Siirry suomenkieliseen sivustoon », Den här sidan är på engelska. One of the parents may nevertheless take one period of childcare leave at the same time as the other is taking maternity or parental leave. For parents of children who are disabled or chronically ill and who are in need of special … Paternity leave is the part of parental leave intended for the father. Finland has announced plans to offer men and women equal paid parental leave, as well as an extension of the total family allowance from 11.5 months to just over 14 months. Gå till den svenska versionen av sidan », Язык этого сайта северосаамский. You can be granted child home care allowance or private day care allowance if the child is not in municipal day care. Sirdás davvisámegielat siidduide », Cette page est en anglais. //--> An employee is entitled to a period of time off lasting a maximum of four working days to look after a child under the age of 10 residing in the same household who has suddenly become ill (temporary childcare leave). Go to the English site », Den här sidan är på finska. Sirdás davvisámegielat siidduide », Язык этого сайта французский. An employer and employee may, however, agree on a period of childcare leave lasting more than two months or less than a month. You can look after your kid at home, as the majority of parents do until it is around nine months old (when the parental leave ends). Read more about flexible and partial childcare allowance on the InfoFinland web page Benefits for looking after a child at home. Wechseln Sie zur deutschen Version », Tämä sivu on ranskaksi. Both parents cannot take the care leave at the same time, but you can divide part-time child care leave between the parents. However, the Province of Ala… The Finnish Constitution (731/1999) was adopted on 17 July 1999 and entered into force on 1 March 2000. Read about the conditions of family allowance on the InfoFinland pages Benefits for a family after a child is born and Benefits for looking after a child at home. Working is allowed during maternity leave if it can take place without endangering the safety of the mother, foetus or child. Finland is switching up its parental leave laws, and this time, the government says they're putting children at the center. Employers and employees in Finland are very familiar with these family leaves and they are commonly utilised. Flexible care allowance is not granted for looking after a child who is three years old or over, but not yet in school. Go to the English site », Den här sidan är på nordsamiska. When you browse various topics on the website, a link to a similar topic on the pages of the area you selected will appear in this menu. The allowance period does not have to start from the beginning of the month. During these 36 days, the mother of your child cannot be on parental leave. Once you have selected an area, you will get a link to the InfoFinland pages of the area you selected. On request, the employee must present the employer with proof of the grounds for absence and for its discontinuation. Gå till den svenska versionen av sidan », Язык этого сайта немецкий. The leave period must be at least one month at a time. You can apply for flexible care allowance (joustava hoitoraha) from Kela to look after a child who is under the age of 3 and partial care allowance (osittainen hoitoraha) to look after a child who is at grades 1 or 2 at school if you have a municipality of residence in Finland. From these webpage, you will find the information you need quickly and in a concise form. But if you want, you or your hired caregiver can continue doing so until your kid's third birthday and still receive some child care benefits. The leave period must be at least one month at a time. Kela pays family allowance for the time of family leave, i.e.