İstediğiniz fiyatı belirleyin, ürün o fiyata geldiğinde size haber verelim. Well, it’s luke warm plastic now but the smell - wow! Almost like a vanilla rootbeer float in the form of a warm sexy man. If I were stranded for good on a desert island I would rather have a gallon of this than a teaspoon of [fill in your favorite exclusive line fragrance], and the gallon would cost less than the teaspoon. Why assume that other people's reviews are somehow less objective than yours for whatever imagined/projected/assumed #reason ('member berries'?). He'd been outside on his motorcycle all day, and there it was, on his neck, and in his deodorant, Old Spice and a bit of dirt for good measure! This perfume is the epitome of indulgence, creating a swirling vortex of pure intens, Flower, Indian Kulfi Accord. It is soothing, comforting, nostalgic, and has been complimented all these years more by others than ALL my others scents combined, even by people less than half my age. To this day, I think it stinks just as bad...but what I wouldn't give to smell this on him...just one more time. Mom would sniff and make her eyes at dad because he was so handsome and smelled so good while I stood and watched, probably with a wrinkled up nose, wondering what the HECK she found so good about this "smell". There is nothing I can add to describe and review this cologne. Once it dries it doesn’t project much past the skin, but it will stick around for 4+ hours. That was many years ago but even then I always thought this would smell just as good on a woman as it did on a man. But I still long for a man to wear this from time to time. Het biedt een origineel en aangenaam mannelijke, Montale Fragrances Spices Intense Pepper Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml, Atkinsons Spray 24 Old Bond Street Eau de Cologne, Taylor of old Bond Street Herencosmetica Sandelhout-serie Luxury Sandalwood Eau de Cologne schudflacon 100 ml, Montale Fragrances Spices Vetiver Patchouli Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml, Montale Fragrances Spices Red Vetiver Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml, Montale Fragrances Spices Louban Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml, Creed Unisex geuren Les Royales Exclusives Spice Wood Eau de Parfum schudflacon 250 ml, Montale Fragrances Spices Arabians Tonka Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml, Creed Unisex geuren Les Royales Exclusives Spice and Wood Eau de Parfum Spray 75 ml, Montale Fragrances Spices Wood & Spices Eau de Parfum Spray 100 ml, De Jermyn Street Collection Aftershave Balsem is speciaal ontwikkeld voor de gevoelige huid van de man. Apply conservatively, depending on your skin and how much you sweat it can have some pretty heavy silage. :). My father was U.S. Navy, my son U.S. Marines. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just that the scent that OS has is more suitable for any age. Zo is het bij ons altijd sale. zorgen voor de hele dag fris en ideaal voor dagelijks gebruik. Sometimes tradition became so for good reason. Love the classic deodorant, always a staple of mine. Deze essence is uit de sinaasappelbloesem gehaald en zo genoemd als eerbetoon aan prinses Nerola die haar handschoen... Deze elegante parfum met fascinerende en intieme nuances roept momenten van diepe ontspanning op. Exotische vruchten en vanillebloesem bepalen de opmaat van d... op de landschappen van de Riviera is de compositie samengesteld rond citroen. Old fashioned? Bedacht door Jean-Claude Ellena als een tegenpool van de traditionele. Old Spice is a scent no one can forget. I look forward to someday buying a bottle of this and sniffing it just to see what happens. It's not a fragrance of my generation but I do enjoy it. Just love them for what they are. It feels youthful and not at all an old man smell. smell like a dude if you wear this IMO its for older gentleman I like softer more fruity or ... softer smells this one is really peppery and pungent but I still wear it and enjoy it I don't like the initial smell as much as I like the drydown but yea old spice always does it right :), It definately smells like old spice I like cooler softer smelling colognes but this one I really like I smell it over and over wondering what it is but Idk it hits hard but it Idk its like a bully that buys u a drink after punching you and taking your lunch money ... ha thats the only way I know how to explain it love it though :).