Only <20% of it gets absorbed by the body, while the rest passes through it. Having these as samples is an excellent idea. Try all four flavors and taste what we mean. I loved the mocha! Super friendly and funny. I love my coffee and I never thought I would find a good protein supplement until now. Taste so delicious, I got the 3 bags and super happy! This is literally the only protein I will drink! I tell everyone about it. They also don’t give you a whole lot of options in terms of taste. It's easy to make and delicious! I use it with pretty much any kind of shake I make to add as my protein and I love it!!! Peanut Butter Iced Coffee Well it’s a great product but very expensive. You get the benefits of both a protein shake and a cup of coffee! I'm planning on starting a collection :P. Love it! I have used the Original & Mocha flavors of Chike for years & thoughly enjoyed them. I’m so satisfied! All are delicious but it truly helps find your favorite. Just started drinking this protein shake about two weeks ago and ate a huge help with my work out and diet!!! Side note: the Carmel frappe..... (insert fire emoji here) . Additional trace amounts of threonine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, cystine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, valine, arginine, histidine, alanine, proline and serine exist, which means that coffee beans contain at least a small amount of seven of the nine essential amino acids. It’s an all around win. Smooth energy with no crash plus protein! The original is my favorite between the peanut butter and vanilla iced coffees, though I really like them all. I love this drink! Absolutely. I am a barista so Chike fits right in my life perfectly. Vivo en Tijuana y espero verlos nuevamente en octubre 2019 en The Fit Expo San Diego. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Fast delivery & great customer service . La réduction ne s'applique pas sur les nouveautés, le déstockage et nouvelle collection vêtements MP. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Can’t wait to get more. I mix mine with milk & they are soooooo good! No questions asked. AWESOME Couldn't ask for more! read the published full story of the secretome analysis. Loaded with 20g of high quality whey protein and 2 shots of real, premium espresso per serving. And we don’t want you to, either. And enjoy the little personal notes included in the shipment ;), I am so addicted I have one every morning. I'll update when I get to them :). © 2020 CLICK All-in-One Protein & Coffee. It fills me up and helps me concentrate during my classes! HEALTHIER than PSL I prefer having one of these shakes for breakfast over everything else. Animal merchandise contain greater quantities of protein, but that may well not be a superior matter. Double score. I liked everyone of them they’re all delicious, But my most favorite flavor was vanilla I’m definitely going to purchase more. I’ve wanted to try a protein coffee for awhile. Love all the flavors but peanut butter is my favorite. Well I will tell you it is very very good it's got a little more carbs then I would like but the taste is phenomenal I like it I do add to it I put a little almond milk in there and a little bit of peanut butter it's amazing I also put ice in there so all in all it's 100%, Absolutely love your product! The significance of, ...the time in a ketogenic condition you will have to maximize, High Protein Diet Review – Possible Benefits and Health Risks, The Mind-Muscle Diet – A New Alternative To Low Carb Fad Diets, Healthy Eating – Four Non-Meat Sources Of Protein To Include In Your Diet Plan. Love the flavors and it keeps me satisfied for a few hours! I mix it with unsweetened almond milk. I've tried several protein shakes and this one tastes best! Still have the original and vanilla to try. Not Chike! They have quickly become my favorites. The protein from coffee contains primarily three of the 22 amino acids: glutamic acid, glycine and aspartic acid. I love the Coffee, Mocha and Peanut Butter! I am not a coffee drinker so I was hesitant to buy it. Every flavor tastes amazing! I only like coffee loaded with sugar and creamer and find most protein shakes chalky. So refreshing with a nice boost to get me through the day! I definitely recommend this sample pack as it distributes great flavors you can try! Protein Coffee is a US-made product manufactured in our NSF food-safety approved facilities in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. I really liked them. WOW Delicious coffee-house flavors. Really impressed with the taste when mixing with water, and it’s got protein so helps keep you full in between meals or in the morning! Best Seller in Sports Nutrition Ready to Drink Protein. Enjoy rich, smooth coffee flavor. I usually get McDonalds hazelnut ice coffee but its full of sugar and calories.. I can get enough of this. 35% sur ce Produit | CODE : MV35. Delicious both Hot & cold! FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Taste delish- just at this point I can’t afford it. Keeps me going all day. We originally meant it to be made cold, but our customers have discovered it can be enjoyed as a hot beverage just as deliciously. The amount of protein is out If this world. Protein Coffee costs as little as $1.55 per serving which is far less than what you’d pay for protein and specialty coffee separately. But Chike has changed that!! It tastes great. Great energy with no crash! Love it! Quick View. Protein Coffee has 115mg caffeine per serving. Thank you for this!!! Made fresh in the USA with real premium espresso coffee and 20g of protein. Such a healthier choice...I will be ordering single packs for my upcoming Disney vacation!! I love the mocha flavor! So smooth with a lot of flavor packed in. Love this protein & I can get my coffee fix! I will definitely keep ordering! Absolutely love this protein, and the personalization is just an extra added touch that makes it perfect! I love this stuff!!!!! The taste is amazing and the fact that it's coffee makes it even better. Notify me when this product is available: Want to try Chike High Protein Iced Coffee but can't decide on a flavor? But we didn’t compromise health for flavor. This is the best protein coffee ive ever had! Life Changing! Thank you, super fast shipping too. The Mocha is my favorite. Complete Protein Coffeeâ ¢ Sample VISIT STORE 'BULK POWDERS' NOW - CLICK HERE Not to be confused with coffee flavoured protein, Complete Protein Coffeeâ ¢ is just like your regular coffee drink, but with an incredible 22g protein per cup. Protein Coffee. It's basically a coffee protein shake, specifically made with those brewing connoisseurs in mind, and contains 21.1g of protein, 2.4g of carbs, 72mg of caffeine and 113 calories per 30g serving. Chike High Protein Iced Coffee is: gluten free, vegetarian, low carb. Thank you!! Will be ordering more. I ordered the sample pack and LOVED all of them. It also tastes amazing which we all know can be a difficult quality to find in a fitness shake. Chike has been my breakfast every morning since. Unfortunately, sample packs aren’t part of our product offering yet. Seriously love this Chike protein coffee !!!! This has a good taste is very convenient all In all its great, Love Chike coffee, curbs my appetite and tastes delicious. These are the BEST iced coffee protein shakes! Amazing Amazing! Chike Preotein Coffee is by far my favorite iced coffee to drink. No gross after taste , great energy and no crash . I will be purchasing a bag of it now. read more. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product honestly changed my life Mocha is definitely my favorite flavor right next to cafe de olla!! Ordered one bag a few weeks ago and I’ve already placed my order for two more so I don’t run out. I just had my first taste of the Vanilla Iced Coffee and I have to tell you the taste is sooo good. The vanilla and peanut butter were also good. So do we! I really like all the flavors of your iced coffee, especially the cinnamon one! We use whey protein isolate (WPI) as our main source of protein because we have your best health in mind. I have only bought the samples, twice, but I'm loving all the flavors that come in the samples. 99 ($1.64/Ounce) Get it as soon as Fri, Oct 30. I love all 4!!! DONE! That’s why we put together this list of some of the best tasting coffee flavored protein powders out there. No jittery feeling just great energy and feeling satisfied. vanilla was my favorite. Protein Coffee That Tastes Like Your Barista Made it, Curbs hunger & helps you automatically eat less. no seriously, I love chike! I've been using Chike for about a year and it's the best coffee and protein on the market. Peanut Butter Protein Iced Coffee Will keep it going . You want something that’ll help you look and feel great too, but maybe you aren’t sure which of our awesome flavors you’ll like best. definitely recommend!! It is so creamy and delicious! Simply put the coffee is amazing! Amazing taste! Great tasting, replaces my coffee, and includes protein! I like it kust fine, but it does leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth that I did not like. Thanks for a great combination beverage. Whether it’s after a workout, in the morning, or simply on a hot day it is the best! First off,I would like to say I really enjoyed all the flavors of this high protein coffee. Was way better than I honestly expected!! I been trying Chike for over a year and this product is amazing and so helpful This is a great way to get my protein without an aftertaste plus I get my coffee. Use the - and + buttons to select the number of bags you wish to order. Absolutely loved the flavors and the whole idea of protein coffee. Love this product my favorites are Mocha and Vanilla. The taste was outstanding!! Some free samples would be great not an email to try your chances at winning if you buy. Maybe because it was the first one I tried, I like it the best. I love it and have one every day! Thank you. Control The Diet – And Let It Then Shape You. Mocha and peanut butter are my favorite so far. I am going to send my daughter some because I think she would like it too. The peanut butter is my favorite and I would love to order again! Try all four amazing flavors of Chike High Protein Iced Coffee for only $9.95! Add 1 packet of Chike High Protein Iced Coffee into a shaker bottle with 10 oz of cold water or milk. Delicious❤️. Unfortunately, sample packs aren’t part of our product offering yet. Amazing Every single flavor in the sample pack was delicious! Our High Protein Iced Coffee provides a powerful combination of 2 shots of premium espresso coffee and 20g of whey protein to help provide focus and fuel to power your day. Twice. Simply send what’s left in your bag back to us and we’ll gladly give you a quick refund of your purchase (less shipping & handling). So I was first introduced to Chike at Granite Games this year. I love the price and the flavors. Does not have yucky chalky taste. Love it! I was never a coffee drinker until Chike! It suppresses my hunger thanks to the protein. It is literally the best!!! I can truly enjoy a cup of coffee ANYTIME now. Protein Coffee helps you lose weight & gain lean muscle in several science-backed ways: If for any reason you don’t like Protein Coffee, don’t worry. Will be buying more when I run out!! I found all four flavors to be refreshing and delicious. I can’t stand other protein shakes. FREE shipping on orders $49+  |  100% money-back guarantee. However, if after trying you still feel you haven’t got your money’s worth, send it back and we’ll rush you your money back. Protein drinks are supposed to help you get and stay healthy, but they generally don’t taste very good. ( Log Out /  Super happy with my purchases; the taste is amazing, & the Customer Service is genuinely caring! Our Iced Protein Coffee shake tastes great with water or blended into a smooth at-home coffee protein smoothie to fuel your day.