Check out these 15 DIY science projects and get ready to start your own experiments for the Explore Science Contest! This section gives details of many DIY science projects and equipment which can … Construct a snow globe using a LEGO figurine and some glitter. He discovered that ferromagnetic ... Free Energy from the Environment This is a simple setup that uses the thermoelectric / seebeck effect for converting heat directly ... Homemade Solar Panels This shows a simple demonstration of how a homemade solar panel can be used to show the ... Static Electricity Motor A CD with one side covered in foil can be made to spin at high speed by ... FerroFluids Ferrofluids are made from a suspension of tiny magnetic particles in a liquid such as water or oil. Magnetic Linear Accelerator This experiment is a simple way of demonstrating the distribution of the field inside a solenoid and ... DIY Plasma Gun II The DIY Plasma Gun II is an improved version of a compact, portable, spark gap Tesla ... Hydrogen Cannon This experiment demonstrates the splitting of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen by electrolysis, and the re combining of ... Franklin's Bells In 1752 Benjamin Franklin was experimenting with one of his inventions, the lightning rod. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. The following pages are designed to help science and technology enthusiasts find ways of creating fun educational diy projects while learning the principles of how things work. Get the tutorial at Kids Activities Blog. Paint stones in your garden and keep track of what you’ve planted. Fill a jar with layers and layers and layers of color. Add food coloring to glue to make "cosmic" sun catchers. That’s a shame, because while you head to the farmer’s market or carefully consider what bar to spend your paycheck on, you could be spending less than $20 holding your own science fair at … Create beads using pieces of colorful corrugated cardboard. ARDUINO MPPT SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER (Version-3.0), Scientific Research High Altitude Balloon for Fun and Profit, Preventing Bacon Shrinkage: an Experiment, How Dish Soap Works - Water Surface Tension Experiment. There are all sorts of ways to make a plasma globe. Anyone can be a scientist! Explore the wonders of weaving with cardboard looms. Turn it on while you read a few fairy tales at bedtime. Play the Frozen soundtrack while you paint. Such ... A DIY Mechanical Puppet Animator This is very simple device that uses a simple mechanism to animate some small puppets to ... A Simple DIY Solid State Tesla Coil This Solid State Tesla Coil is easy to build, upgradeable and gives great ... DIY Air Quality Meter & Emissions Tester This little project shows how a simple hand held meter can be made ... Resonance and Simple Harmonic Motion This experiments is a simple way to demonstrate the principles of resonance and simple harmonic ... DIY Vacuum Chamber This is very simple to construct, and is made from low cost materials. Investigate density with a magical potion tower. Share This Article. Projects and experiments may be dangerous and should be supervised by a competent adult.