Facebook, Some of you have asked about the use of other ingredients such as red dates, peanuts, longans and lotus seeds. Are they just taking one sip and passing the cup around? I love the message behind it! If it's your first time attending such a ceremony, you might be worried about what Chinese wedding tea ceremony gifts are suitable. Today, however, most people see the tea ceremony as a symbol of the families’ welcoming the bride or groom into the family. Lastly, for hygiene purposes, you may choose to use disposable cups for the tea ceremony or get more of the same cups so that you have more time to wash them thoroughly between each use. In addition, the bride used to serve tea to all the close relatives on the groom's side; but today this custom is rarely followed and only by more traditional families. The bride’s sister helped shuttle the tray with the little cups of tea from the serving station to the bride’s side while she and her groom served the tea to their relatives in turn. And if only the brides family is Chinese should the grooms side still be served first? If you're questions, always feel free to ask in the comment section below. If I need the gai wan by end of August. The best teaware to serve tea in is to either use a traditional Chinese gaiwan or a teapot set with matching cups. Andrea Lo is a Hong Kong-based freelance journalist specializing in local culture, food and drink, travel, design, and architecture. It includes very formal introductions of the bride and groom and shows respect to their families. If you do plan to invite all your guests to the tea ceremony, don’t forget to invite a host who can explain the significance behind the ceremony to those unfamiliar with the tradition. Happy celebrating! Make sure parents don't have to move or stand up to receive the gaiwan. Though the meaning is good, it's often displayed on items during a funeral. It's called jing cha in Chinese, literally meaning, 'to respectfully offer tea'. Choosing a tea is personal, like choosing your wedding dress and venue. You don’t need a dai kum jeh for this, though. Or do they drink the whole cup and give it back to the bride&groom, then they repeat the process to all the other members? A n essential for every Chinese wedding, the Chinese tea ceremony is arguably one of the most important wedding traditions in the Chinese … Most likely they do. Is it okay to hold the tea ceremony in a close friend’s home as both parents ‘ homes are too small to accommodate all the relatives attending the tea ceremony? The Chinese tea ceremony is conducted on the day of the wedding and sees the bride and groom serve tea to their parents, in-laws, and other family members. I took that to meant that we may be served tea. After that, the groom’s parents will offer the bride gold jewelry, most notably “dragon and phoenix bangles,” a traditional wedding accessory. Get tips on what to wear for your Chinese tea ceremony dress, and how to serve the tea. My family wants me to do this because of tradition. “Kneeling while serving the tea is part of the etiquette,” says Au. (also watch the video in the beginning of this article). In the future when the couples’ children get married, the tea set will be used and presented.