YESSSSS. Lightning cracks followed by a roar of thunder. So they bring them back to camp and welcome them with open arms.They have to find a Safe Haven called Hyperionheights. Operation Movie Night turns into Operation Help Ruby. bearnicorn. In recognition of their help in destroying Hades, Zeus offers to return them to the land of the living. For the OUAT crew, they are stuck in a "curse". So, if I understand your concerns then I guess you could simply post in that thread sense this discussion is sort of already happening, but this thread is totally fine as long as we don't have two threads discussing the same thing. Toto LESBIANS Interestingly enough… Emma Swan & Regina Mills are original OUAT characters, not Disney Mains. Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Dorothy Ruby on MyHeritage, the world's family history network. Upon picking a poppy, they are pursued by Zelena's minions, flying monkeys. Relatives: "Kansas" Changer un détail, changer tout le reste. The Ruby Slippers are the sparkling red shoes worn by Dorothy Gale in the magical Land of Oz as played by the late Judy Garland in the famous and iconic classic 1939 MGM musical movie The Wizard of Oz. The show can get a little repetitive (please tell me I’m not the only one to notice). If you’re not gonna explore it then why, throw it in. Because Dorothy refuses to comply, Zelena uses Toto as a bargaining chip, giving her until sundown tomorrow to forfeit the slippers. That is, until a stranger arrives in Storybrooke. Is it Unfortunately she forgot her one rule and now she’s paying for it. “Regina!” One second a haunting face gravitating for her and then like the snap of fingers, gone. RUBY WOKE DOROTHY WITH TRUE LOVE’S KISS, I AM DYING FROM HAPPINESS, GOODBYE. But after that title... sometimes they do put a title alike to what will happen to a character, Swan Song is clearly a reference to Emma's death (she kinda died when she went to the Underworld to find Killian, right? Female WOLFY AND KANSAS One bad decision led her to the monstrous ‘Crocodile,’ a mobster in New York who goes by the name Gold. Alive I’ll never watch the show again.”. Regina, the elected Queen of the United Realms, has a lot more time on her hands than she expected. Home: Regina is living happily in her island paradise a safe haven among the criminal world when her son Henry suddenly decides to find his birth mother Emma. So you'd think she would be alone? The whole sickening menage will be undone...and much, much more. We know nothing about Dorothy and Ruby doesn't appear anything other than Straight., The only confirmed lesbian is Mulan so it's slightly alarming that you didn't mention her, lol. fangirling-all … "Where Bluebirds Fly" I didn't get this title, seriously. Since Toto only barks at witches, Dorothy demands to know which one of them is a witch. Relevant Pages Species: It doesn’t have to be an entire season, but an episode or two would be nice. Only after the girl's departure, Glinda discovers too late that Zelena masqueraded as the Wizard in order to usher Dorothy out of Oz. But what will happen when Emma discovers who Killian really is? I SHIP IT BLESS. Dorothy and Ruby are in high school too; I think that Mulan deserves a happy ending; Summary. Dorothy thanks the Wizard and proceeds to click the slippers' heels three times to send herself home. Friends are what get us through tough times, and I for one am glad that they have each other. She trudges forward hands outstretched in return. 4 notes. That is a cause for celebration. OUAT isn’t exactly known for slowburn romance if you aren’t a part of the main cast. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Finding Glinda leads to everyone finding their place and their pack. Her cursed memories were fading but her daughters memories were so real. Regina and her group of survivors called the Regals, saves Emma, baby Henry and her injured brother August, from a small herd of zombies in the woods. The three come upon Zelena, who demands the silver slippers from Dorothy as ransom for Toto, whom she has found. At the poppy field, Dorothy cautions Ruby not to sniff the flowers or she'll fall asleep. In defense, Dorothy throws a bucket of water at Zelena; causing the witch to melt. Dorothy clicks her heels in The Wizard of Oz (1939). I don't own Once upon a time or the characters. Dorothy reprimands her and chases after her pet, but Ruby makes it up to her by using her enhanced sense of smell to point Dorothy in the right direction. Like don’t get me wrong I’ve been wanting Ruby to be into girls since day one, but literally her and Dorothy’s love story was so rushed. Stop Coupled Sexual Content begins at chpt 4-5. I don’t usually get all fan-girly but OMG Ruby and Dorothy are too damn cute. Um, yeah, I’m writing this, so duh – it’s all love all the time. Title means nothing and the title discussion belongs on that page, not this one. gay poWER COUPLE! Little Neal and Henry bonding Since Ruby doesn't know what it is, Dorothy advises her to figure it out. True love's kiss ( Dorothy and Ruby ) Fanfiction. Brown Status: Ruby and Dorothy moments (i mean really, we need this) Everyone to be happy. Ruby shares her own experience of being ostracized after her village forced her out for killing her boyfriend, adding that she feels like something is missing in her life. All while finding love in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. She wasn't, merely transported to another realm. 2. Me while watching the Ruby Slippers episode of QUAT: gay power couple! Long live Outlaw Queen. Absolutely! Detective Robin from Homicide and Missing Persons is always busy, looking to piss off the next monster. Dorothy is beautiful, wise and oh so free.How can someone so different make you feel so equal? Please consider turning it on! sailormoon-love. ["UA Éléonora". In comparison to the heteronormative couples on the show. But an incident during the celebration leads to the hiring of a knight to protect her. As they begin to leave, they see a cyclone appear in the distance, which Dorothy recognizes that it is bringing the Wicked Witch, Zelena, back to Oz.