The first switch lets you change the behavior of the D-Pad. Then enter 2020 whenever we are seeing a lot more of our screens as we find ourselves at home more often than ever and HORI comes along to make things a bit brighter and a bit less blue. I had a glass screen protector on my Switch prior to applying the Blue Light Screen Filter so to get the best of both worlds, I placed the filter over my screen protector. Accuracy is at your finger tips once you break this controller in. Multi-tapping for dashes, etc., was a breeze. Even if you don’t really hate using the shoulder buttons in Street Fighter, there are a few more significant pluses to this pad over your console’s pack-in controller. There are bound to be some games out there that require the other functions aside from the D-Pad, but you should be fine just using it as. Buy this with confidence. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. While black and white are fine options for PlayStation and Xbox since those align with their respective consoles, but Nintendo has always been the more colorful option out of the three. This just reminds me to read the reviews more carefully next time. HORI doesn’t market this product to protect your screen though, only to protect your eyes. I think this should be included on all HORI controllers, I think it’s a great feature. Eventually, I invested in a pair of blue light filtering glasses and I immediately noticed a world of difference. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. It can also be used in either the Nintendo Switch or Xbox button layout since they use the same face button symbols. After hours of searching for a driver, I think I found one on Softpedia. Between the two platforms, the shape and functions are mostly identical; the only cosmetic differences are button shape/markings and color schemes to match their respective consoles. Functionally, the PlayStation model allows switching the directional pad input between digital and either analog stick, while the Xbox version can only switch between digital and the left analog. Best pad I've used across genuine Xbox One and other wired controllers. The controller feels comfortable to hold, and the directional pad is a single cross segment with some concave curvature, making the up/down/left/right points feel slightly more prominent. Shoryuken review: The PowerA FUSION Wired FightPad optimizes a classic design with a variety of modern features, SRK review – The HORI Split Pad Pro will completely change how you view the Nintendo Switch’s handheld mode; plus HORI Gaming Earbuds Pro impressions, SRK COMBO review: The HORI Real Arcade Pro V and Fighting Stick Mini Street Fighter Editions for Nintendo Switch and PC are Turbo-tastic, Shoryuken review: The Switch Wireless HORIPAD is a solid controller that stands out among the crowd. This page works best with JavaScript. That’s certainly handy for some cross-compatibility at events, or at home. The biggest thing for me is not having to use a trigger for heavy kick, as the distance you have to push the button is so much more then all the other buttons. So this controller is NOT plug-and-play. There's a problem loading this menu right now. With four function buttons needed to perform all of the basic Nintendo Switch controller functions, there wasn’t enough room to include Turbo or Assign functions like the ones found on the PS4/3 and Xbox One/360 versions of the Fighting Commander. The series of controllers has been around for a while and the current design available on PlayStation 4/3 and Xbox One/360 has finally made its way to Nintendo Switch. They activate quickly and give a solid amount of feedback so you are aware of when you press them. That might have changed partially with the Nintendo Switch where the gray option is made to appeal more toward the older demographic of fans, but the main designs advertised are bright reds and blues. It also comes equipped with an adjustable D-Pad input sensitivity. It is only $9.99 and whether you already have a screen protector or not, the benefits it provides are definitely worth it. While it didn’t make my Switch unplayable, it was definitely something I noticed when playing my console/handheld hybrid. Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2020. Horrific. The bumper and trigger buttons are digital as well and have a fast response. I actually go for the Xbox layout which inverts A/B and Y/X so the buttons behave similarly to the way they do on both PlayStation and Xbox FightPads and Arcade sticks. At its default, it acts as a D-Pad, as it should, but it can also switch over to operating like the left or right stick. it does work on Xbox One tho. Hori's own site does NOT offer a driver download! The D-pad is pure butter. However, even though you can use it for SF4 and Anniversary on consoles, it's so impractical to use. Pros: Great feel to it Fat buttons (so if you have to mash out something theres some distance between the start button and others) very responsive lightweight design Super Long cord The pads feature compatibility with the most recent consoles in their respective families: PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, or Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The + and – buttons are just fine standing out since the odds of hitting them on the accident are minimal and you are more likely to use them than the other two functions. From your daily dose of fighting game news, to matchmaking forums, strategy guides, and more, SRK (Shoryuken) is home to the biggest community of fighting game players and enthusiasts. The d-pad is concave which makes pulling off simple moves more of a hassle than a flatter d-pad would. There isn’t a headphone jack, which isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker for the Nintendo Switch due to the way it handles voice chat, but it does limit it for PC use. There are two functionality switches on the Fighting Commander and while they are nice to have, I can’t imagine too many instances where they will be necessary. Once you do hold it, you notice how incredibly light the controller is. The Fighting Commander works great on PC through Steam. Austyn James Roney began his gaming journey with Super Smash Bros. on the N64 but learned the ways of the fighting game genre with Marvel vs. Capcom 3. 1,417 global ratings | 723 global reviews, Reviewed in the United States on April 9, 2017. It's no where near as bad as the Mortal Kombat fighting gamepad. I have been using this controller since MKX. The HORI Fighting Stick Mini was in a similar situation until they released colorful Street Fighter collector editions. None of these features are necessary to the FightPad experience, but they definitely help make things feel more premium. I've gone to Arcade sticks multiple times, having some of the worst luck with them with defects and the odd issues. As of now I have a brand new piece of plastic that does nothing on my PC. This six-button placement is certainly a selling feature for the Fighting Commander, and if Street Fighters are your games, it makes a difference. The PlayStation pad also allows you to switch the top shoulder buttons between two configurations, allowing access to the the L3/R3 buttons if desired. Platformers, metroidvanias, and other 2D titles feel right at home as well. colorful Street Fighter collector editions, FGC members and r/StreetFighter support Black Lives Matter through online tournament and donations, raising over $15,000, CYG Interview Series Part Five: Infexious discusses his competitive roots, the UK scene, Capcom Cup 2019, and more, CYG Interview Series Part Three: Daigo “The Beast” Umehara shares his thoughts on the CPT, new playstyle with Guile, his Evo 2019 performance, and more. I am a huge proponent of protecting your eyes from as much blue light as possible. I have two of them... the only reason I'm not giving 5 stars... (i'd like to give 4.5) is that I'm wary about button sticking... hasn't been a huge problem at all... but on my first one I feel like here and there ever so randomly one of the buttons sticks slightly... but it doesnt happen for long. Editor-in-Chief. On top of the filter itself, the kit only comes with a fairly flimsy cleaning cloth and a piece of hard paper to help press out the bubbles. I tested it with several games: Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2019. Personally, I prefer a bit more heft to my controllers, but it makes sense in the context of its design. Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2020. The PowerA FUSION Wired FightPad also has the RSB/LSB on the left and L/ZL buttons on the right as an option but the switch changes the bumpers and triggers to behave as they naturally would with L/ZL and R/ZR respectively. Whenever I started working at my office job, I found myself getting major headaches as the week went on. While the instructions are a tad cryptic since they lack any written direction, there is a handy dandy QR code that takes you directly to an official installation guide. It might just be one of the best D-Pads out there and I wish it was on all of HORI’s controller products. We appreciate all feedback. If you use stock X-Box One or PS4 controllers, the Hori Fighting Commander will take some getting used to as it feels different in the hand. I have used the HORI Fighting Commander on my Xbox One mainly for Tekken 7 and a little bit of Street Fighter IV so far, and I have to say it's great. If you are a fan of FightPads, odds are you are familiar with HORI’s Fighting Commander. I am one of those people who set their phones and computers to automatically adjust to warmer tones when the sun sets and Dark Mode is my best friend. That all being said, the Blue Light Screen Filter only costs $9.99, so you shouldn’t really expect all that much. Shoryuken review: HORI Fighting Commander pad for PlayStation 4/Xbox One. Had to cut it to fit, but it works, and works way better than the one it came with. There is a hardware switch on the controller, and it was correctly set to the Xbox 360/PC position on the right, not the Xbox One position on the left. The Fighting Commander OCTA Designed for Xbox Series X|S is a wired controller that is optimized for fighting games. I found some inputs, like SPD or double-SPD, a little easier on the HORI. However, the buttons are quite shallow and “soft” — only light presses are needed, which is great for quick inputs, but also increases the likelihood of input errors as you brush against the wrong button.