Video clip and lyrics MEGALOVANIA - Milkychan by Undertale. Register Lyrics to 'Megalovania' by Toby Fox. Original track is 'Megalovania' by Toby Fox created for the game 'Undertale' Lyrics by Aria R. Comment on this lyric. Get the Lyrics, Music Video and listen to Megalovania by Caleb Hyles on Spotify and Apple Music This website uses cookies to help personalise your experience while using the site. It's Over Isn't It 8. Both of You 7. Undertale Megalovania Caleb Hyles Lyrics. listen and hear a song the birds are singing sit down a while and watch the flowers blooming a pleasant breeze flows by leaving a trail of dust on days like these kids like you y'know y'know Sans Parody (Stronger Than You) 12. Shatter timelines back and forth Hit reset while the world's breaking down The pretender can remem.. By using this website and our services you agree to the use of cookies as described here . The Dragonborn Comes 3. Waving Through a Window 2. Stand Out 11. MUSIC SHEET. ... Read more Download Undertale Megalovania Sheet Music. Somewhere Over The Rainbow sheet music. Discord - The Living Tombstone Mix 10. Here Comes a Thought 4. Still Alive 6. UNDERTALE, by indie developer Toby Fox, is a video game for PC, PS4, Vita, and Switch. Free Greensleeves sheet music for Piano. Retrouvez les paroles de Caleb Hyles - Megalovania lyrics : Human child, depraved and vile In your smile the terror of a killer When you Find Caleb Hyles - Megalovania official song lyrics : Human child, depraved and vile In your smile the terror of a killer When you MUSIC SHEET. Fur Elise sheet music (Ludwig van Beethoven music score) in PDF and MP3. Lullaby for a Princess 9. Caleb Hyles Miscellaneous Album songs 1. Aria R. - Undertale - Megalovania (Vocal Piano Cover) lyrics ad. Unravel 5.