Many people are not aware of financing alternatives. Simple enrollment processes improve the financial experience for your patients, ease the burden on your staff and is … HELP uses a patient-focused approach to ensure each patient receives the same exceptional care with their financial obligations as they do with their clinical care. E-mail: Lexington: (859) 373-0300 HELP Financial customizes Patient Financing Solutions to ease the financial burden on providers and patients by offering an easy and affordable way to manage out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Every day, people are looking for healthcare treatments that will assist them in improving their health and their appearance. Any business is known to prosper immensely when it is talked about by people who have used the services provided. We use a deliverables timeline to keep ourselves and our provider partners aligned through program kickoff and beyond. HELP Financial customizes Patient Financing Solutions to ease the financial burden on providers and patients by offering an easy and affordable way to manage out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Medical providers are concerned that patients that need their services cannot afford them. HELP uses a patient-focused approach to ensure each patient receives the same exceptional care with their financial obligations as they do with their clinical care. This growth would automatically mean a higher percentage of business for medical providers. Patients have the ease of making use of a financing alternative solutions to all those complicated insurance policies or bearing the burden of paying the entire cost at once. Don’t make assumptions on cost. It can be said with assurance that medical financing companies have made these healthcare facilities more affordable. Medical patient financing will help more patients who are in need of medical services obtain them. The best part, as the provider you will have access to use this option for marketing yourself. Backed by more than 30 years of data, HELP believes empowering patients’ success leads to the highest-performing programs, while also allowing providers to meet their financial goals and greatly improve the all-around patient experience. HFMA's Chad Mulvany says patients who received a surprise bill for a telehealth visit will likely blame the provider. Verify references and referrals that speak to positive patient experience. With the most competitive terms and excellent customer service, Patient Finance Solutions provides the best financing program for providers and their patients. Many patients are not able to receive medical treatments due to the rising costs. Find out how to provide the best financing option for your patients and your practice, More information about how our financing program works. Patients will have the ability to bring vitality to their lives and will appreciate the ability to have medical financing solutions. 2. You have [n] free articles remaining this month. Your business will be placed with financing options that offer the highest customer approval rates in the nation, while eliminating fees. Healthcare treatment options are ever growing. Healthcare is a sensitive and widely used. Innovating a new model for utilization review. Easy Financing down to a 600-credit score. Furthermore, adequate and timely reimbursements continue to be harder to come by for providers. Moreover, this implies more visits for the doctor’s clinic as well. In addition, you do not need to pay any monthly fee for availing this service for your patients and there are no lengthy contracts to be signed. Liquid Lending is a mobile-based application that offers financing for any and all your healthcare expenses. These financing plans bring the treatments within the financial reach of your patients and they are able to frequently visit your clinic without any worries. Every year there is a notable increase in the number of people wanting to use healthcare services. With great introductory rates, your funds remain available for life's other expenses. Download the report. 5 ways to use new processes and technology to improve utilization review. Your clinic’s name reaches far and wide through your patients and the line in your clinic’s waiting room increases. More visits automatically turn into good business avenues for the healthcare providers. There are different patient financing plans available. © 2020 Healthcare Financial Management Association, Healthcare Financial Management Association. Medical financing makes the visits to doctor’s clinic easy and affordable. Offer 0% Promotions like 90-Days same as cash, Instant Approvals from any Internet Ready Device. In response to patients’ poor billing experiences, one company is working with its healthcare partners to implement omnichannel communications to provide patients with a safe and convenient channel to pay for services in a method they prefer. Medical Patient Financing and Understanding Patient Finances. Affordable Financing of Medical Procedures. However, these healthcare treatments are beyond the patients’ spending abilities. The option of medical patient financing is not difficult to set up. A person needs to avail these services once in his lifetime. In this course we will address the Patient Financial Communications Best Practices through concepts of financial counseling. Learn more about affordable LASIK and patient financing with treatment options available at AbellEyes Refractive Solutions and the Eye Institute. Patient financing is the strongest and most mature offering for elective procedures, such as cosmetic surgery. Business Partner & Marketing Opportunities. Once they become aware, it will change their lives. Medical patient no credit card financing is a better option. This simplifies the entire process to a great extent as we understand that as doctors you have a shortage of time to go through any terms and conditions. Automatically Backed by Alternative Financing - If the customer is turned down due to poor credit, the system automatically switches to no credit check. VIP Financing Solutions is not a financing company, we are a network of over 500 lenders, banks, non-banks and processing companies. Our provider partners benefit from up-front funding, increased cash flow, decreased payment plan administration and an overall increase in self-pay revenue. Henderson, NV© All Rights Reserved | 2005–2020. An effectual solution to this problem is to offer patient financing options. You the provider are paid quickly and for the entirety of your services. With the most competitive terms and excellent customer service, Patient Finance Solutions provides the best financing program for providers and their patients. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the continued rise in healthcare costs for patients featuring high- deductible health plans, there’s no hiding that patient responsibility is growing. Maintaining a timeline and accountability will lead to success. Thus, you get the advantage of using a marketing tool as per your wish. Patients would surely like to go to a doctor who can take care of their financing issues as well. Patient Financing | Patient Lending | Patient Finance Solutions | Liquid Lending More patients avail these financing plans through your office, more your name gets marketed through these cards. Download our free app, it’s simple, and fast. Healthcare organizations have always sought lending solutions for cash flow problems. Secure Communications: You can safely communicate and exchange files with our Account Representatives through our secure system. Is Patient Financing New? Since 1989, HELP Financial has formed invaluable partnerships with providers and their patients by offering an easy and affordable way to manage out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. The financing plans are easy to use and there are no complications involved. Patient Finance Solutions © All Rights Reserved. This holds true regardless of facility type — from small to large, standalone to system — HELP is here for your facility and patient community. A doctor’s name gets more popular when his or her patients talk about the healthcare services offered. Society is diverse and ever changing. Thus, they pay the same amount of money as the specified fee but not at once and at convenient time intervals. All you need is information about their bank accounts as well as simple identification info. 5 ways to use new processes and technology to improve utilization review. Home Our Solutions Patient Financial Services Prevent denials and recover lost revenue From patient billing to collections and patient registration to denials management, the revenue cycle requires clean data and automated processes to work efficiently; otherwise, … Be sure to know their core business thoroughly, and how long they’ve been doing it, to make sure it’s not a flash in the pan. Funds are paid within 24-48 hours to the business, not to the customer. After setting up the plan, you can talk to your patients in detail about these plans and can strengthen your relationship with the patient as well. Finding and selecting a financing company to provide patient payment plans or other product/service vendor, doesn’t need to be an intimidating task. 1. However, costly medicines and treatments have caused losses of many precious lives. With this solution you can even reach to patients who cannot in general scenario avail the healthcare services. This report focuses on key takeaways of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on patient collections at healthcare facilities based on an HFMA online survey for Digital Annual Conference attendees. However, in complicated situations, the approval period can be extended to a week time. Patient Financing Solutions Physician’s Payment Group has partnered with GreenSky Medical to provide your practice with the largest number of patient financing options at the lowest costs. If you are a provider who has just set up their clinic, this financing plan can be very useful as you can observe a rapid increase in your business. Several Credit cards to choose from that offer low rates, cash back, variety of rewards, or travel privileges. Why PFS. Patient financing offerings have been in the market since the nineties. During the vetting process you should get full details about the implementation timeline and the necessary requirements to make that happen. The same goes for healthcare services. 3. Medical patient financing makes this happen in reality. Healthcare is heavily saturated in 2020 with new players and products that are trying to grab at the “pot of gold” that healthcare can present.