Another recipe which is wonderfully forgiving when you need to swap ingredients, rocky road is a teatime favourite that never fails to please. Sticky marshmallows, crunchy biscuit and plenty of chocolate make this a project kids will be happy to get stuck into. Generally, dog-safe cakes have a base of whole grain or grain-free flour mixed in with fresh fruits or vegetables. Our other flourless cake recipes include Austrian-style tortes and our famous flourless choclate cake. The kids can still enjoy these creative baking projects, from cornflake cakes and peanut butter cookies to rocky road and beyond. Even if you don’t have a specific celebration in mind, a dog-friendly cake can be a perfect occasional treat to show your pooch just how much they mean to you. Using just five ingredients, these raspberry honey flapjacks make for a lovely afternoon snack. Most of those have the ingredient quantities included. If so, this frozen dog cake from Lola the Pitty is a great choice. Feeling full of the joys of spring? Keep it simple with a batch of chocolate cornflake cakes, where children can help with weighing, melting, mixing and spooning into the individual cupcake cases. The Best No Flour Apple Cake Recipes on Yummly | Lingonberry-apple Cake, Perfect Dorset Apple Cake, Upside-down Apple Cake. We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! Below, we’ll share what you should and shouldn’t put in a dog cake along with some of our favorite DIY recipes! Our lemony Easter chicks use a similar whisking method and are just as cute. I’ve been making this sort of cake, in one form or another, since my clementine cake in How To Eat, and I can’t help but feel, with a certain calm excitement, that it has reached its apogee here. If you can resist it, the bars will keep in the fridge for up to a week. Freeze the mixture until the cakes are fully formed, and voila! Any of the ones listed below will work fabulously! The peanut butter cake is topped with unsweetened whipped cream, giving the cake a super festive look. In the absence of flour, the protein network contained in whisked eggs or egg white can mimic chains of gluten, giving a fluffy sponge with a cloud-like lightness. 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