I'd also check the cable between your audio source and the transmitter. Most transmitters have an input level adjustment. Thanks for the help!! If the loud portions distort, when you are listening on a radio, turn down the level to the transmitter at the source or turn down the level adjustment on the transmitter. Here is what I've done to troubleshot: 1. Hope this helps. When other electrical devices are too close to the FM tuner, static can develop and interfere with broadcast quality that is the root of the fm transmitter static problem. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AskEngineers community. Powered by Invision Community, Light-O-Rama General Questions and Answers. What can I do to get rid of the static, without having to lay the transmitter on my lap? From the mixer to the audio amplifiers for the yard speakers is about 120 feet. I assume that my body is either adding capacitance, or acting as a ground, to divert the noise. Turn down the audio level to the transmitter. The Anker Roav SmartCharge F0 Bluetooth FM Transmitter streams music straight from your phone via Bluetooth. I have a belkin FM transmitter/charger for my iPod. Good Topic,  I too had several issues in the audio dept. DOC, November 18, 2017 in General LOR Questions, My FM transmitter is transmitting fine except for their is a lot of ststic when vocals are heard or the music is loud   any suggestions to fix problem    i have tried several stations but same result. I know a lot of people have bad FM transmitters with lots of constant static and want to know how to fix that, but that's not my problem. Experienced? It works like an FM Transmitter, except instead of feeding the signal from your Ipod (or whatever you have) to your radio through radiowaves, which can cause static and disturbances, it feeds it directly into your antenna through a wired connection in the back of ANY RADIO (stock or aftermarket), completely reducing any static or interference. Tried to position the transmitter closer to the vehicle. Mine is about 75 feet from the show computer to the sound mixer, then from the mixer to the FM transmitter close to 150 feet. Interference can come from two sources: the outside world, and your own equipment. Would pictures of any of this help you at all, or do you have a pretty good image going in your mind? Last season I purchased the transmitter from Christmas Light Show and from the moment I took it out of the box it was distorted and staticky. FM Transmitter Static Problem? I should be able to help. Today I noticed the volume was really low in my truck even though I had the volume cranked to the max. Try turning down the volume on your computer. Turned down the volume on the transmitter. BTW, if turning down the volume does not help, PM me a phone number and I'll give you a call. I have my transmitter 20 feet from my audio source. I too solved the issue with a longer audio cable. I have a strong 10/100mW transmitter in my truck. Selected 88.7fm. I recently purchased a bluetooth FM transmitter so that I wouldn't have to plug my phone into the tape player AUX port I have (too many cables going on in my car). On low power this easily covers my whole house and allows me to stream music to all my radios. Looking to upgrade software? They turn the 12v of the car into 5v for your USB plug by rapidly switching between on/off to regulate the voltage. How long is your audio cable? How can I ground it out (not sure if that's the issue or what) to stop the loss of radio stations? I’m kind of having the same issue. This is likely less true for a classical station, than for a station carrying more recent music. Note BTW, when properly adjusted, your music will almost certainly sound quieter than your local commercial FM station. Moving it away from the antenna/radio would help. I tried moving it to the plug in the truck, the problem being that it still whines, slightly less, but I don't have access to its buttons and it's wont to get smashed by tools and whatever else is sliding about back there. Hello all! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Based on the reviews and price, I took a chance on this FM Transmitter. I’m using a mini director to run my show. I have experienced this too — at work and at home. The adapters are DC-DC switching power supplies. \$\begingroup\$ You may well be hearing distortion rather than static. I’m wondering if I should move the transmitter away from the controller and stretch the antenna to the highest interior part of the garage? Need help? To stop it, you'd have to shield the wiring or rewire it completely into a new shielded case. My FM transmitter is transmitting fine except for their is a lot of ststic when vocals are heard or the music is loud any suggestions to fix problem i have tried several stations but same result I had this issue before and I used a longer cable between the transmitter and the audio source and it took care of the problem. Just had to turn the volume down on the transmitter. 3. Try lowering the volume of the music you are playing (at the input to the transmitter.) Sounds like an overmodulation problem. The reason is that your local FM station almost certainly highly compresses the audio before sending it to the transmitter, whereas normally we are not. 4. If I hold on to it, or rest it on my lap, the static goes away. I had this issue before and I used a longer cable between the transmitter and the audio source and it took care of the problem.