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I’m loathe to recommend an assisted open knife, but the Momentum is pretty interesting in terms of design. For more information, please see our Cookies Page.

That being said, the Ranger really is a good knife to have in its own right. Honestly it feels a little redundant to put the 112 on this list, because wherever the Hunter goes the Ranger follows.

It’s a skinning knife. It’s made in slabs.

The distinction is minute for most people.

It also makes a good first knife for a kid since its both smaller and less prone to rust. If we’re being honest, it’s probably better for skinning and splitting the pelvic bone (if you forget a saw) since a shorter blade will be easier to handle and less likely to break.

That is nonsense, but it is a nice steel if you like really high edge retention and corrosion resistance.

We’ll try to keep the link here updated, but the fact is that sometimes they just don’t exist in the wild. I think it actually makes more sense to get it in S30V over the Hunter since you’re more likely to use the smaller blade exclusively for slicing. If you’re kind of person who spends days to weeks in the wilderness, either hunting or hiking or just not being around people, then S30V starts making a lot of sense.

It’s a whole lot of really simple details that add up to make a solid knife.
S35VN is essentially the same steel with a few more chemicals added in to make S30V steel tougher and easier to machine. That’s why Buck called it the Skinner. It’s into its 75th anniversary and still one of the best hunting knives you can get, and any time you pick up a bowie style fixed-blade knife, especially a Buck, you compare it to the 119. Prior to shipping your order we conduct a quality inspection on all items.- … You could probably get it mounted with a scope if you wanted.

For more, read our. Whether or not they’re actually achieving that perfect balance of weight to usefulness is debatable, but they offer an interesting option for backpackers and hunters. Stepping out of the classic Buck era, we get something a little more sleek. We will send you the tracking number after the items have be shipped, you can track it on email 3-5 work days.

Buck also makes it as a folder if you’d like it as a more manageable EDC, but you’ll have to do some searching. G10 is a fantastic, inexpensive handle material, but I’ve never liked it much for looks. By continuing to use this site you agree to accept these cookies. I should qualify something really quick, though. The mini-110: for when the regular 110 is only slightly bigger than you want. The edge takes a very simple line with a hollow grind on a drop point blade. You still have to be vigilant, but there are some places where plain high carbon steels are just a nightmare to maintain. Each Buck knife brought to market has been thoughtfully designed and engineered and our in-house engraving team will ensure your personalised knife is perfectly finished. You can also move the pocket clip to all four positions so it’s a pretty versatile EDC.

Generally speaking, the thinner a handle the harder it is on your hand. Buck have a passion for expertly crafted knives with a sharp, reliable blade.
Like any steel though, not all S30V is equal. In this case, though, Buck has made a handle that actually improves the overall aesthetic. Keep in mind that it can be hard to find the 119 in S30V unless you custom order one through Buck, which is easily the most expensive way to get one.

Anyone who only buys their knives in a certain kind of steel is the kind of person who’s going to have an opinion about S30V. Outdoor365 Ltd. and our service partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalisation and sales tracking. It’s one of those knives that you like a little more every time you see it. Outside looks, this is just a tough, useful knife you could use for skinning and light bushcraft. It’s good for skinning, whittling, picking your fingernails, displaying, carving your initials, losing in the bottom of a messy drawer, etc.

The Alpha Hunter is not a classic… yet. Some companies are just better at handling it than others, and Buck’s S30V heat treatment method goes a long way toward making their S30V one of the best out there. ... Home › Buck Knives › S30V.

It has the same basic style and materials as the 119 but comes in about 2 inches shorter. Some of the knives here are S35VN. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

A fixed blade in S30V borders on excessive, in my opinion, but there is a place for it. It’s all well and good to know how to bring your hunting knife back from a dulled coat of rust, but it’s better to know you can get wet and dirty and still get by just wiping your blade off for a while. You could call this the mini-119.

- All of my products are New Perfect and 100% same as the photos.- 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. It has that functionally simplistic design that Buck has always excelled at, but stands out from other Buck knives with a more unique drop point design. Everyone has this weird idea that getting a knife in S30V automatically makes it the best version of that knife. This also comes with an abnormally well designed leather sheath that really completes the look of the knife.

This is one of those knives that Buck is always reworking, so you could probably find it with just about any combination of materials you want, whether it’s a micarta handle with a lanyard hole, or a folder with a wood handle. The blade style is technically drop point but the angle is so long and subtle it borders on a spear point. The 119 is at least as classic as the 110. The package can arrived in 7-16 days. It’s part of a series of knives in both fixed-blade and folding styles based around a recurved blade, aggressive jimping and a compact handle with finger indents in an attempt to make it more ergonomic.

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It’s still a great knife in you can find it in the wild, though, so I’m leaving the recommendation here for now. No secrets around this one.

*Note: We ship all items as a gift.