Review của khách hàng về nước hoa Le Labo Santal 33 Chị Trúc – Hà Nội Mình khuyên các bạn chân thành, nếu bạn là người không sành về nước hoa thì không nên thử cái tên này bởi chúng mang mùi gỗ đặc trưng và bám mùi khá lâu. It is enough to see how the strange smell with this simple appearance has succeeded. The answer is the difference and the privacy. It lacks a lot of the Indian sandalwood (the creamy feeling I miss the most), but it still has the characteristic smell of sandalwood. 4.00 Santal 33 opens up as a casual, worn leather on my skin. It's pleasant enough but as it dries down, it completely falls apart into a dense, fluffy cloud of synthetic musk. In fact, it’s pretty great, especially if you park your expectations at the door. Santal 33 carries a smoky aroma, frosty moss, mossy throne and deep green leaves. No sweet, elegant scent Santal 33 is quite passionate and powerful with notes of personality. Solid, sturdy, strong like a jungle hundred years old. With Santal 33, not only bring a wonderful scent from the raw materials close to nature, but also personality. Then, the company introduced 10 fragrances. What are the benefits of keratin treatment for men? How to reduce sweating – 5 easy ways against excessive sweating, How to Style Your Beard – Easy Way to Become a…. It smells of woods, woods, and more woods, without being a woody oriental or a woody fougere or something more hybridized. Unico, in grado di donare in un attimo una personalità irresistibile. What is the best... Perfume is not the prerogative of women, but even men also have the right to use cosmetics and luxury of this exquisite. The name "Santal" gave me the impression that this one would be a nice, creamy sandalwood. Santal 33 by Le Labo reminds me of the bombastic woody fragrances by CdG, but with different ingredients. Santal 33 Review – The Unique Scent for All, [Top 6] Best Seductive Paco Rabanne Cologne For Men 2020, Best Seductive Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne For Men 2020, Best Smelling Dolce and Gabbana Cologne For Men 2020, [Top 8] Best Masculine John Varvatos Cologne for Men 2020, Top 6 Best Men’s Facial Cleansers for Dry Skin 2020, How To Find Best Men’s Skincare Products 2020, [Top 10] Most Effective Serums For Men in 2020. It feels like the formulation has changed and the performance is weaker than previous. How to apply perfume when your body has a lot of sweat? In addition to the more prominent heart notes, binding the dry sandalwood and natural cedar is a supporting mysterious accord that somewhat resembles coconut, but not quite. Then it hit me, the cedar note, that is. If I could make a reference, it starts like TF Oud Wood Intense and dries down to Oud Wood. This can end up smelling like a horse barn if sprayed too close. Il Naso di questa fragranza è Frank Voelkl. I have belived I liked any kind of woody fragrance until I met Santal 33. Santal 33 by Le Labo reminds me of the bombastic woody fragrances by CdG, but with different ingredients. suede delicate leather in a campfire breeze, perfect duration and heavy duty sillage! The most famous perfume of Le Labo is Santal 33. I like it. As has been the case with most of the Le Labos I've tried, projection and longevity are pretty good, even for an EDP. is a kryptonite scent for me. Famously the “signature scent” of thousands of young professionals and hipsters in certain areas of New York city, Santal 33 by Le Labo has become a bit of a design cliché as of late – the olfactory equivalent of the Barcelona chair or the man bun. Beauty Almanac |, Lo vorrei! He always wants to bring new experiences, the most useful advice for people about choosing scents, especially cologne for men. Therefore, it is not uncommon for Santal 33 warm, passionate and strong. Un grande classico di questo brand, indubbiamente il suo profumo più rappresentativo. su Users will create the same impression but prominent in the crowd by personal qualities. I can see how those who like green scents would be very intrigued. I ordered a sample from Le Labo for £3.99, including delivery. A range of fashion and beauty websites talk about Santal 33 as “The perfume you smell everywhere is Santal 33”. I do like it. The dry-down transforms into a dry, sawdust type smell. In its opening and mid-development, Santal 33 is a handsome, comforting, smooth/cushiony perfume — buoyant, not dense. A so-so piece that avant garde types might take to … The Santal 33 brings power across the border, with no limits on gender, language or ethnicity, but only those who dare to explore can see the wide horizon. Inoffensive until you also factor in the price. The initial burst is very nice and refreshing, but the drydown ends up being more floral than leather. Very confusing, but it is what it is. This strikes me as aiming more toward a leather scent than a sandalwood, though. Interesting at first but then just a lingering sharp pine scent. Not impressed. A lot! Fragrantica® Trends è un valore relativo che mostra l'interesse dei membri di Fragrantica per questa fragranza nel corso del tempo. Not special enough to buy a full bottle but still a good scent. I heard *so* much about this fragrance and reading all the descriptions, it sounded so up my alley. You live in a mostly dead garden. What is the Best Natural Deodorant for Men 2018? You hesitate whether as perfume is suitable or not. Peccato che Zara non stia facendo più il dupe, A quasi dieci anni dalla sua uscita non smette di affascinare comuni mortali e vip. How to apply perfume when your body has a lot of sweat, Top Best Colognes To Attract Females That You Should Know, Top 12 Smelling Perfumes for Young Men in 2019, Top 15 Best Smelling Woody Perfume for Men 2019. The trendy scent of fashionable capitals such as New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, has been catching up. Yes, I agree--this does smell like a moustache hipster, from 10 years ago, working in a wood shop, building a new end table and pickling vegetables in the corner. Utterly disappointing and not the only Le Labo to have collapsed like this on me. The selection of a suitable fragrance and harmonious use will help you hit the mark on the big day of love. This passionate and powerful fragrance is a unique self-fulfilling statement. The world is scented in front of the eyes. Santal 33 opens with a blast of violet before quickly adding smooth iris to the mix with a slight cedarwood undertone. What is the best wedding perfume for men and women 2019? Poor projection, a skin scent almost from the outset even if you give it a couple of good squirts. I love this scent, my first Niche bottle... it Jst lasts & lasts & lasts! Supremely balanced.