Keep holding onto the duvet as you pull your arms out through the opening. There’s also a really cool little shelf underneath which can be used for storage. It’s the Ikea Tolga single bed base and the couch was designed around it, with a low backrest and a single armrests for a modern and asymmetrical look. It’s a pretty cool deal, especially considering how many customization options you can choose from. Now if you can just find some Yoda green for a top. Those colorful and floral designed old sheets would make the most beautiful bracelets, don’t you think? Of course, you could always do some hand-sewn details (learn how to sew different hand stitches) along your new duvet cover if you are so inclined. This is a great idea for sheets that may be a bit more worn – you can use those as outdoor tablecloths and save your really good ones for indoors. The dust ruffle is sewn right in to the fitted sheet. Get a new look at your living without actually replacing the living room sofa and other furniture! You can do this by simply cutting your sheet fabric and using fabric glue to hold it over a large headband. Be sure to get the outdoor version with waterproof covers. It’s not even second on the list, but it is something that needs to be done – daily in my house. Lay your second flat sheet on top of the first, wrong sides together (right sides out). (Example picture below) Step Two: Take the pillow cases, cut them in…. Then, … Since the couch is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any living room or lounge spaces, often even the focal point of the room, we don’t really dare to think of it as a potential DIY project. This is such a unique look and if you don’t really want to DIY the look, you can get this one on Etsy. Right now you’re probably thinking DIY couches are pretty cool and affordable and all but what if you want one that expands, one which you can also use as a bed whenever needed? Step one: This is the easiest step! That’s one of the perks of DIY – it makes a space better, both directly and indirectly. One sheet can make at least two pillow cases depending on the size that you need. This example maintained a top seam of about 1” to 1-1/2”, because that was the amount of extra length the sheets had in comparison to the duvet itself. A nice example is offered on themerrythought. Just choose the sheet that you want to use and then cut it down to size and hem it up. Sheet Ruffles From Old Sheets; 23. Turn them into this amazing rag rug. Isn’t it just perfect? You can use it for trips to the market or even use it as a tote bag when you’re going on trips to the park or beach. It has a simple design with an exposed wooden frame and that gives it a Scandinavian vibe. If you know how to sew a straight line, you can sew this duvet cover. I really love my shopping bags, and this one is super easy to make. That gives the couch a rustic-industrial look. DIY Sofa Slip Covers - the Complete Know How Step 1: Materials. Mix and match the sheet designs and maybe even add in some lace or other material to create a stunning spring table runner that you’re going to love showing off to family and friends. Sew into place. Aligning the bottom end of the duvet with the bottom end of the duvet cover, tie the corresponding bottom corner fabric tapes together. Reach your arms into the opening, each arm aimed at one of the bottom corners. The seat and the backrest are soft and padded and the fabric is secured to the wooden frame so it doesn’t move around. If you have a baby on the way, or know someone who does, you can repurpose those old colorful sheets into this amazing crib mobile. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They provide a beautiful and practical finishing element to sewn pieces that will require regular laundering, as fraying will be minimized or avoided altogether. It sort of makes sense to turn that sheet into a sheet, right? That’s what makes repurposing so much fun. This is a great way to give all of your gifts a little country touch, too. This comfy-looking couch featured in a tutorial from YouTube can be built for under $100. DIY Tablecloth From Old Sheets; 28. My bathroom storage closet is filled with sheets that don’t even fit any of our beds anymore. You do however, have to make sure that your little ones are safe from sunburn, which is where these fun DIY tents made from sheets can come in. The inspiration source for it was a stylish couch with a pallet base and casters and the result ended up looking similar but at the same time quite different. You can use it to give them their own space for creating or reading or just build it in the toy room for when they play together. have u similar projects with plastic ropes, Thanks for the suggestion we can put up a collection for old plastic ropes, stay tuned! Just check out these 30 frugal ways to repurpose mismatched socks. If you want to find out more about how you can use fabric to make your own couch look refreshingly stylish checkout lanaredstudio. Email and Push Notification Subscriber Settings. If you just can’t find the curtains that you want to match your bedding, but you have sheets in the right color, turn those sheets into the curtains that you need. The mobile hangs from an embroidery hoop and while it does require a bit of sewing, the end result is gorgeous and so colorful – depending of course on what sheets you are using. You can either cut scraps from your sheets and give gifts a quilted look with different designs or wrap them in a larger piece of fabric and tie off with a burlap bow or ribbon.