Doors lock and unlock. We start to crawl forward. Good work, Interstellar Rift. I install a fuse box without knowing exactly how it works. I spend a good while figuring out how to do this, even though the stores of the room are already filled with boxes of materials (mined by who? Due to the small capacity (32 slots) of official servers, it can be challenging to play at peak times on the most popular servers, forcing players to join barely active unofficial servers if they hope to play within a reasonable time. I love these types of screens and sci-fi games are where they belong. Still, despite having 71% positive reviews, it has consistently failed to attract a sustainable player base throughout its five years of early access. And there is, thanks to its first-person wandering and delightful machinery, a lot of sweetness to it. Best graphics cards I add some engines to the back, thrusters all over the outside and finish off with some decorative spikes. You can only carry a limited number of boxes and the warehouse was already full to the brim, so for a while I end up playing a rubbish first-person version of a Sokoban game. I fiddle with my ship’s design, adding some solar panels and linking them to the doors and teleporter, then I head back. I decide to teleport among some of the other players’ ships and see if anyone will donate some Hydrogen to me for engine fuel. Brendan likes all types of games. Suddenly I am addressed by my computer. The ships have that clean Star Trek aesthetic, shiny chromatic surfaces rather than the rough-and-tumble of metal grates. Eventually, I create enough copper and iron for what I’ll need. My O2 levels are dropping steadily. But I wonder, as I turn and Garcia hobbles away like a dying insect, which of us is the real idiot. Yet the development plan – which includes weapons, player trading, multiple star systems, first-person fighting and ship-on-ship combat – looks promising. A solution to this would be offering two servers per region with a higher slot capacity, ensuring everyone who wants to play can. I hop in the teleporter. There are working lights on board! Best Minecraft shaders for 1.16.3 I add even more solar panels and group different devices together. The doors to the toilet cubicles do not open. I see. When I arrive I am immediately assaulted with blinding lights, annoying electro music and a severe lack of oxygen. The player is called ‘Nebula’. I scramble quickly back to the teleporter. If it were any more bare bones it would be in a natural history museum. All systems are functioning perfectly. The first ship, called the Mk III, looks promising. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. The Top 10 Reasons Why you should play World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. But everywhere I go it is creepily empty. Anyhow, I design my ship. where is everyone?). Here you can use the computer terminals in one room to teleport asteroids aboard and slice them into boxes of copper and iron ore (or water if they are an ice asteroid). I bang on the door a few more times. Please enable Javascript to view comments. I try to leave the room but the panel on the door reads “low power” and refuses to open. But this week he’s on holiday, and so in his stead Brendan Caldwell has played Interstellar Rift, a multiplayer starship construction sim. I quickly finish what I’m doing and run to the control room. Interstellar Rift, is an enjoyable space simulation game to play with friends, while the graphics are not cutting edge even for an indie title, they are not so poor as to be distracting, and the mechanical depth enjoyed by many of the systems in Interstellar Rift makes it a genuinely unique sandbox experience. Huge cargo bays (all sadly empty), a massive engine room with Hydrogen generators stretching into the distance like a line of igloos. Its is an unfortunate state of affairs, Split Polygon have shown more integrity and dedication than many developers, but Interstellar Rift offers little to keep non-roleplayers engaged longterm.