Citizen Grievances. are required to pay this professional tax. Further, separate registration may be required for each office depending on respective State’s legislation. This page was last edited on 25 September 2020, at 07:04. For example in state of West Bengal, owner of a factory has to pay professional tax only if the preceding year turnover is greater than 5 lac rupees and in case of companies there is a mandatory payment of rupees 2,500 /- each year as professional tax irrespective of turnover.[2]. It is a source of revenue for the government. The states are bestowed to implement this tax obeying Tax under Clause (2) of Article 276. Business owners, working individuals, merchants and people carrying out various occupations come under the purview of this tax. We make the process simple with our step-by-step procedures that provide all the requisite support, advice, and expertise you might need. Professional Service Tax Registration For Businesses and Professionals of All Sizes. Professional tax is deducted from the monthly salary of an employee. It is also payable by members of staff employed in private companies. -E.C. Tata Power has been in the power business for 100 years. The overall rules governing the professional tax may vary from time to time. is PEC03CZ99999999, select CZ in Zone field and enter 99999999 in Certificate No. Clear; Get Pending Tax Amount Please select proper zone and enter last 8 digits in Certificate No. Door To Door Contractor List, Route & Route Map, Contractors Registration Form, Rules and List of Contractor, - Registration Form for Architect / Engineers / Sturctural Engineers /, - List of Charges for Building Permission, Shops and Establishment License application form-A, Shops and Establishment License application form-D, Shops and Establishment License application form-E, Mahatma Gandhinagar Gruh application form, Banners & Hoardings permission application form, Corporation Band service application form, Water / Drainage Licence application form, Census Draft List & Blockwise Census Information. (Approx. Hence, it is advisable to calculate the taxes and get prepared in advance in order to avoid penalties. 1478536. Depending on the state, it is managed by the commercial tax department on an annual or monthly basis. By continuing past this page, you agree to our Terms of Service, Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy and Content Policies. We will also give you absolute clarity on the process to set realistic expectations. This gives an idea of how much professional tax is deductible per month. [3], Article 276 in Constitution of India, 1949, Penalties for Non-Compliance on P.Tax Payment, (from 01/04/2015) (Maharashtra: Profession Tax Act 1975),, "West Bengal Professional Tax Rate Slabs, Registration & Enrollment",,, Articles with disputed statements from January 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Notwithstanding until provisions to the contrary is made by Parliament by law, and any law so made by Parliament may be made either generally or in relation to any specified States, municipalities, boards or authorities, The power of the Legislature of a State to make laws as aforesaid with respect to taxes on professions, trades, callings and employments shall not be construed as limiting in any way the power of Parliament to make laws with respect to taxes on income accruing from or arising out of professions, trades, callings and employments, Employers covered under the jurisdiction of “State Government” as Designated authority shall pay in the treasury by.