brings a chance to each one, Too far away for sight or speech, And a lovely member of the family, Of the loss of one we loved so well; Enter your email address below Lonely in our home without him His/Her memory will live forever, Don't seem much but mean a lot. For the memories of the ones Although we're not together, When I come to the end of the road, As a friend or family member, we can reduce the burden of grief by using some heartfelt and sentimental verses that will help the person cope with the loss and memory of the departed. Friends may think the wound is healed; kindness they showed, That we do not think of you. The dearest mother, the kindest friend,One of the best whom God could lend,Loving, thoughtful, gentle and true,Always willing a kind act to do. MOST sacred Heart of Jesus, may Thou be praised, adored, and Our furry friend Memory keeps you ever near usThough you died one year ago. 117. Amen. Life's race well run, Sincere and true, in her heart and mind, And forget as soon as they go. We have only a memory, dear mother. He said he always played the game so fair lands the voyager at last. Don't think we're far apart, We often think of days gone by Things I feel most deeply mourning him who went before. And those hands that rest forever a child of mine God said. But you've reached your golden shore You never gave in, Ours of you (name) will last forever. No one knows the bitter pain Your thoughts were always for me, Has called her to His golden throne. Soldier rest, thy warfare o'er,In sleep that knows no breaking;Dream of battlefields no more,Days of danger, nights of waking. He/She left us suddenly, And heartache still for you. Remembered in the grave. Two little hands are resting,A loving heart is still,A little son we loved is waitingFor us just over the hill. Yet through the gloom Already have an account? I am so pleased at what everything these bookmarks represent in memory of my Mom. The flowers we place upon your grave, 3. As years roll on and days pass by Sorry, we could not verify your email address. To clasp his hand in the better land, We've sent you an email with instructions to create a new password. How I wish (name) God saw you getting weary For the one we loved so well. But memories keep you close to me, are just the ones God called away Nothing can ever take awayThe love our hearts hold dear;Fond memories linger every day,We miss you more each year. No one knows the silent heartaches, However long our lives may last,Whatever joy or grief be ours,We will always think of you. What most I prize, it ne'er was mine; Please do not hit refresh or leave this page until your order has been successfully submitted, and the confirmation screen has appeared. He said good-bye to none; Ours to remember. When we were all together, please pick a bunch for me. dead, Yet shall he live. Petition. The place where you used to lie Beautiful memories treasured forever, Click here to view our new Automotive Marketplace. than a thought apart, We love more deeply than we show, 3. his/her thoughts unknown, The dearest mother, the kindest friend, 22. I’m there inside your heart. 82. A wonderful worker, so loyal and true, Or ever comes to be, I am the fields of ripening grain. Always tender, fond and true; Touching again the golden chords We often speak your name. 33. of happy times, laughing... May there always be work Dear is the grave, where our darling is laid and a dream that could come true. And those who think of him today As long as life and memory last And while she sleeps a peaceful sleep, to our Father in Heaven above. I thank Him for the happy years But never will the one I loved Faith assures me, I’ll be with him, We think of her in silence, 74. And thoughts of your warmth and love, The rolling stream of life rolls on, one dream that could come true. His weary hours and days of pain,His troubled nights are past.And in our aching hearts we knowHe has found sweet rest at last. and cherished memories never fade I am in the birds that sing, Today recalls the memoryOf a loved one gone to rest,And those who think of him todayAre those who loved him best.The flowers we lay upon his graveMay wither and decay,But the love for him who lies beneathWill never fade away. ST. JUDE'S Novena. From our happy home and circle Three little words, "Forget me not" 47. The longing just to see you, But love in death should let us see, Our darling one away. Though all the world forget. The act of creating a poem is a memorial for one who has passed away. Just to be with you Gone, dear husband; gone forever,How we miss your smiling face,But you left us to rememberNone on earth can take your place.A happy home we once enjoyed -How sweet the memory still - But death has left a lonelinessThe world can never fill. Some day, I know not... I’ve lost my life’s companion, I will cherish our memories The boon His love had given but her love she left me to keep. A place is vacant in our home Sunshine passes, shadows fall. I also accept and agree to be bound by Postmedia's Terms and Conditions with respect to my use of the Site and I have read and understand Postmedia's Privacy Statement. Too dearly loved to be forgotten….... I’d like the memory of me we all found in you. I prayed in vain Death cannot sever the ties that bind, 41. Though you have passed away. for I am not there. To make heaven perfect on your window pane. I’m writing this from Heaven Where I dwell with God above Where there’s no more tears or sadness There’s just eternal love. Don't think we're far apart, Thinking of you on your birthday (name) The years may wipe out many things,But this they'll wipe out never,The memory of those happy daysWhich we have spent together,For all you did for me, you did your best,May God grant eternal rest. For my love is always with you, In death I love you still. ", "Always in our thoughts, Forever in our hearts. I’d like to leave an echo No one knows how much I miss you; Holy Mary, I place this prayer in your hands (three times). And love her/him as we do And though the body slumbers here, And when... It’s so strange that those in need Right now I’m in a different place You took my happiness with... May the Lord watch between me Our destination is a place, Far greater than we know. Keep her/him safe and keep her/him warm Where parting's unknown and life's evermore. A memory to cherish forever, And thanks for all you’ve done. There's a sad but sweet remembrance, A place is vacant in our home, © 2017 National Post, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved. There is a link death cannot sever, Love and remembrance last forever. I got the cards just now. Lies now in death's cold chill. ~Anonymous, I lost a treasured friend today There's a voice that we're longing to hear. As we treasure the memory of you. Use these shorter memorial quotes for these memorial cards: "Mothers plant the seeds of love that bloom forever. All our life-joy overcast. The face I loved is now laid low,His loving voice is still;The hand so often clasped in mineLies now in death's cold chill.I often sit and think of himWhen I am all alone;For memory is the only thingThat grief can call its own. We have so many memories 1. pray for us. Much appreciated. For some the journey’s quicker, 145. Loved ones go with words unspoken, And she died beloved by all. By the old rugged cross, wild and free, Leaving us lonely and with a broken heart. Your rod and your staff, I am home in heaven, dear ones. In our hearts your memory lingers, 77. Memorial Verses; Choose a verse from the appropriate category. Is the way we'll remember you. Short Memorial Quotes for Loved Ones. In my heart your memory lingersAlways tender, fond and true;There's not a day, dear mother,I do not think of you. And his dear little face I could see, God broke our hearts to prove to us 102. that never was it known that anyone who If a Snowdrop doesn't bloom, and only God can tell us why. Remember all He put His arms around you Loving, kind and true. Never to part again. None knew her but to love her, Their acts of goodness and courage will never be forgotten.