Talented artists carve the pumpkins into jaw-dropping sculptures. The contest is open for children (aged three and up) and adults. We have changing rooms on location. Glad I found out about this pumpkin festival, would love to be there and try out the “Pumpkin Rösti! The gardens were laid out for the 250th anniversary in 1954, partly following historical plans, but also with new elements based on Baroque designs. The bus stops are located in the immediate vicinity of the entry gate "Marbacher Strasse". The German city of Ludwigsburg hosts the Largest Pumpkin Festival in the World every September to October amid huge fanfare. The musicians will appear on the stage between the playground in front of the Fairy Tale Garden (Märchengarten) and the Pumpkin Gourmet (Kürbis-Gastronomie). This does not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions. Image of palace, holiday, exhibition - 161209396 Visitors can even win something themselves! Disclosure of data Seems like a lot of fun! Reservations are generally not necessary. An unforgettable experience! The kids can participate in numerous pumpkin-based activities and races as well as pumpkin painting and rolling. We didn’t have to wait in line for a powdered waffle, and enjoyed photographing the displays in relative peace. In addition to their splendid locations with mountain and lake views, farm shops with homemade products, enticing gastronomic menus and homemade pastries, the farms offer visitors much more, including attractions such as a petting zoo, a straw castle, a natural playground and a unique labyrinth made from apple trees. Now I’m hooked and stock up on pumpkin sparkling wine each year since it’s difficult to get out of season. A giant bowl of it! @Debbie – Well now it gives you an excuse to visit in the Fall and I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to come up with reasons to visit the rest of the year as well , @Zhu – Well I’m sure there’s pumpkin chocolate something or other . The European Pumpkin Weigh Off Championship will take place this year on October 13 as part of the world's biggest Pumpkin Festival at Blühendes Barock in Ludwigsburg … The audience will be invited to watch the pumpkin artists closely, evaluate their artworks and artistic charm and cast a vote for their favourite carver. Avoid possible waiting times at the ticket offices or use alternative arrival/parking facilities on the day of your visit. Browser used, and, if applicable, the operating system of your computer as well as the name of your access provider. I know that I now take my pumpkin sparkling wine very seriously (in other words I don’t like to share it). We waited 30 minutes to grab lunch and had to be aggressive just to find a place to sit to eat. Artists stack pumpkins together to make fascinating pumpkin art in keeping with the theme of the year. Before this year I have lived in … When you visit our website, the browser used on your device automatically sends information to the server of our website. Those who would like to paddle along must pre-register. I’ve since changed my mind and have been several more times. Be sure to ask for the flyer “Kürbisse erleben” at the entrance or on the festival grounds. My favourite is pumpkin soup, which is consistently the best I’ve ever tasted. To take part, you need to wear appropriate clothing and, in case you capsize, bring a second set of dry clothes. from the Stuttgart main train station in 12 minutes: Trains on the railway lines Würzburg – Stuttgart, Karlsruhe – Stuttgart and Heilbronn – Stuttgart also stop at the Ludwigsburg station. Art pieces and action scenes with pumpkins are on display every day during the festival. The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival is an extremely kid-friendly event. The festival is behind Ludwigsburg Palace, one of the largest Baroque buildings in Europe.Just walking through the palace gardens and grounds is worthwhile in itself. The pumpkin pasta and the sparkling wine, especially, look very tempting. Once through the gate you're already at the Pumpkin Festival. I guess this is fun. We then test cultivation, taste, durability, ease of preparation in the kitchen and many other elements. You’ll want to make sure you have water to stay hydrated for all the walking you’ll be doing, including several hills. The contents of this website have been created with utmost care. Around 3-4 weeks later, they'll be transplanted into fields around Ludwigsburg, where they'll be tended with loving care until they're harvested at the beginning of September. When you cross the foot bridge, you'll pass Marbacher Strasse and there you'll reach the turnstile right in front of the Pumpkin Festival. To taste it means to contribute to charity. The only ingredient remaining to make this a resounding success is our guests, who will hopefully bring huge appetites! Thank you Laurel for the amazing pictures and the interesting article. If you are interested, we'd be happy to provide you with the conditions upon request. Even oversized Halloween pumpkins - field pumpkins - will weigh in to find the heaviest! To start, the pumpkin extravaganza is set against the backdrop of the stunning Ludwigsburg Palace and weaves in an out of the vast maze of gardens. All visitors to the Pumpkin Festival on these days will be encouraged to show their creative side. Although single seeds will later be offered for sale online at 50 to 500 Euros, you will have the chance to purchase seeds directly from the grower at a much more reasonable price. In accordance with GDPR Article 15 to request information about your personal data processed by us. The grounds are a fall wonderland for kids and adults alike, but kids can really run free at the Märchengarten (Fairy Tale Garden). Private pumpkin canoes must be made available to all canoeists. In the latter case, you have a general right of objection, which is implemented by us without stating a particular situation. The reshaped sand figures from the sand art exhibition will be the backdrop for our comical pumpkin gnomes this year as well. I know that pumpkin and wine sound like a strange combination, but it’s actually really good. The audience will form part of the jury to select their favourite. Now, I like it pureed in soup, pieces in risotto or stew, and as an addition to pasta sauce. Pumpkin growers always have priority access to their own pumpkins. Pumpkins for carving can be obtained on-site - they have a huge selection to choose from. Pumpkin Regatta 1st Place:        200 Euros 2. Since both are usually very liberally shared in the circle of pumpkin growers, the growers have been able to reach this goal. In order to achieve these weights you need to have a lot of knowledge and, of course, good seed. It’s thanks to their know-how in arranging diverse varieties of pumpkins—marrying together a multitude of shapes, sizes and colours—that we can present fantastic pumpkin art for all to enjoy at our annual fall festival. If one of the growers should discover a hidden talent as a "pumpkin canoeist", we invite them to participate in the pumpkin regatta a week later . Continue from the Ludwigsburg train station on foot or by bus: Here you can take the path along the historic marketplace and then follow the street "Untere Marktstrasse". Pre-purchasing tickets is actually very easy. We're drawing closer to Halloween, so on the second, third and fourth weekends of October 2019, all are welcome to participate in our "Halloween Pumpkin Carving for All"! Ludwigsburg is actually a surprisingly fun town to enjoy yourself in. Arghhhh – now you have me craving for a piece pumpkin pie with some cool whip! Athletes get on board and row their hardest to grab the prestigious title of Canoe Champion and cash prizes, while the crowds cheer them on. Our Event Team is looking forward to your participation or visit! Experienced DLRG lifeguards will be on the water. The parking garage has over 500 spaces, and the garage was practically empty when we showed up just before 10am. It certainly seems as if some people out there are deadly serious about pumpkins! Source: Disclaimer from www.Juraforum.de - Rechtportal und www.connektar.de, English translation by English Communications Services Feltham. Contestants fight for 10 prizes, ranging from €1,000 to €50. At the foot bridge in the Favorite Park you'll find a kiosk that sells individual tickets for Blühendes Barock. At that time no violations were found. Pumpkin food is really hit or miss for me. Visiting the pumpkin patch in the fall is always a highlight. I bet when you first read pumpkin wine, you squished up your face and curled your lip. As part of the birthday party carving we have additional offers such as birthday give-aways (pumpkin / carving tool for home) or food & drinks at the Pumpkin Festival. If you're reading this and it's already too late to order your tickets to arrive by post in time to arrive for your planned visit, you can also purchase your tickets at the kiosk at Favoritepark (open when the weather's nice). Tickets are only €10 each, and they were delivered to my residence within three days. For questions regarding directions, hotels, delivery on the day before or anything else, please contact the Jucker Farm head office (Seegräben, Switzerland) in advance (0041 (0)449 34 34 84) and ask to speak with Stefan Hinner. Due to warm summers, they are ripening earlier and some specimens urgently need to get on the scales while they are still intact. The rest, totally awesome. Pumpkins for carving can be obtained on-site - we have a huge selection to choose from. Ludwigsburg prize money (see Info on the EGVGA European Championships) can only be won at the EGVGA European Championship on Sunday. If you register in advance by email at stefan.hinner@juckerfarm.ch, we can prepare the registration forms in advance. Betriebswirt (FH) In each of the previous two weeks the heaviest pumpkins were weighed. From there it's only a few minutes on foot to the Favorite Park behind the teachers' college. Make sure you have plenty of time between ordering tickets and attending, as you’ll need to have your tickets delivered to your door before you head out. The Weigh Off to crown the new German champion will begin around 1 p.m. In this post, I’ll give you all four must-dos before hitting the road, as well a few suggestions that will truly enrichen your experience! You just need 100 days, lots of water, the right know-how, a little love and lots of luck... and then you just might grow a giant pumpkin.