2019: 6 2018: 8 A successful cyber attack, depending on its severity and objective, could destroy or cripple a company. We have been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative cybersecurity operations leaders, and excel in complex, multi-technology environments. Today CrowdStrike is a premier cyber security company with presence in the U.S., Europe, and India. The New York-founded firm prides itself on being "the first deep learning cybersecurity company,” providing a zero-time threat prevention platform for organizations to protect themselves against zero-day threats and APT attacks. In 2015, The Carlyle Group and The Chertoff Group acquired a majority stake in the company. Our subscribers nominate the companies with whom they have collaborated and gotten results. FireEye was founded in In 2004 and went public on the Nasdaq on September 20, 2013. Deep Instinct USA is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and Deep Instinct Israel is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Its goal is to make it easier for people to protect a business in today’s fast-changing security and risk environment. Palo Alto Networks provides consistent security and compliance across the entire scope of cloud-connected users, apps, and data, Rendition Infosec delivers market-best cybersecurity solutions to protect and defend against the most malicious cybersecurity threats. By far one of the most well-known cybersecurity companies in the market, McAfee has been churning out cybersecurity software since its inception in 1987. Worldwide spending on information security and risk management systems will reach $131B in 2020, increasing to $174B in 2022 approximately $50B will be dedicated to protecting the endpoint according to Gartner’s latest Information Security and Risk Management forecast. Their unique combination of advanced internet data surveillance and analytics expedites investigations, understands digital attack surfaces, assess risk and takes action to protect the business, brand, and customers. Array Networks provides a purpose-built security environment to eliminate high-level security challenges. Forrester observes in their latest Wave on Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q4 2019 that “MobileIron’s recently released authenticator, which enables passwordless authentication to cloud services, is a must for future-state Zero Trust enterprises and speaks to its innovation in this space.” The Wave also illustrates that MobileIron is the most noteworthy vendor as their approach to Zero Trust begins with the device and scales across mobile infrastructures. This facilitates learning and improves its artificial intelligence engine at an unprecedented speed. vWAF’s most prominent feature is its automated learning aptitude, which can make policy recommendations by learning about application behavior, making it easier for security teams to maintain policies. A-LIGNCategory: Information Security and Cyber Risk AdvisoryLocation: Tampa, Florida. Gigamon has sustained its position as a leader in network visibility and analytics for digital applications and services for years. 80% of telecommunications executives believe their organization would not be able to respond to cyberattacks without AI, with the average being 69% of all enterprises across seven industries. I am also a member of the Enterprise Irregulars. By fundamentally shifting the approach to cybersecurity from reactive to a proactive methodology, Deep Instinct automatically analyzes files and vectors to keep them protected in what they call, "a threat landscape.". Cybereason provides endpoint protection built to defend against future potential cyber threats, CYFIRMA, cyber threat visibility and intelligence suite and service provider, helps its clients to keep their organization’s cybersecurity posture, resilient, and prepared against upcoming cyber-attacks. Armed with unmatched accuracy and speed, the firm’s ultimate goal is to eradicate cyber threats as well as evasive known and unknown malware attacks. LogRhythm helps its clients in gaining deep visibility across their network and shows the value of securing their operations. AppGaurd’s Adoptive Policy Enforcement (APE) provides protection against viruses, fileless malware, watering-holes, botnets, polymorphic malware, targeted attacks, weaponized documents, in-memory attacks, phishing, drive-by-downloads, and other advanced threats, Array Networks offers all-around security solutions by combining the best attributes of dedicated hardware, virtualization, and software-centric computing for virtual networking and security functions. Cyber Security executives have realized that raw data is not intelligence. Not only has ThreatQuotient addressed the industry demand for greater threat visibility and customer-defined controls, but it’s also found a way to attain a single visual representation of a complete situation. 69% of senior executives believe AI and machine learning are necessary to respond to cyberattacks according to the Capgemini study, Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence. Almost 20 percent of organizations that undergo a cyber attack go out of business. Touted for redefining security operations for enterprises and MSSPs worldwide, 2019 has been pivotal to the company, who announced in September a new patent related to its ability to group and connect cybersecurity events. 1. 25. The company believes in providing intelligent solutions to security teams and introducing workflows driven by automation. eSentire reinvented enterprise network security by focusing on the protection of core assets inside the network using their human-driven, behavior-based solutions. A leader in software supply chain automation technology, the company also scales DevOps through open source governance and software supply chain automation. They’re able to assign a single score to a specific event and predict if it’s legitimate or not. FireEyeCategory: Cybersecurity Software, ServicesLocation: Milpitas, California. Identity Manager also has over 30 direct provisioning connectors included in the base package, with good platform coverage, including strong Microsoft and Office 365 support. The company provides a security platform to find the signal component of the attack and connects the collected information to reveal the entire campaign and restrict it to enter. Ever-evolving regulations concerning security and data privacy are driving growth at the company. One Identity and its approach is trusted by customers worldwide, where more than 7,500 organizations worldwide depend on One Identity solutions to manage more than 125 million identities, enhancing their agility and efficiency while securing access to their systems and data – on-prem, cloud, or hybrid. Omni then sends alerts if unusual behavior is detected and blocks access to potential threats. 2019: 16 2018: 17 And that bet has paid off. WireX Systems focuses on delivering the best incident response capabilities to threats in a matter of minutes. With unsurpassed threat intelligence, we help you to predict, detect, and respond to cyberthreats, while supporting business innovation and managing risk. One of Starling’s greatest benefits is its design that allows for it to be used not only by Identity Manager clients, but also by clients of other IGA solutions as a simplified approach to obtain SaaS-based identity analytics, risk intelligence, and cloud provisioning. I've taught at California State University, Fullerton: University of California, Irvine; Marymount University, and Webster University. Its services are offered by a team of industry experts that help enterprise organizations get a handle on a wide range of compliance and risk management initiatives. The company focuses on enabling its clients to combat cyber threats through intelligence-driven solutions. Using next-gen technologies to fight cyber attacks in real-time, the company's immense cloud-based machine learning engine works by receiving a constant stream of data from hundreds of millions of users. Servicing over 23,000 enterprises and service providers, Pulse Secure has empowered businesses of every size to securely access and applications while ensuring business compliance.Homeland Security Warns of VPN Security Bug.