Athletes are generating that revenue and deserve a slice of the pie. Argument(s) for: John Harbaugh definitely thinks Joe Flacco is elite, not to mention “the best quarterback in football,” so does President Obama. Sometimes grownups have to do things they don’t want to do, and as far a bad things go, waiting in line to shake a few hands doesn’t seem like that big a deal compared something like…getting a root canal or something similarly unpleasant. Argument(s) for: Native Americans, who have traveled a rough road in the New World, are unhappy that an NFL football team’s name is an offensive derogatory slur. Because it would be too much hassle? So, why was the SEC always given the benefit of the doubt? Argument(s) for: At the professional level, handshake lines are reserved mostly for the playoffs, when emotions are running high. People who argue it provides and unfair competitive advantage are spot on, so let the NL join the party already! And he’s only due $25 million more! Argument(s) for: The only thing that should matter in the end is getting calls right because there’s nothing worse than when the zebras play a large part in the outcome of a game. This isn’t little league—get rid of it. So if there are few sports facilities, little sport at school, few community sports clubs, can we really say that South African sport is being transformed and developed? Sports Facilities and the Law is the one-stop publication for news, case summaries, articles, and strategies to understand legal concerns and help create strategies to successfully deal with the challenges facing arenas, stadiums, recreation, and fitness facilities, whether at the professional, collegiate, high school, and amateur levels. Currently, 33 state associations have adopted formal policies setting forth anti-discrimination directives regarding transgender student-athletes and guidelines governing their participation in school athletics programs. Argument(s) against: Although it’s still considered a black mark on the purity of our national pastime by a dwindling number of drama queens, the DH’s real problem is that it only exists in the AL. They put themselves at risk and their collective efforts generate billions annually. How Facilities Can Reassure Employees It’s Safe to Return to the Office, Housekeepers Protect Campus From the Coronavirus With Help From CIMS, 5 High-Touch Surfaces You Can’t Miss in Restroom Cleaning, How GPS Technology Provides Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air, Hand Hygiene: Compliance Reduces Spread of Disease, The Winner of the ISSA Innovation of the Year Award is….Entry®. Sports Facilities and the Law is published by Hackney Publications. So suck it up and deal with it, it’ll be over in 90 seconds.