Love it! I designed a bright and colorful science inspired collection for this party featuring playful (and yes, maybe a little bit nerdy ) science puns like “Of QUARTZ, Geology ROCKS” and “DISCOVER something fun”! They usually have lots of science apparatus. If you’re very brave, you can actually allow the flame to touch the bottom of the balloon, but it still doesn’t pop. She has taught science courses at the high school, college, and graduate levels. Thank you!! Example Ocean Science Projects . We provide experienced and high energy presenters for a hassle-free science party. Check the contents of the cartons and replace any cracked or broken eggs. If you could share that would be fantastic! I’m drooling over this party and wanting to do something similar for my twins 6th birthday! This way, nothing will spoil your stroll to scientific glory! Candace Bacon (author) from Far, far away on October 22, 2009: I have had fun preparing the experiments and can't wait to try the whole thing out on Halloween! Classic Mad Scientist party activities would involve slime and volcanic eruptions, but you don't need to get messy to have fun. variety won't pass by without interest from grown-ups, as well! This is an awesome idea! Here are some invitation ideas with a … 6 different liquids such as cold water, hot water, salty water, water with food colouring, vinegar, oil, juice, milk etc. I love the printables for the science party! I use science themes from volcanoes to planets and from insects to weather based on the interests, hobbies, and former careers of the person with dementia. I was wondering where you got your Mad Scientist door decoration file from? You'll still only be included once. Are the printables available? Thanks and Happy Halloween! white chocolate “Lab Rats” (made using this candy mouse mold), and rock candy stick “Geodes”. Flatten this end some more, then seal your lips around the point, and blow. Hope you had a great Halloween and that next year is even better. I took the slide part off of our equipment, covered it with dark material, and made an instant cave for the kids to crawl through and explore. These experiments are ideal for a Science Day Camp because only a few items are needed for each project. Thank you. Everyone knows that it’s going to pop, but for some strange reason it doesn’t. What you'll need: Two egg cartons holding ten eggs each, a garbage bag, a bucket of water, a bar of soap, and - a few trusty friends! Finally, add … Love these ideas, thanks for sharing. Just pour liquid jello into petri dishes (about half way full). Well, maybe not just for kids. Experiment: Fill the bowl or glass about 2/3 full with tap water. Servicing primary schools and early learning centres in Melbourne and surrounds. Thank you! Watch as the coloured drops sink down into the water and mix together creating a firework effect. The resulting heat is not enough to evaporate the water soaked up by the paper banknote.