinatown, le plus grand centre commercial de Singapour, coûte 2 dollars seulement. En tous cas, son système de transport public ainsi que ses nombreux taxis garantissent toujours un moyen de se déplacer en tout confort. Naturally, rents here are usually much higher. The expat’s guide to where to live in Singapore. Although it is not entirely mandarin based, the teachers were very experienced and the language teachers were all from China. In Singapore, the spectrum of Michelin-starred restaurants is extremely wide, with the cheapest starred meal costing only $2 at the Chinatown Complex, Singapore's largest food mall. Celebrate Thanksgiving at home or out! But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. En 2019, le montant des investissements étrangers direct a connu une augmentation de 27,7 milliards de dollars américains puisque Singapour offre un cadre d'investissement solide, et qui devrait encore se renforcer avec la consolidation et la diversification croissantes des économies de ses partenaires commerciaux du Sud-Est asiatique. The country's role as a point of transit, coupled with the immigration policies of the British Empire, gave birth to a thoroughly dynamic, multi-cultural nation, evidence of which can immediately be seen upon touching down at the ultra-modern Changi airport. For those seeking shorter breaks from the hustle and bustle of the city, ferries are a convenient way of organizing trips to nearby beaches or to Indonesia. Thunderstorms are also a regular phenomenon, but Singapore's infrastructure is generally well designed enough to provide shelter in periods of heavy rain. Le pays abrite un large éventail d'entreprises couvrant toute une gamme d'industries, offrant ainsi une offre de postes à pourvoir d'une largeur inouïe au sein d'une même juridiction, et offre également des opportunités aux entrepreneurs désireux de conquérir un marché régional dynamique. Copyright © 2003-2020 EnterAsia Information Services Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. It would be no understatement to say that Singapore is a food lovers’ paradise. Initialement établi en tant que port de commerce, Singapour a tiré profit de sa position géographique pour devenir l'un des comptoirs de commerce les plus prospères de la Grande-Bretagne coloniale et un élément clé de la stratégie militaire de l'Empire. Is there a possibility that our email has gone to your spam folder?If so, please click on the "Send verification email" button to send a verification email to and follow these instructions to remove our emails from your spam folder. Site map. Outre cette mosaïque de cultures, Singapour conserve une atmosphère occidentale, ce qui représente sans doute l'un des principaux arguments pour les nombreux Occidentaux qui affluent vers le pays en tant qu'expatriés. Once part of Malaysia, Singapore boasts a rich history which dates back to the 2nd century. Luckily, Singapore is so popular among expats (there are over 1.5 million! For families, Singapore comes with affordable and excellent childcare options, as well as a healthcare system which is frequently lauded as being one of the best in the world. Despite the activity of Orchard Road, many of the surrounding neighbourhoods are quiet and leafy. Are you currently negotiating a tenancy contract or trying to establish the cost of living in Singapore? Le climat équatorial de Singapour est généralement confortable, et il ne fait jamais froid à Singapour, même si le niveau élevé d'humidité peut parfois être étouffant. Singapore has more than 3,000 kilometers of roads. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 6. Abandon any preconceptions you have of Singapore as a dull, sterile Sim City and get stuck into a captivating country that offers an eclectic environment where East meets West and a lifestyle that never disappoints. Contrairement à d'autres capitales cosmopolites comme New York ou Londres, le plus grand atout de Singapour est l'universalité de l'attrait qu'exerce la ville, que vous voyagiez seul, en couple ou en famille. The health of your family is a top priority. Let us help you to prepare for life and avoid any cultural traps that may offend. Que ... Singapour a une population de 5,7 millions d'habitants, dont seulement 3,5 millions sont citoyens singapouriens. There is even a FAQ section for quick tips. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Service choisi pour vous par, Trouvez les meilleurs prix pour votre billet d'avion pour Singapour, Bénéficiez d'un accompagnement personnalisé pour votre retraite d'expatrié à Singapour, Trouvez votre logement temporaire à Singapour. Lauded for its security and order, rich culture, vibrant entertainment and dining scenes, and broad travel opportunities, it has become a prime relocation choice for expatriates who are seeking a high quality of living in a beautiful environment. Get in touch for stable and safe investments, highly liquid and global investments. Similar discussions about life in Singapore. English is the language of commerce and education, and most of the products and conveniences found in the West are commonly available, though sometimes in unexpected places. Whether you are moving to Singapore for a ... Singapore is a country famed for its innovative edge and you will find very affordable, reliable and fast internet connections ... Singapore has an efficient public transportation system coupled with an excellent taxi services, with phone apps providing very ... Singapore has a population of 5.7 million, of which only 3.5 million are Singaporean citizens. Wondering whether to live in the central business district or in the outlying suburbs? Including some links to job portals and career related site. Singapore is also an excellent destination for expatriate families, as it is safe and child-friendly, boasts highly reputable international schools, and offers employment and social opportunities for accompanying partners. Singapour possède l'un des meilleurs systèmes de soins de santé au monde et est souvent ... La crise de COVID-19 a entraîné de nombreux changements à Singapour, comme dans la plupart des pays, que ce soit ... Singapour peut se targuer d'avoir d'un système de santé répondant aux normes internationales et qui a ... Les accidents sont un fait commun à Singapour comme dans n'importe quel autre pays, quelle que soit leur nature : ... Accueillir un nouveau membre de la famille est une étape passionnante. ), you’ll be able to meet people from around the world when you live here! So if you want to move abroad, but you're not sure where to yet, you might want to ... Mum, Sabrina and daughter Paola left Rome a year and a half ago to settle in Massachusetts, United States. One thing that often scares expats to be is the thought of being on their own and not having any friends in their new home.