This amount of ratatouille will give you more than you need for one puff pizza, so make two if you like, or save the leftovers and…. Roasting the veg before immersing them in a ridiculously tasty sauce really intensifies their natural flavour, giving you even more bang for your buck. Putting the croutons beneath the chicken as it roasts, with smoky bacon on top, means you get even more bang for your buck on the flavour front…. Find a quiet spot and eat messily, but very happily. I’ve suggested a weight of leftover meat, but feel free to bolster it with extra veggies to stretch it further if you’ve don’t have the amount listed here. We’re using it as a vehicle to really bring spinach to life, but feel free to stuff with another veg of your choice, or to not stuff it at all…. What I love about this recipe is it’s a really foolproof way to cook fish perfectly, every time. Let’s keep cooking and carry on! Recipes from Jamie’s TV show, Keep Cooking and Carry On. Master a basic risotto recipe and you’ll open the door to an endless supply of new recipes to try. And with just five ingredients and a total cook time of about 15 minutes, this one is about beautiful flavour, fast. Jamie Oliver shows the nation some incredible recipes, tips and hacks, specifically tailored for the unique times we're living in, and how to make the most of our kitchen staples Comfort in a bowl. It’s all about that punchy dressing you toss hot veg and noodles through, which you then serve up with a fried egg and chilli sauce. It has the capacity to embrace leftovers – whether that’s meat or veg – and you can flex it to suit what you’ve got. Ratatouille is an old French classic, traditionally using tomatoes, peppers, aubergine and courgette. It’s cheesy, oozy and mega delicious, plus it’s really fun to make. Take Jamie’s Cheat’s deep-pan pizza to the next level with our exciting topping ideas – use whatever you’ve got or throw on what you fancy! How to make eggless gnocchi in 7 easy steps, How to make Jamie’s proper tasty porridge, Cooking Buddies: Kitchen hacks with Buddy. My ratatouille is a two-stage process – charring the veg first achieves a wonderful smoky depth of flavour, then I stew and soften it in a beautiful tomato sauce. I’m also giving you a cheat’s naan, which all my kids fight over. So, guys, the weather is getting warmer, fresh spring produce is starting to appear in the shops, and it’s time to start celebrating what we can get our hands on. Catch Jamie’s new show, Mondays, 8.30pm on Channel 4, with recipes from his new book 7 Ways.It’s all about celebrating the ingredients we know and love with fun, exciting recipes for new family favourites. This colourful family favourite is really fun to put together. They’re beautifully rustic in style, and absolutely delicious. From ingenious ideas for frozen food, to recipes drawn entirely from the store-cupboard, Jamie will be on hand to show home cooks how to make nutritious and delicious food using simple ingredients. Keep Cooking and Carry On by Jamie Oliver: Episode Fourteen We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like fajitas, so this week’s chicken version was sure to be a popular choice. You’ve told us what you need, and Jamie's listened. Let’s celebrate freezer faves, big up the store cupboard and get creative with whatever we have to hand. Have fun with it! Butchers are telling me they still have lots of big cuts available, so let’s celebrate that with this tasty recipe.