And finally I’ll include Jen Hatmaker’s post that is also helpful. My wife and I are Christians, but our sponsor child is Muslim, and we respect that. They have people that will write letters for you if you can’t or don’t write to the child. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. Compassion works by partnering with small local churches all over the world and equipping them to help reach out to the kids in their community. Not looking for a debate, but developing world vaccines are often inferior w/more toxins & it is not where we are called to give. Thanks for posting this! I also like the fact that World Vision seems very sensitive to local cultures, governments, and religious beliefs. Thanks! (Update 3/25/14: World Vision recently announced that their US division is allowing for the hiring of gay individuals who are in same-sex marriages. For many children they have never experienced a family, love, or someone who believes in them so when they hear directly though letters that they have a family who loves and believes in them that can change their entire life more than anything else. Because of this commitment to sharing the gospel through the local church, 500 children, on average, come to faith in Christ every day through the ministry of Compassion around the world. Do you see a big difference in the two organizations? Compassion always works through the local church to develop one child at a time into an adult who can transform their community some day. However, the correspondence received from the families has been limited at best. Check Wikepedia for a more accurate picture of World Vision’s core values and approach. All these bloggers in Uganda with Compassion International got Rose and I thinking about our ability to sponsor a child. Chris, do you think that was clear in my post or do I need to edit for clarity? I can’t claim to be an expert on either organization, but I can share some of my experiences. Compassion and World Vision are on the same team and they need each other. The girl has “been part of a World Vision program all her life” yet says (in translated subtitle) “Until recently, I didn’t know I had a sponsor.” and when asked about her knowledge of World Vision sponsorship says “Last time they gave me this jacket and a pen.” Geoghegan was disconcerted to find that despite being “told by World Vision that [the girl] was learning English at school, and was improving… she speaks no English at all.”[1], In their response, World Vision states “World Vision unapologetically takes a community-based approach to development – a fact we publicly promote at every opportunity. I was wondering this myself and have been asked this question when volunteering at Compassion tables, etc. Thanks for blogging about this. The letter that sponsored children receive from their sponsors greatly increase the rate of their success in school and in life. WV is indeed up-front about pooling money. - Cohesive Team Providing a well for a community (example of WV approach) allows children in the entire community to attend school rather than walk miles to fetch water. Good job pulling off the set with out a drummer tonight. I know they are working on improving... this but it seems to be a complex and slow change. Oh wait…. It has also been a powerful example for his kids to help meet real needs. I also would not drop my Compassion children. My wife and I have sponsored a WV child for a few years. this but it seems to be a complex and slow change. I also am a correspondent sponsor for 2 from Compassion that have sponsors but do not get mail. […]. We’ve been wondering what the difference is as well. I like compassion because we have been sponsoring a child with them for 6 years. FH doesn’t give sponsorship money directly to the child or family either because their goal is to develop communities as well as families. The difference between the WV sponsored child relationship and the CI sponsored child relationship is not necessarily in the letters or drawings a sponsor receives or the ability to visit the child but rather how the monthly financial support is used. World Vision’s yearly budget is four times as large as Compassion’s. It really makes me sick that Christians here emphasize religion in choosing whether or not to sponsor children. As well as provide the child with oppertunities(including the ability to go to school). In part, that response reads: “Foreign Correspondent sought answers from World Vision representatives on why the organisation’s literature creates the impression that donated money goes directly to the sponsor child. Learn more about each company and apply to jobs near you. They speak Oromiffa which is the same language my 8 year old child from Omo Nada speaks. .., Andrew Geoghegan has sponsored Tsehaynesh Delago for a decade and yet she claims she was unaware, until recently, that she had a sponsor and says the only benefit she has ever received directly from World Vision is a pen and the denim jacket she wore on the day of filming. Thank you all for your dialogue on this topic. I love them both, but they different, not just in scope and size, but in many important ways. I spoke with a representative about this. Someone correct me if I’m wrong here. Providing money directly to the families of sponsored children simply does not work, no matter how dire the circumstances. Faith & Action=Furthering His Kingdom! Both organizations are worldwide. I do agree with you on World Vision. I sponsor 4 from World Vision and 1 child through Compassion. There are pros and cons to this. The CI child writes frequently and it is incredibly encouraging to my son and his family… a real eye-opener for adults and children. My husband (Jason—he’s a regular commenter here) and I have sponsored (past tense) children through World Vision before … and we’d really like to get into sponsoring at least one child again. I hope no one is turned off by Tewodros’s scowl. As we’ve thought about it, I saw two relatively similar Christian organizations working around the world. Yeah sure they don’t “have to convert” to Christianity to receive your money, but how quickly would you “convert” to whatever religion if it meant your children were fed? I agree that it is different how children have to take classes in another religion so their chances of more food will increase. World Vision, sometimes in partnership with local churches, develops communities in a way that positively impacts the lives of children. Sign up is a breeze. Privacy Policy & Terms of Use. My hope is that giving will result in a child that grows up to be educated and compassionate. Compassion uses the majority of the sponsorship money to go directly to that child. The kids I sponsor through World Vision I feel respond much more frequently to my letters and often write to me indepnendantly. Salary given to organizational Presidents…World Vision ($351k) Compassion ($187k). This is really helpful! Prayer answered. I ran across your blog from a link on Anne Jackson’s site and wanted to respond to your question about the difference between WV and Compassion. So, I was looking around to see if my money was being used in the best possible way. I sponsor one child with World Vision and am thinking of adding another. Compassion International and World Vision are different but together, with many other wonderful organizations, they can curtail extreme poverty. Their work often makes the work of other organizations, like Compassion, possible. Hope it propels more people toward benevolence of any shape or size. Here’s some great thoughts from Matthew Lee Anderson on how to move forward in light of their decision. I’m not trying to choose which one is best for you, I just want to compare them. I am also turned off with how much salary the President of World Vision obtains… For a Christian organization this is preposterous considering that much income can house a few families, even in United States…well maybe they do but someone please show me the proof. I will have no reluctance to support children through either agency (or both). What that means is that every project is operated by a local evangelical church. Your child receives health care, education, nutritious food, and the entire community benefits from access to clean water, agricultural assistance, medical care, and more.”, The journalist and producer were offered the chance to view the full breadth of work World Vision is undertaking in the community, in health, education and food security, but this offer was not accepted.”[2], Foreign Correspondent replied to World Vision. It is a great investment to help a child somewhere in the World whom you have never met. We are not trying to convert anyone, but to show him and his family respect and compassion which may help people realize that we live on a very small planet and that we all need to respect one another’s values. I have […], […] Curious about why I choose Compassion International instead of alternative child sponsorship programs (which I do support in other ways)? I can’t handle this linking of welfare to religion – I am really disgusted by modern evangelical Christainity’s assumption that it is in everyone on Earth’s best interests to agree with them and believe what they believe. I sponsor two children and cannot give one up to help another. By comparing employers on employee ratings, salaries, reviews, pros/cons, job openings and more, you'll feel one step ahead of the rest. World Vision, sometimes in partnership with local churches, develops communities in a way that positively impacts the lives of children. I receive letters from my child multiple times every year, with personal details and hand drawn pictures. Content copyright © 2013 Shaun Groves. If you want to see pics of my trip you can visit I realize that by comparing just these two I am leaving out many others. However, knowing that most of the WV money does not go directly to the sponsored families, I will be sure to send the families gifts each year. We sponsor two children—one through Compassion, one through World Vision—and your descriptions are spot-on, in my personal experience. There are two teenagers who live in Jimma who are available for sponsorship through Compassion International. I was advised that the children have designated letter writing days several times a year. Both men compare and contrast the two ministries very well and their posts help me […], […] the way, this little piece by Shaun Groves, written several years ago, explains the difference between World Vision and Compassion […], […] Groves says this about the difference between World Vision and Compassion […], […] sure you clearly understand what your World Vision support goes to. I didn’t just want to choose Compassion simply because they were all over the blogosphere right now.