The sun has set almost completely by now, and the last thing Bobby wants to do is go trudging into the damned woods to find his pain in the ass little brother - in the dark. “Did ya miss me Bevy?” He stops dancing and reveals his sharp, terrible teeth. Could the Beldam be a long-lost cousin of Pennywise using alternative hunting methods? I'll tell her you weren't listening to me again." I don't care if you tell mom, either. She shrieks, and shrugs them all off, repeating to herself that this isn’t real. Some even believed that the prophecized Mayan apocalypse in 2012 would be Pennywise's doing, as by then it would have grown into a parasite of globally devastating proportions. An orange glow comes over Bobby’s face. It sometimes uses the name Robert "Bob" Gray, too. Hypnotizing, almost. “I’ve missed you. Bob also just so happens to have been brought up in Maine where IT takes place. He rips off the brown paper - curious as to what could be inside. Mike Hanlon, the only member of the Losers Club to remain in the town, tries to write a history of Derry at one point, and notes how “there is a kind of curtain of quiet which cloaks much of what has happened here.”. Turn around, and tell it to leave you alone, Bobby. Bobby watches as he disappears into the thick of the woods. Even if it wasn’t, it was still a stupid old thing, and even if the Turtle had vomited the universe out whole, that didn’t change the fact of its stupidity.”, It then goes on to explain how It came to Earth, “long after the Turtle withdrew into its shell”, and later settled in Derry, “existing in a simple cycle of waking to eat and sleeping to dream… Derry was Its killing pen, the people of Derry Its sheep.”. If you’d like. Whatever happened to Diana Dors, Swindon’s Marilyn Monroe? Is there a Mr. Pennywise somewhere? Her feet rise off the ground and her eyes roll back as a shadow seeps from her body, returning to the darkness. But why such a gap between two halves of the action? “Now come to me.” He looks down and immediately recognizes the purple fabric. It felt good to get out. Anime/manga Features editor for CBR. "Hey," he calls to his little brother. What happened to Johnny wasn’t my fault!”. Pennywise is famous for chowing down -- almost exclusively -- on human children, and it loves to play with its food. A ghost she buried deep in her mind long ago, until now. "Oh, dear Jesus," Audra Denbrough says. Given it's a primordial evil that resides in an incorporeal dimension, maybe we shouldn't be surprised that the clown just keeps coming back for more. He hadn’t skipped a rock in several minutes, still, the ripples move outward, never seeming to reach their destination. (In the book, Georgie’s mutilated body is discovered after his death but in Muschietti’s film he’s still missing, making his reappearance as a sort-of monster/ghost even more upsetting to Bill.). Why is Pennywise so obsessed with the idea of "floating?" Hey there, fellow horror geeks, and monsterphiles! Remember the whole pregnant spider thing that is Pennywise's "true" form in Earth's physical realm? Without thinking he reaches for it and the balloon swells to an unnaturally large size, then pops loudly as a clown peers from behind the tree with a giant, sharp-fanged smile outlined in blood. Contributor to Digital Spy, The Mary Sue, Anime Feminist and Ranker. Bobby clutches the worn knife tighter as she approaches, waiting for the right moment to strike. After knocking again, she opens the door. In her true form, the Beldam is really a female spidery monster, which fans have noticed is a lot like Pennywise's final form in IT. I told her I'd have you back before the streetlights come on. It trembles as he calls out to his mother. It bites Bobby in half, and swallows deeply, leaving his other half bleeding out on the floor. As a teenager Pennywise was a practical joker at school. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. She was grieving, that was all. The Deadlights shine bright in the void of IT’s mouth, reverting the Babadook into its shadow form, and sucking it into the Todash Darkness, known also as the Macroverse. “Not sure.” He hands the book to his mother. And for Eddie’s friend Bill Denborough (Jaeden Lieberher), the monster cruelly takes the form of his younger brother Georgie, who was murdered by It several months before. Get rid of it.”, Bobby walks to the trash and tosses the book in. King used this concept to explain the creative liberties that the TV adaptation of Under The Dome took. Pennywise laughs maniacally as Bobby stands up, brushes himself off, and retrieves the knife. His mother had bright red hair and wore heavy makeup. Strap yourself in for this one! He loses his grip on the knife, and it falls to the ground with a clang. Quit playing around, lets go!" You need to eat something and get some rest.”, She looks at him, but only briefly before turning her head back to the window. “He’s out there, somewhere. Not my baby.”. Really, Pennywise's status as an "Eater of Worlds" means it can consume just about anything it wants to -- eating and eating until a planet is picked clean. IT is an ancient, cosmic force of destruction. Some of these include frightening real-life figures from the kids' lives and some are figures from mid-century pop culture that clearly got under their skin -- Dracula, the Mummy, the shark from Jaws and the titular werewolf from I Was A Teenage Werewolf. It was Johnny’s jacket. Her methodic movement is easy to gauge, as she continues to speak. Instead, she stares face forward at the television, without hearing it. Further fuelling the confusion over Pennywise's gender, Maturin refers to it as his "brother.". Yes, the turtle. Instantly, chills go down her spine as she drops the child. Most King fans know that the father of IT's Mike Hanlon was friends with Dick Hallorann from The Shining, but there's an interesting theory that deepens the connection even further. He is able to make people do horrible things to themselves or their family, and once he inhabits your home, you can never get rid of it. 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Like any horror icon, Pennywise is damn hard to permanently put down -- even with the aid of a cosmic turtle and a bunch of psychic kids. “I’m not afraid of you! “That’s right,” says Pennywise as he continues to laugh. This site is © 1996-2020 Ain't It Cool News. This ability is perhaps the only thing the interdimensional terror fears, but the theory goes even further to suggest that not only does Pennywise's kryptonite feature in both tales, but that the ghostly apparition that convinces Jack Torrance to go ax-crazy is Pennywise -- up to his usual shapeshifting tricks; a trick it also uses on an adult Henry Bowers in IT. Authors often put themselves into their own works, whether intentionally or not. The closest we ever get to seeing what it really looks like is when the Losers finally have the monster on the ropes, and it reveals its "true" Earthly form: a giant spider. She grabs it, and reels it in, inch by inch. Female and pregnant. “Why would someone send this to Johnny?” Her voice is cracking, and the tears begin again. A voice calls to Beverly from behind her. Crucially, Pennywise must "obey the laws" of its form. (All Damiens are from the 1976 film) Round 1: Book Pennywise/IT vs Damien.