These mysteries are both fun and informative for young readers, introducing them to the wonders of science with the help of some cute little critters. Start with. Follow her adventures in the 17 other books in this series. She just really, really loves the truth. Nobody knows who wrote the manuscript or where it comes from. We’ve had the same experience/frustration with the Unlock games. Each one is a really fun, keep-you-guessing detective story AND a math lesson! It all starts one day when an ID card falls out of Mama’s purse. Because of all the random facts, figures and trivia stored in his pretty remarkable memory. You see it too, right?! The list spans everything from cake theft capers in picture books to art heist novels for middle grade readers. In one story, a young girl hears a tapping noise under her bed and discovers a box with a cryptic note; inside she finds a wax doll who seems sweet at first but…Another story follows a Japanese girl whose grandmother is convinced that spirits are stealing butter from the kitchen. I love me a good mystery. Start with. This process was a tricky one! You know—the one you started singing as soon as you read the title, and don’t you deny it! Beatrix Lee is going through some stuff. Hit the comments to share your favorites. Explorer: The Mystery Boxes is a creative, clever collection of stories about boxes of mysterious origin, but the stories could not be more different both in written content and artistic style. Next we meet Petra Andalee and Calder Pillay,  students in the same sixth grade class who aren’t exactly friends. Err, paws. Another Sherlock book, but with a few twists! Especially on days with nasty weather, I want to give them new things to work on and puzzles to solve, rather than yell at them for the hundredth time to stop poking each other! When she learned to speak English, the girl claimed she and her brother were from the land of St. Martin, where the sun never rose above the horizon. Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose are three friends who solve mysteries in this much loved collection. Adam Jimenez is a Mexican American author who grew up in California and later moved to Singapore where he met wife Felicia Low. In 1979 a mysterious individual who used the alias R.C. You should read these books because there are three talking cats in the series. Even better: he finds out that the rest of the classroom pets are part of a secret society called The Academy whose charge is to keep the students of the school safe. It’s set in Singapore, our sleuth Samuel Tan Cher Lock (aka Sherlock Sam) is a 10 year old foodie, and his sidekick is a robot named Watson. Low is actually a husband and wife duo! A fun, feminist branch-off with six books in the series. This series is funny, action-packed, and dripping with brainy girl power. It’s odd. Start with Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective and go from there—there are 25+ books in this series, plenty of leads to pursue! I thought it was pretty well done, but she couldn’t focus for the whole time we needed to play. Then one day he meets Claire, a young girl who can actually see him! All Rights Reserved. Free mystery articles for kids. Basil E. Frankweiler, Smashie McPerter and the Mystery of Room 11. Skunk discovers the aforementioned cookie jar and dang it, he’s going to find the thief. Bonus: readers can get their hands on collectors cards that correspond to each book. Sam Cat and Dudley Pig are these cute and quirky animal sleuths who do cute and quirky detective things. They don’t expect to find themselves involved in an even large mystery having to do with priceless works of art. Again, use your own discretion. Harriet is an astute and spunky little girl who goes around scribbling thoughts and observations in a notebook. Our kids/teens “Mingle” mystery format focuses on problem solving and deductive reasoning while having FUN! When they arrive on the scene, they find the store owner unconscious; what’s more, his prized Claymore diamond is missing too! She considers herself less a solver of mysteries and more an agent of secrets: she helps her clients with warm & friendly approach and by digging into what’s going on beneath the surface. How’s your summer vacation going? Nobody has taken responsibility for the puzzles, but one popular theory is that an intelligence organization such as the National Security Agency, the CIA, or the British MI-6 is using the puzzles as a recruitment tool. The children had green skin and spoke a language that nobody recognized. Pamela agrees to help, but it seems like Lizzie and Gael’s motives may not be as pure as they seem. , this girl duo reminiscent of Holmes and Watson (yep, more Holmes stuff!) I really dig the witty subversiveness of this series’s secrecy: the titles, the plot descriptions, and even the authors’ name are all cloaked in an air of mystery that’s perfect for young mystery readers and fans of a good riddle. This bilingual story is a funny, lighthearted lesson on immigration and how words sometimes mean more than one thing. Basil is a mouse, but not just any mouse: he’s the mouse who lives in the cellar of Sherlock Holmes’s house on Baker Street. Leroy Brown is his town’s star detective, solving cases for all of the kids in the neighborhood. Can you help the team retrieve the treasure through puzzle-solving? A.J. All of this plus math—it’s woven in throughout to make for a fun and educational treat for bookworms. She’s traveling to London to track down her missing mother, but she’s pulled into a kidnapping and murder case when she arrives. Jimenez plus Felicia Low = A.J. Four sixth graders have banded together to form a detective agency. is a creative, clever collection of stories about boxes of mysterious origin, but the stories could not be more different both in written content and artistic style. See? In The Shadows, eleven-year-old Olive and her parents move into a crumbling mansion filled with all sorts of weird and interesting paintings. At least it appears he has, leaving a mess behind that’s put Early and her family in danger. See, he chose to hide the fact that he’s not so much a mouse as a rat, and rats are not to be trusted—or are they? Today a digitized copy of the work has been placed online in hopes that somebody can solve this mystery. Nate the Great is enjoying his morning pancakes when he gets a call from his friend Annie. I consulted various sources to come up with the best estimates: Scholastic’s handy Book Wizard tool; the Renaissance Accelerated Reader Bookfinder; conversations with local librarians and, of course, input from parents. Each volume is a collection of seven graphic stories from seven different comics creators around a central theme. But the facts just don’t add up. Ehman wrote "Wow!" Sam Cat & Dudley Pig find fingerprints, look for clues and solve some very kid-funny mysteries. We’re thinking of trying a different format for the next game that would sort of walk the user through a story as they solve puzzles. The cards contain a code that when entered online will reveal that book’s clue. Well, this picture book certainly isn’t helping my theory that all pigeons are tiny cooing spies. They’ll have to follow a trail of complicated clues and coded messages to get to the truth. I’ve been reading mysteries (and trying to live inside a swanky museum, sssh) ever since.”. Nothing to see at all. The illustrations are half the fun. We first meet Enola in. Opening the box, the kids were immediately interested in what this mystery might be, and how they could solve it! When she misplaces that notebook, it ends up in the wrong hands. So fun! Yes, I am sneaking in one final Sherlock book but hear me out! She sets out to try and figure out who her secret pen pal might be and finds her way back to herself in the process. The festivities are soured when the birthday burro’s cake is stolen during a game of monster tag. There are at least eight books in the series, my favorite of which is Meg Mackintosh and the Mystery in the Locked Library. Great Auntie Tiger Lil decides it’s up to her to find the thieves and invites young Lily along for the ride. So, funny story—a lot of mystery books for kids like to riff off the Sherlock thing. From shining a flashlight through a series of strategically placed statues, to using a decoder wheel and some patterning to figure out a symbolic alphabet, my kids were hooked! The two end up stumbling upon a headline-making mystery in the process. Get two audiobooks for the price of one, from your local indie bookstore. Nope, no adventurous pursuit of villains here, folks. In this remix of the classic tale, Detective Doggedly is trying to catch the huffing, puffing, house-blowing wolf before he eats the three little pigs for dinner. Jin decides she has to know more about this mysterious girl and pairs up with her for a class project. We first meet Enola in The Case of the Missing Marquess.