Store fennel in a sealed container at room temperature, away from moisture, heat, and light. Benefits of Creatine for Women & Its Side Effects, Benefits & Side Effects of Purple Corn Extract, Nutritional Guide to Managing Major Depressive Disorder, SIBO Natural Treatment & Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Natural Treatment of SIBO, SIBO Diet | SIBO Diet-Low FODMAPs | Guidelines for SIBO Diet, Dietary Do’s and Don’ts for Migraine Sufferers, Shirshasana (Headstand) Versus Inversion Therapy Using Inversion Table, Understanding Joint Pain and Tips to Get Relief Using Home Remedies, Erectile Dysfunction: Does Opioid Cause ED, Libido: Opioid Induced Female Sexual Dysfunction. It is best taken with medical advice, particularly young girls, pregnant women and those who are suffering from medical conditions, or are under treatment. This article does not have the information I am looking for. One study suggested that a fennel constituent has the ability to inhibit the drug metabolizing enzyme cytochrome P450 3A4. Fennel tea can be purchased in almost any supermarket or health food store. Other uses not proven with research have included indigestion, gas or bloating, bronchitis, cough, or cold symptoms. Fennel tea is abundant in vitamins A, B-complex, C, and D, as well as antioxidants. Those with estrogen-dependent cancer should refrain from drinking this tea. It’s also not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Fennel seeds contain phototoxic compounds called psoralens. Antimicrobial and P450 inhibitory properties of common functional foods, Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health. Advertisement PDF Version   $34.95      $8.99      Buy Now Kindle Version   $34.95  $8.99      Buy Now Paperback   $74.95         $24.95    Buy Now. In rare cases, fennel tea can also lead to allergic reactions. It helps reduce the development of cancer cells. However, watch out for signs of dehydration such as excessive thirst, dry mouth, or weakness. The intake of higher doses of fennel in the supplement form may cause reactions with certain drugs. Sindhu Koganti is a Biotechnology graduate and has been in the writing field for over 4 years now. Sources: “Fennel Benefits, Nutrition, & Fantastic Recipes,” Dr. Axe website, last accessed February 7, 2018; Click here for additional information . Vitamin C, present in fennel, is a strong antioxidant that may help diminish free radical damage that often prompts premature aging. Are They Good For You? Hence, consult a doctor before you include these seeds in your daily diet. The quantity needs to be restricted to minimum as that slashes down the problems you may have from fennel seeds. Therefore, fennel should be used cautiously with medications metabolized by this enzyme. After steeping the fennel tea, enjoy. Place them on the puffy area and leave them be for 10 minutes. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Daily Health Cures editorial team. Cumin and coriander have similar uses as fennel when it comes to health benefits. Fennel tea has long been used as a digestive aide. This condition is called phytophotodermatitis (1). The oil may cause hallucinations and seizures. ¼ teaspoon whole dried cumin seeds (if so desired, you can add up to a ½ teaspoon of cumin) This article contains incorrect information. Similar side effects of fennel tea are seen in women suffering from ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids and endometriosis. She also enjoys traveling. Do not use different forms (tablets, liquid, tincture, teas, etc) of fennel at the same time without medical advice. a history of endometriosis or uterine fibroids. Excess intake of fennel seeds may cause some serious side effects, such as phytophotodermatitis, premature thelarche, contact dermatitis, and allergies. Fennel tea has numerous reported health benefits that could improve your lifestyle and diet. The seeds aid digestion. While much is spoken about the benefits of fennel tea, it is also important to know that it has certain side effects too. Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances. If fennel turns discolored and soft or develops brown marks on its white layers, it indicates spoilage. Fennel is an herb also known as Anethum Foeniculum, Anethum piperitum, Bari-Sanuf, Carosella, Fenouil, Finnochio, Foeniculi Antheroleum, Foeniculum, Hinojo, Huile de Fenouil, Phytoestrogen, Sanuf, Shatapuspha, Xiao Hui Xiang, and other names.