There are too many principles to include in this short article. Many leaders feel that they need to be infallible and think that they should be the only ones asking the questions. But that's not the place to start. Although she got no money many times, she never ever hesitated to beg to help out people. She realized that she was the voice of her vision. Click the link to find out significant details about, Leadership Characteristics of Mother Teresa, Motivating Employees Through Needs Fulfillment, The Art of Workplace Communication is The Language of Leadership. Sister Prema described a number of Mother Teresa's leadership practices. At the time she started her missionary work she possessed just three saris and a 5 rupee note in her hands. I can think of all kinds of ways to change our kids, my associates, my wife Heather, and lots of other people in my life. She had to state it clearly. Has raised and deployed billions of dollars in capital. The vision motivated her every day and she incorporated into the organization. By embracing others questions and ideas, improvements can be made. But the petite nun from Albania started and ran an organization that became one of the largest in the world. Faithfulness is more important than the Big Dream. She knew quite well that in case she should cure other people she ought to suffer herself and this was what precisely she mentioned to Princess Diana once when she met her. Word count: 558, Article of 537 words listing important characteristics that make for an effective leader. One of the first principles Mother Teresa lived by as a leader was her VISION. Anytime she happened to take a trip in aircraft, she used to acquire the leftover food from all the people on the plane and delivered the accumulated food items to the starving and needy men and women. American author and presidential speechwriter James Humes once said that the art of communication is the language of leadership. Mother Teresa devoted her life for others she wanted to make a change in society. A little first hand experience provides plenty of appreciation for the job done by ground support staff. Mother Teresa symbolizes a selfless and intelligent leader throughout the entire world. And, of course, Mother Teresa … The lady served the weak, orphaned and dying men and women for more than forty-five years and hardly ever was exhausted of her services. Today that organization: There are many principles that Mother Teresa lived by as a leader. *(Source: from the book Mother Teresa, CEO by Ruma Bose and Lou Faust), Next Week:  “Leadership Skills – The Samurai Leader”. The guy realized her soft personality and afterwards contributed her with breads anytime she expected. By embracing the power of doubt, this does not mean to doubt the vision. One of the first principles Mother Teresa lived by as a leader was her VISION. The place to start is with changing me. Biometric and Contactless Technology will be Key to the Revival of International Tourism Industry, American Airport Managers Must Ensure They are Ready, AviationPros Podcast - Examining GSE Safety, AviationPros Podcast: Airline Optimization, AviationPros Podcast: Technology's Powerful Role in Terminal Maintenance, AviationPros Podcast- Tucson Airport Authority Fire Department, Snow, Ice, & Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Removal, AviationPros Podcast-How Anchorage Fights Winter Weather, AviationPros Podcast-Richmond's Green Leadership, AviationPros Podcast-The Recovery of Airline Traffic, AviationPros Podcast-The JetStream Music Festival, AviationPros Podcast-Seattle's Green Leap Forward, AviationPros Podcast-Addressing Capital Projects During the Pandemic, AviationPros Podcast - Checking in with Elliott Aviation. Suhaina Mazhar has published 93 post. Although this world lost an excellent leader, she left a huge number of enthusiasts to propagate her message and undertake her service. She realized that she was the voice of her vision. She was extremely courageous in helping individuals suffering from leprosy. Mother Teresa was quite humble and never cared about her personal image, a unique quality which may hardly be noticed in any leader throughout the world. But we will focus on two of those principles. The lady was so humble and simple that she never ever cared for her own comforts. Always focused on others, Mother Teresa was also a great listener and focused a great deal on helping others grow. Mother Teresa motivated her followers to achieve the vision and mission of her association which is helping people who need help.