Chicken $5.99 Beef $6.99 Vegeterian $4.99, Hot Deli Sandwich, with Fries or  Rice, Plus Soft Drink Chicken $7.99 Beef $8.99 Vegetarian $6.99, Create the Taste of your Gourmet Doner Plate with Sliced Meat of your choice, Salad, Grilled Vegetables, with Rice or Fries. Blend the mixture (straining optional) with an immersion blender or food processor and add vinegar, plus salt & sugar to taste. Great fast food! more. Doner Durum Wrap. Brush with egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Doner Lahmacun Wrap . Chicken $5.99 Beef $6.99 Vegeterian $4.99. gmarquardt has an M.A. Put the dough on a lightly floured surface and knead it for 10 minutes or until smooth and elastic. Order online, and get Doner Kebab delivered, fast. One can simply ask for a mix of meats as well. :) Kind of like a Northern European version of a gyro. C West Jordan, UT 84088, Designed by FxWebs | Powered by Rios Computer Designs. Andrew Stewart from England on January 10, 2013: A mouth watering hub, we have the Doner kebabs in the UK and are get a regular visit by myself. It seems we have a good bit in common. Most Turkish cooks pride themselves on their abilities with their traditional long bladed knives, but some use modern conveniences such as a motorized saw to speed up the process. Other sauces are available as well, supporting different tastes. Doner Kebab Sandwiches. Doner Box with Fries. Get Doner Kebab delivered from national chains, local favorites, or new neighborhood restaurants, on Grubhub. This is especially necessary when the customers are backed up around the corner! Enjoy this Berlin inspired Turkish street food, döner kebab! Pita bread is the norm, but some are store-bought, some are baked fresh right at the store, some are fluffy and light, some are thick and dense, and some are cracker thin. I must say the photo's and the side dishes look more "Tasty" than some of the food served in some of the establishments I have visited. gmarquardt (author) from Hill Country, Texas on August 09, 2012: They are becoming more popular here in the U.S. … He uses fresh pita bread instead of serving it on skewers. Believe it or not was in London, Leicester Square! If you ever get down to Texas, look them up on the UT campus. I have seen them all over the world under so many different names...shawarma, kebabs, doner...they seem to have caught on in every major city except the ones in the US, where I've only seen them in New York. Got it! Mon-Fri: 11 to 3. Map updates are paused. Thanks for the follow. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! As you drink your tea, watch the spit slowly spin around the fire and listen to the meat begin to sizzle and cook, just occasionally, an owner may start to talk about opening a döner shop with you back in America! The menu has a good range of different meats for the sandwiches and salads, in addition to having vegetarian options. 428 Westlake Avenue, Ste 101. Deals and promos available. Usually, a large onion or tomato sits at the top of the spit, its juices running down into the meat mingling together in perfect harmony. Onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes contribute to the party. The meat is often chicken or pork, but lamb, turkey, and even some beef is available. Put all together, the sandwich is perfection. As the chef slices, small bits of caramelized meat tumble down into the waiting bread. Doner Box with Fries & Salad. Layers of meat are marinated with garlic, rosemary, oregano, other herbs and spices, and then skewered onto a long spit. Originally Turkish street vendor fare that found a large, hungry, and young consumer base in Berlin, the sandwich has now pervaded every city and town in Germany. Doner Spring Rolls. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Delicious food. Some of the breads are baked in a traditional wood oven, some in an electric toaster, and some are even pressed in a Panini machine. Doner Burger. Next come the vegetables, all of which can be individually chosen.