People can figure out how to entertain themselves for an hour and a half, and if you provide names of local bars, things to do, etc. Get Our Wedding Planner App On Your Mobile Device. Listen, I know this sounds rude of me but sometimes working with wedding parties is like wrangling drunk toddlers. In Response to Re: Reception and Ceremony at different locations?: I agree with PPs: a 20 minute drive is no biggie. Every time. We would like to have our ceremony on the beach at a local venue and them have the reception at a vineyard on the other side of town (about 20 minutes away). Distance is just fine, but the gap is too long. Let me just describe briefly what each and every of these locations of wedding ceremony reception tips signify. The couple and whoever else are moving locations may need to do this too. December 2011 in Wedding Etiquette Forum. It is the occasion where the bride and the groom receive their family and friends as a married couple. wedding invitation ceremony and reception different locations - Wedding Advice: Wedding Invitation "Must Haves" with Little Bird Creative Capitol Romance Wedding Ceremony Planning, 7 Sensational Secrets Right here are five items to search for in a wedding minister to design your ceremony. We'll have cookies/candy/apps out already. If you loved this post, you might also enjoy: What if a photographer has never shot at my venue? Will they want to chat and not pay attention? Savannah Smith. That post is written with all of those factors in mind. They’re not focused on the job that I need to do - why would they be?! Do you trust them all to follow instructions and be prompt? Savannah Smith. What To Consider About Moving Locations On Your Wedding Day. Hands down, without question the weddings that I remember as being upbeat, positive, drama free and relaxed were those that took place at one location. Do you love any venues where you can be for the entirety of the day (getting ready, ceremony and reception)? Thanks for sticking with us for a full year. Can you have your ceremony and reception at the same location? Easy peasy. If when you’re thinking about your dream wedding day and your only desire is for it to be easy breezy, joyful and stress-free, then I highly recommend changing locations as little as logistically possible. But that's just me and an anti-outdoor-wedding hobgoblen. And I don't think that 2 hours is too much. It adds up very quickly! Sometimes as a guest, yes.. but rude? A wedding reception is a party that is held after a marriage ceremony. Cocktail hour would be a great way to divide up the time without your guests feeling like they're waiting forever. I felt like we'd be paying bartenders to sit and stare at walls. Most weddings are not well oiled machines. Annoying? There are a lot of factors that I listed above that are completely out of my control and the couple’s. Couples don’t often realize it, but any time there is a location change, it’s the fastest way for a timeline to get completely derailed and the wedding day to be come insanely chaotic. Keeping your wedding day from 1 - 2 locations when at all possible. A civil ceremony wedding is typically held in a courthouse, city hall or judges' chambers and is officiated by a Justice of the Peace, a judge or a mayor. 2 hours, though, would be too long. Beach wedding invitation sets : diy wedding invitation kits beach theme Invite Card Ideas, Addressing Common Wedding Invitation Wording Conundrums Martha Stewart Weddings, Mary Kevin's Modern Yellow and Black Letterpress Wedding Invitations, wedding invitation ceremony and reception different locations - Mary Kevin's Modern Yellow and Black Letterpress Wedding Invitations, cheap places to have a wedding reception in nyc, difference between wedding ceremony and reception, ritesh & genelia wedding reception photos, what to put wedding cards in at reception, INFO : places to have a wedding reception, floral centerpieces wedding reception tables. Church/officiant restrictions often mean that a gap HAS to be there. Now that you know the difference between banquet and reception seating let’s look at the difference between banquet and reception seating. Why is it the only people who endorse gaps are the one who HAVE to have a gap so they can have their evening reception? The distance isn't a huge deal, but what ate the guests supposed to do for an hour and a half? kkarlene member. This, of course, takes additional time. 10/10. Could you get ready at your reception site and only have to move locations to the ceremony? Our ceremony will be at a very pretty formal garden, then the reception at a hotel. The distance is fine. We would like to have our ceremony on the beach at a local venue and them have the reception at a vineyard on the other side of town (about 20 minutes … Answer 1 of 3: Hi, i'm planning a wedding in bali next year and is it strange to have ceremony and reception at different locations? Because I know weddings always run late, I am thinking an hour between the two, especially because people can/will loiter around the gardens. I agree with PPs. The distance is no problem, the gap is a huge one. It’s just the hotel for the girls, the house for the guys, a pretty first look spot, the church, a portrait location and the reception. Yes, there are exceptions (ie: a bride who is a higher education event planner, a parent who works in the wedding industry, a few bridesmaids who have been in 5+ weddings, a groom who runs an event rental company) but for the sake of this blog post and because it’s the norm, most often, the couple, their parents and the wedding party are not experts at wedding logistics. TRAFFIC: If Google Maps says it’s a 15 minute travel time from location to location, I’m always going to calculate that at 20 minutes or even 25 to be safe if it’s a holiday weekend, a city prone to traffic or during the lunch or dinner hours on a weekend. July 25, 2019. We'll probably arrive around 6. different ceremony and reception locations. I'd cut the gap. My church only allows weddings at 1:00, but we want our guests to have a full meal, so the time of the reception has to be later (cocktails beginning at 4:30 in our case). Will it be like herding cats? If you're doing this, I would have a shuttle or some sort of transportation for the guest from their hotel (since this is most likely where they will go to wait) to the reception site and then back at the end of the night. The bar will be closed during dinner and at 10, I think. The people involved, aside from the vendors, very rarely spend every single weekend intimately involved with the logistical details of a large scale event. Before you start booking venues and making concrete plans, think about this! From a logistical standpoint, it’s likely that your photographer (and possibly videographer) and crying when they hear this. We are in the same situation, but the distance between is only 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic out of the park. Consider hiring a party bus, limo, trolley or some kind of transportation where the entire wedding party can be moved together rather than splitting up. We don’t want to be late for the ceremony or reception or sacrifice the photos we went to this location for in the first place. You can marry on the stage at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield under the beautiful twinkling ceiling and host your wedding breakfast in the foyer or studio theatre. YOUR INVESTMENT: With your photography (and possibly videography) team, it’s really likely that you’re investing in a set amount of coverage by the hour. Two hours in between is way too long of a gap. But I don't think they are the end of the world. There will be about 2 hours between the events. I know at any wedding i have been to people spend upwards of 30 minutes chatting, especially for an outdoor wedding, so that would be minimum of an hour, honestly i would host a cocktail hour for 30-60 minutes at best, most won't even be there an hour before the reception. Guests can go to the reception--they don't have to sit around in another location if they don't want. My ceremony and reception are at the same venue, but in different spaces. Hope it works out! If you hosted a cocktail hour-and-a-half before the reception, that would be ideal. Some people also only have beer and wine available until after dinner. I have worked weddings where more than an hour of their coverage time was spent changing locations. LOADING/UNLOADING + PARKING: It always takes me at least 3 minutes to get in my car, secure my gear and pull my GPS up for the next location. Wedding Planning. But there are ways to minimize the stress. I don't see how this sort of arrangement is so offensive to people. Having the cocktail hour, for us, at 5 (30-minute gap) was just too short, knowing that people wouldn't start leaving until 4:45 or 5. I'd also be baffled by 2 outdoor or outdoorsy venues. 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A simple or elaborate reception can follow the ceremony… Reception and Ceremony at different locations? Gaps are just rude. This is hands down, ALWAYS best. Gaps are rude and guests should never have to entertain themselves between the two events because of poor planning. Regarding transportation you don't have to provide this but if it's in your budget go for it. It’s a waste of good light! I don't think you're being rude, rather you're asking for advice in order not to be rude to your guests. The wedding ceremony reception venue is the location exactly where your reception will be held. I've been to many weddings with the same distance between weddings and about 30% provided transportation. We're not sure about those logistics. wedding invitation ceremony and reception differen... affordable wedding reception venues in cebu city, INFO : wedding reception halls in arizona, what is the first dance at a wedding reception, INFO : wedding receptions murfreesboro tn, boerner botanical gardens wedding reception. Having the reception 30 minutes after the ceremony ends is impractical. So if your ceremony is scheduled from 4:00 to 4:30, the cocktail period should start at 5:00. If you need to change locations frequently, have a solid, well thought out plan and work with your photographer to include this in the timeline. and why I recommend doing it as little as possible. My parents are allowing their friends and family to kill the time at their house in between if they want, and my fiance's family has offered the same to their portion of the guests. As you can see above, many people will tell you that gaps are rude, but there are many people who see no problem with them - or at least, don't consider them rude. Are gaps annoying? It is 1 of the most critical factors of obtaining the reception, without a venue you can't have a reception… Will they be drunk? As for the gap, since it's only a 20 minute distance I would extend the cocktail period and have it start 30 minutes after the ceremony is suppose to end.