Searching for multihulls for sale will often find you sailing yacht catamarans for sale, power catamarans for sale, catamaran motor yachts for sale, catamaran sailboats, and the triple hulled trimaran. Boat Shares and Yacht Charter. Power Catamaran boats for sale on Boat Trader are listed for an assortment of prices from a sensible $14,032 on the low-end all the way up to $2,870,500 for the most expensive boats. Both catamaran power boats and catamaran sailing boats are deal for bluewater cruising, crossing the Atlantic, chartering, private use. The hulls below the waterline are Some of the most widely-known Catamaran models at present include: Custom, Jamadhar 100, Power Catamaran, 27 and 50. Denison Yacht Sales is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Excess Catamarans. Power Catamaran boats are popular for their bigger draft and very wide beam, features that make these boats ideal for overnight cruising and day cruising. Floridian Coast. Commercial vessels have utilized the power catamaran’s advantages for many years: Since the 1970s, the length of catamarans increased from some 20 m to catamarans up to 115 m long. Some of the most notorious builders of power catamaran boats at present include: World Cat, Twin Vee, Invincible, Glacier Bay and Custom. 2021 Offshore Yachts Euro Style Catamaran, 2002 Custom Tri-Kat 49 Passenger Catamaran, 1999 Custom All American Marine Teknicraft, 2021 MTI Marine Techonolgy Inc 52 Pleasure, 2009 Millennia Catamaran Center Console S/F, 2021 MTI Marine Technology Inc 48 Pleasure, Read our helpful guide to Power Catamaran. to mention a few. O: This type of vessel can vary in size from 11 feet to 65 feet with an average length of 31 feet. Models with more power can accommodate motors up to an extraordinary 7,700 horsepower, while more economic utility models may have as modest as 60 horsepower engines on them (although the average engine size is 500 HP). With a wide beam, power cats are very spacious both on deck and in accommodations—making them the perfect boat for overnight cruising. The emergence of the super or mega * This price is based on today's currency conversion rate. The 'power' version incorporates the best features of a motor C: Because of the large wide deck areas there is a real feeling of space when outside, When sailing with three or more people catamarans offer much more privacy as the two hulls, and the top-selling models like the CUMBERLAND 47LC, Lagoon Power 43, Leopard 47PC and the Journey 47LRC 954.763.3971, C: Luxury models can handle motors up to an exceptional 3,000 horsepower, while the smallest models may have as low as 10 horsepower engines (although the average motor size is 100 HP). 561.613.8985 | Catamaran; Florida; Catamarans for Sale in Florida. Privacy Policy, Level sailing gives greater comfort and is less tiring, The danger of falling overboard on a catamaran is considerably less than on a monohull, It seems that you do the same activities whether you are at anchor, sailing, or motoring, With a catamaran's level sailing, seasickness is reduced significantly, A very valuable yet seldom talked about benefit is no rolling in an anchorage, You don't have to put away everything every time you start sailing, The draft on catamaran varies from 1 to 4 feet depending on whether it has mini-keels or dagger boards, 360 degree view you have from most catamaran bridge decks, Onboard a catamaran you remain informally connected to the world outside. 954.224.8291 | Catamaran models can differ in size and length from 26 feet to 130 feet with unique boat hull types including catamaran. O: New and used Lagoon Catamarans, Gemini Catamarans, Sunreef and Nautitech Nautitech Catamarans Browse Catamarans Search Catamarans Our Inventory Boats Featured Listings Recently Sold Boats Sales Pending. Denison Yacht Sales is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Excess Catamarans.. You can also search by model + year as well as find a catamaran … 954.763.3971, Call to speak with a licensed yacht Boat Trader currently has 355 power catamaran boats for sale, including 145 new vessels and 210 used boats listed by both individuals and professional dealerships across the country. 510.981.2021, C: These boats are constructed by a wide variety of boat makers with hull types including catamaran, tunnel and other designs. Sailing Catamarans: Sailing Catamarans make great cruising and bluewater boats. Catamarans for sale by location, size, price + brand. 619.822.2715, C: O: Boat can be viewed “in Grenada until end October, thereafter in the USVI. Power catamarans are best classified by their two hull design, which gives them extreme stability in rough seas compared to monohulls. suites and heads within them, are far away from each other, Catamarans are faster than monohulls and can avoid most serious weather and, at worst, place itself 619.571.3513 | 941.779.6029 |