However, the pads that protect the door were poorly designed. The Elite version of the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro Pull Up bar arrived at my house the other day, and in this article, I want to go over my thoughts on it. The Perfect Basic Pull-up Progression Bar is supposedly safe up to 220lbs. I haven't attempted any fancy moves on it — no kipping, no swinging, no bouncing — just good old fashioned pull-ups and chin-ups. Pull-ups are an incredible way to build muscle and stay fit, and a pull-up bar is one of the most affordable heavy-duty pieces of exercise equipment you can purchase. The drill hole guides did not match holes in the product. The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro starts at where the original Multi-Gym leaves off, offering angled wide grips and a heavier, sturdier frame. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — It has various exercises that you can do at home. Technically, you could do weighted pull-ups, since there’s a 300lb weight limit but, I wouldn’t recommend it. In our final opinion, we would give the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar … I'm 215 pounds which is just under the advertised weight limit, but like I said before, it feels very sturdy and I'm confident it could hold a lot more weight. You will see better results over time if you follow my tip above. We love its high-quality powder-coated grip. Often, the pull-up bar can be placed at varying heights to facilitate other types of exercises. If you don’t want to ruin your door, get this pull-up bar. If you're ready to buy, consider one of the highly rated options listed in this article. the head stripped right off two of the mounting screws it came with. If those are things which matter to you. The most defining feature of this product is its superior wide grips, its sturdiness and adjustability. Make sure you read the directions carefully. My advise to the manufacturer: either adjust size of the opening so that bottom pin fits in it snugly, or include a couple of pre-cut felt pads with every shipment. However, after a few pull-ups, you’d notice black smudges on your door. You can integrate some workouts from a gym into the Perfect Pull up Bar. The pull-up bar that I'm interested in doesn't offer too many options. What Doorways Will It Fit? The main difference in these two bars (in terms of grips) is their wide grip handle. Remember, this process should take several weeks (or months); don't rush it. That being said, this product isn't going to appeal to everyone, so in that case it would be better to check out our very simple, comprehensive table breaking down every pull up bar we have reviewed thus far. The Stamina bar takes up significantly less space than the others when stored; only one bar, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Sport, has a smaller footprint. Use a chair or a bench instead. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro – The Elite Version, Save Good, but a few points for you after owning one of these for 5 years. From $100 to $200, you can find a few more elaborate mounting models, but the vast majority are freestanding units that may offer the opportunity to perform additional exercises, such as dips. This pull up bar has three grip positions, those being: In another article, we reviewed the Multi-Gym Pro's predecessor, the regular Multi-Gym. Like its predecessor, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro also takes on two of the biggest complaints about doorway pull up bars. The Perfect Fitness pull-up bar is a notch above in terms of quality feel and appearance. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. The pull-up bar you are considering should easily be able to support your weight. These Perfect Fitness products are well made, and by well made, I mean they are REALLY HEAVY and feel more secure than the standard iron-gym which I have also owned. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. You would have to manually attach some foam grip to the bar yourself. A quality wall-mounted bar that offers different grip positions. Is there a proper form for pull-ups? Save Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Following is a set of tips to help you build the strength needed to become a pull-up master. Sturdy trim is needed to hold this bar in place securely. This would be the beginner level. The foam hand grips provide comfort and stability, and the bar does not rotate or slip as it does with some models. Should you get a Pro? There’s the close grip width for chin-ups. If you like the adjustability and need to do traditional pull ups, check out the original Multi-Gym. Click here to check the price on the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro on Amazon. Some specialty bars have other gripping features, such as rings or rock-climbing handholds. This product is for anyone wanting to improve on their upper body is challenging in the beginning but don't give up. The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar is priced slightly higher than the middle of that. Who is likely to benefit the most from the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro? When installed properly, this type of pull-up bar typically supports the most weight and, depending on where it is located, offers the greatest exercising flexibility of all mountable options. Once you've determined the type of pull-up bar you’ll be getting, there are a few other features and options to consider. The product feels a lot more sturdy than competition, and the method of installation is quite ingenious, not interfering with the door function. With narrower grips and projecting U-shaped bars covered in foam, this is a great choice for folks who weigh less than 250 pounds—particularly those who want to spend less. A great way to get in an a quick workout at home. nice versatility. Most pull-up bars do not install high enough to allow you to complete the exercises without bending your knees. What caught my eye was that the bar … ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar, Heavy Duty Doorway Trainer for Home Gym (ps-1109-cu), Black. Bolts are of low quality, so you may want to provide your own. Perfect for the fitness enthusiast who travels a lot for work; casual users probably won’t need one Tower: Tall, heavy devices with a stable (and usually large) footprint. The noise carries around the house waking up anybody who might be asleep at this time. Provided bolts are low-quality and may shear. The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar is priced higher than that range, which makes it a little expensive. Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2017. great overall product. This grip is a little tougher than the underhand grip but a little easier than the overhand grip. For individuals who enjoy rock climbing, Stamina's Door Gym includes rock climbing handholds to help increase forearm and grip strength. Home pull-up bars these days are far more than just a simple bar across a doorway. For an exact quote, check out the button below. Because its incredibly well-built I give it 4.5/5. The padded grip is comfortable. One of the best ways to achieve your fitness goals is to have a way to exercise at home. However, it is variety that often holds a person’s interest the longest. Save. Very sturdy, great price - UPDATE!! Haven’t used it really yet but just spent my evening installing, so this is a review for installation! The hammer grip, or neutral grip, however, requires a special bar. This helps you to improve your performance and feel better during everyday activities. Thick padded grips offer five different positions. Those being: Of course, your doorway will absolutely need... And furthermore, your doorway dimensions need to be set within these parameters: ...the device comes with adjustable slots on the back brace in order to accommodate different doorway trim heights. The Products Influenster Employees are Calling At-Home Heroes, Check Out Your November Tarot Card Reading, The Best Gear to Unleash Your Inner Rocky, 6 Top-Rated Camping Tents for Your Next Outdoor Adventure, Valeo HW10 10-Pound Neoprene Hand Weights, Valeo, Inc. The product shipped was a cheap knockoff. Lead with your chest while keeping your shoulders back and maintaining an arch. Locking! If you'd like to learn more about pull-up technique and exercises that can help you build the strength needed to execute a pull-up, keep reading. Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2019. The biggest fault that consumers had was mostly due to assembly (there are lots of parts) and it being a little heavy (it's definitely on the heavier side). 53-inch bar that can be configured for custom widths. Save Summary. My problem was that the door I wanted to mount it to was right up against a side wall to the house. It also comes with a safety clip that you can put on the door so it doesn’t come off by accident: When its not hanging on the top of your door, the pull-up bar can be turned on its head and turned into a push-up station (more on dips in a second), like this: The description says you can do dips, but… that brings me to what I don’t like: The range of motion for dips is horrible. The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar is priced higher than that range, which makes it a little expensive. Also, I don’t have a stud finder nor do I have a spot in my house where I can put a bar on the wall or ceiling. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on December 29, 2018. The first one I bought looked just like this: These worked great and it was pretty cheap. This is an extra-sturdy bar that can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2019. Q. As far as strength training, the impact is not appreciable. A mixed grip is when one hand is in the overhand position while the other is in the underhand position. My boyfriend and I use this daily, he likes to do weighted pull ups while I like to be able to do inverted pushups and rows. The device works by using leverage to hold itself up, with a rubber brace that sits on the top of your door trim (and has a safety clip to keep it from falling off, which is a nice addition) and foam-pads on the other end which sit against the other side of your door. The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro starts at where the original Multi-Gym leaves off, offering angled wide grips and a heavier, sturdier frame. This page works best with JavaScript. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar and Portable Gym System. Here's the biggest reasons for our rating. When you’re doing pull-ups, it feels sturdy. 42 inches wide. we never accept anything from product manufacturers. It’s very sturdy, it supported my weight with only two of the 6 screw in it. I'd be inclined to give this product a perfect rating, if not a major flaw - it produces a very loud rattle when in use, because the bottom pin is smaller than the opening where it's supposed to slide. 48 inches wide. Fantastic. If you can do eight per set, step it up to ten. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro starts where the original leaves off. Besides the pads being AMAZING, there are other features that I love about this thing. Above $50. If you build up enough strength that you eventually find pull-ups to be too easy, try adding a weight belt to increase the difficulty. $29.99 $ 29. Another added advantage to the Pro version over the regular Multi-Gym is that it is quite a bit heavier.