At Worldbestinfo, the privacy of our visitors/users is extremely important to us. Rising global inequality has made minimum wages a hot topic in countries around the world, as governments attempt to ensure low-paid workers have the chance to escape relative poverty. However, this article brings to your perusal a list of the top 20 highest minimum wages in the world, indicating their actual minimum wage in an hour, annual earning of workers as well as the current population of each of the countries. This is the latest effort in Switzerland to ensure people are able to live decently from their salary. Also Read: List of Minimum Wage in African Countries, All countries A-Z, Here is the Top 20 Highest Minimum Wage in the World, Also Read: Highest minimum wage in Africa. These countries have rules ensuring their workers receive the highest minimum wages in the world, according to a report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The city is rated the most expensive to live in world-wide and queues outside food-banks have been growing. More than 300,000 of Switzerland’s workers live in neighbouring France, where costs are lower. A Better Time: Davido Features Bella Shmurda, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown... PENGASSAN Declare Meeting With Govt Inconclusive, Continue Strike Over IPPIS, Twerking Video Of A Beautiful Lady Trends On Twitter (Video). The guaranteed minimum monthly salary in Geneva for a 41-hour week will be 4,086 Swiss francs (£3,437). According to another cost-of-living index compiled by Expatistan, Geneva is the world’s second most expensive city. Worldbestinfo is the world largest general information site. Top 10 Countries with the Highest Minimum Wages in the World. The information inside the log files includes internet protocol ( IP ) addresses, type of browser, Internet Service Provider ( ISP ), ….Continue Reading…, List of Minimum Wage in African Countries, All countries A-Z, Brooklyn College Majors and Acceptance Rate, Minimum Wage Australia And Minimum Wage India, 9 Amazing iPhone Keyboard Tips to Ease your Typing Experience, 5 Handy Vacuuming Tips for Hassle-Free Cleaning, How to Track your Stimulus Check – IRS Stimulus Check Tracking, ISC New York NY(USPS) Processed Through Facility Sort ISC (Explained), Second stimulus check $2000 passed – Stimulus check 2 approved, 4 Most Helpful Books for College Students, Vanderpump Rules Recap – Top 10 Moments Of Vanderpump Rules, HP Pavilion 15 cs3095nr Touchscreen Core i7 Price, Specs and Review, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (5G) Review of Price and Release Date. But Swiss voters rejected a proposal to end free movement from EU member-states in a national referendum on Sunday. Please review our, You need to be a subscriber to join the conversation. The U.S. state of New York has passed legislation that will gradually raise the minimum wage to $15, bringing it level with the rate in California. Brainnewspaper is your one stop portal for the latest, breaking and trending news stories and articles you love to read. Countries With The Highest Minimum Wages In The World In 2020 by domino4211(m): 8:07am On Oct 02 If you're planning to migrate for economic and financial purposes,these are the countries where you stand to make much money depending on how hardworking and skilled you are. Minimum wage can be paid on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. As a Multi-Author Created by Aniekeme Unyah, worldbestinfo provides unique and accurate information to help solve problems in different areas of life. Due to the exploitative nature of some jobs, the wages received by the worker must commiserate with the work done, hence the emergence of the minimum wage concept. It rates London ninth. The minimum wage has a regulatory body in almost all countries of the world. It also exceeds the world’s current highest minimum wage of over £11 per hour in Australia. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Like several other Web sites, worldbestinfo makes use of log files. This depends on the countries pattern of payment. Geneva has been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic because it relies on revenue from tourists and business visitors. Antagonists of good minimum wage believe that it increases poverty, increases unemployment because low-wage workers will be unable to find work, and damages businesses because the wage requirements will cause businesses to raise prices of their product and service to accommodate the cost of labor. The measure was approved by the locals in a surprise vote result sparked by reports of growing coronavirus-linked poverty in the Swiss city. Geneva is to introduce a minimum monthly wage of nearly £3,500, the highest in the world, in response to growing poverty since the coronavirus outbreak. From October 17, the minimum hourly wage will be 23 Swiss francs (almost £19.50), more than double the rate in neighbouring France or in the UK. The guaranteed minimum monthly salary in Geneva for a 41-hour week will be 4,086 Swiss francs (£3,437). Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Soldier Threatens Driver On Kaduna Road: “I Will Kill You &... Africa Cup Of Nations Qualification Results For Wed. Nov. 11, International Friendlies Results For Wednesday, November 11, ASUU Breaking News This Morning, November 12. While calculating a country’s minimum wage, it is worthy to note that the final estimate doesn’t include taxes, annual leave, sick pay, employees’ social insurance contributions, public holidays and several other contributions depending on … This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information collected by the worldbestinfo blog. They argue that immigrant workers have pushed up housing costs and lowered wages. The canton’s 500,000 voters approved the minimum wage, proposed by Left-wing parties, by a 58-per-cent majority in a referendum, after rejecting it twice in 2014 and 2011. Geneva is set to introduce a minimum wage of $25 per hour -- reported to be the highest in the world. Worldbestinfo which is a division of Judos digital Cypher is equally into Digital Marketing, Video and Animation Creation, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing etc. These bodies check the level of compliance by the heads of government and call for action when necessary. Geneva is rated the world’s tenth most expensive city, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2020 Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, with Paris in fifth place. The measure will benefit some 30,000 low-paid workers, two-thirds of them women, many employed as cleaners or in restaurants or hairdressers. Most commute to jobs in the Geneva canton, or region. Left-wing parties in Switzerland argue that introducing a minimum wage is a better way to address the rising cost of living than limiting immigration from EU member-states, as proposed by Right-wingers. Geneva is very wealthy, but not everyone is rich and now it has the world's highest minimum salary. It also exceeds the world’s current highest minimum wage of over £11 per hour in Australia. However, this article brings to your perusal a list of the top 20 highest minimum wages in the world, indicating their actual minimum wage in an hour, annual earning of workers as well as the current population of each of the countries. Find out more, A food bank has been set up in one of Geneva's ice rinks during the coronavirus crisis, US election results and maps 2020: Joe Biden wins US election after victory in Pennsylvania. The Telegraph values your comments but kindly requests all posts are on topic, constructive and respectful. Sorry, but the page you are looking for doesn't exist. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Jura and Neuchâtel have both introduced a minimum hourly wage of 20 Swiss francs (£16.85). A minimum wage is the least expected pay that a worker is due to receive or is expected to receive. Mr Charrat said: “Covid showed that a certain section of the Swiss population cannot live in Geneva… 4,000 Swiss francs a month (£3,362) is the minimum to stay above the poverty line.” Rents in Geneva are often more than 2,000 Swiss francs a month, he added. The company team based in the United States of America is made up of creative and resourceful personnel with good experience in different aspect of life. London is not among the 10 costliest cities in the survey. Enthusiasts of the good minimum wage have deviant views about it, claiming that it increases the standard of living for workers and reduces poverty, as well as reduces inequality and boosts employee morale. Georgia 2020 election results: What's happening with recounts and Senate runoffs. Geneva will be the third Swiss canton to adopt one. Average salaries in San Francisco have risen by 31% since 2018, with the city taking the crown for the highest-paying city in the world this year, according to Deutsche Bank research. Voters in Geneva, Switzerland, have agreed to introduce a minimum wage in the canton that is the equivalent of $25 an hour — believed to be the highest in the world. Michel Charrat of the European Cross-Border Group, which supports cross-border workers, told France 3 television that the vote result marked a “movement of solidarity” with the poor that would help “restore a certain balance among the people of Greater Geneva”. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any inquiry or information to share with us. This shows a comprehensive list of the highest minimum wage in the world. Where are the world’s highest minimum wages? Switzerland has Europe’s highest average annual wage of more than £57,000, compared to nearly £35,500 in the UK, but the prosperous Alpine country sets no national minimum wage. Our content developers go through thorough research before coming up with each article and they are never misleading. At the height of the coronavirus crisis, queues more than half a mile long formed at food banks.